Three years, $13.8 million for Robinson


If anyone wonders why the current crop of free-agent cornerbacks have failed to corner the market, consider this.

The market isn’t very good this year.

Dunta Robinson, who once while playing for the Texans wore shoes that said “Pay me, Rick [Smith],” did not get paid very much by John [Dorsey].  Or Andy [Reid].  Or Clark [Hunt].

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, it s a three year, $13.8 million contract between the Chiefs and Robinson.  That’s an average of $4.6 million per year, with $3.95 million guaranteed.

Here’s the breakdown:

1.  $3 million signing bonus.

2.  $750,000 roster bonus in 2013.

3.  $950,000 base salary in 2013, fully guaranteed.

4.  $50,000 workout bonus in 2013.

5.  $3.25 million base salary in 2014.

6.  $1 million roster bonus in 2014.

7.  $100,000 workout bonus in 2014.

8.  $3.6 million base salary in 2015.

9.  $1 million roster bonus in 2015.

10.  $100,000 workout bonus in 2015.

The cap numbers are $2.75 million for 2013, $5.35 million for 2014, and $5.7 million for 2015.

The numbers make it clear that the Chiefs have more money to afford other corners in addition to Robinson.  Based on what they paid Robinson, however, the Chiefs are inclined to pay very much.

When it comes to cornerbacks, no one is paying much.  In hindsight, Robinson was wise to agree to terms when he did, before the market opened.  Based on what has (or, more accurately, hasn’t) happened since Robinson inked his contract, he’d likely get less now.