Titans tried to convince Wes Welker to join them


Give the Titans credit for trying.

But as with last year’s flirtation with Peyton Manning, their offer for wide receiver Wes Welker was politely but essentially ignored.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans made an honest effort to communicate their interest in the free agent wide receiver, making what was termed “a competitive offer.”

What they couldn’t offer was as competitive a team as the Broncos, and that swayed Welker.

Let’s see, . . . stay with Tom Brady, go play with Manning, or hang out with Jake Locker? Hmmmm.

The Titans obviously want to upgrade Locker’s targets, trying to keep tight end Jared Cook before settling for Delanie Walker. They also made a run at Danny Amendola before he replaced Welker in New England, and are scheduled to bring in Brandon Gibson Friday.

The answer might have to be the draft, as it might be hard to recruit the kind of targets Locker needs to improve until Locker himself gets better.

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  1. Wonder how Mariani is coming along…that was a grusome injury in pre season last year.

    As a Pats fan he reminded me of what Welker was in Miami in the beginning. Maybe they have that in Mariani already depending on his rehab.

  2. For whatever reason (150 year old owner, lack of recent success, whatever), the Titans are apparently not coming off as a very enticing free agent landing spot. They need to adjust to this reality and come up with with a new plan.

    Either wait for the second tier of free agency and/or focus on the draft. Shooting for the moon and coming up empty time after time isn’t helping your teams image.

  3. I can just picture Welker weighing his options. On one hand Peyton Manning, on the other…Jake Locker. Hmmm tough choice.

  4. So the Titans can’t land talent at receiver until their QB starts putting up good numbers, and their QB can’t put up good numbers until they land talent at receiver. Seems to me that the simple answer is to get a better QB and build the team up around him.

  5. I have a hillbilly friend from Tenn that’s a Titans fan. I bought his wife one of those padded sumo suits for her b-day in anticipation of the coming whoopings.

  6. Eatitfanboy says: “For whatever reason (150 year old owner, lack of recent success, whatever), the Titans are apparently not coming off as a very enticing free agent landing spot. ”

    You mean, except for newly signed Levitre, Walker, Hill, Greene, and Fokou – at least three or four of whom were said to have multiple teams interested?

    OK, then.

    Yes, they are paying (and some would certainly say overpaying) to get their guys. That happens when you haven’t been to the playoffs in four years. But it’s not like they’re just being used as leverage to get a few more dollars from a “more enticing” team, and coming up empty.

  7. Is Buddy going to fire this GM for not getting Welker like he fired the last one for not getting Peyton Manning?

  8. Obviously a talent like Welker would have been great, but the WR corps (when healthy and staying out of trouble), is pretty good already. I’m more pleased with the guys we have signed, than upset over not landing Welker.

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