Tyrann Mathieu: Putting marijuana ahead of football isn’t fun anymore

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Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu says the No. 1 thing he wants NFL teams to know about him is that he no longer considers smoking marijuana to be more fun than playing football.

Mathieu said on NFL Network that he has moved beyond the issues that got him kicked out of school and is 100 percent focused on being an NFL player.

“All the things I put before football in the past, it’s not fun anymore — marijuana and everything you put before football is obsolete now,” Mathieu said.

After describing quitting marijuana as “a big struggle,” Mathieu said he had been getting high since a family member first gave marijuana to him at the age of 12 or 13.

Mathieu said the biggest question he heard from NFL coaches at the Scouting Combine was why he got kicked out of LSU. Mathieu added that every team already knows exactly what he did, but that he knows they wanted to see how forthright he would be.

“It probably was, ‘Why did you get kicked out of school?’ which I think they already knew but I think they want to hear you say it,” Mathieu said.

Asked what answer he gave to that question, Mathieu said, “Marijuana.”

“It’s smoking marijuana and then it’s all the things you kind of surround yourself around,” Mathieu said. “The marijuana was the issue but it was the social things, too, that I had to get in line.”

Now Mathieu just hopes some team will believe him when he says he has gotten in line.

92 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu: Putting marijuana ahead of football isn’t fun anymore

  1. 99% of these players probably drank copious amounts of alcohol in college and no teams cared. But marijuana, god forbid! It’s harmless, especially compared to alcohol.

  2. Easy to say when you are trying to get into the NFL, let’s see if he sings the same tune by his actions once he’s in the NFL.

  3. Wait until he gets the first check and celebrity status. Marijuana will be the least of his worries.

    Money and fame doesn’t change a person. It only enhances what’s already there.

  4. The gateway drug theory is largely a myth that is perpetuated because the anti-drug crowd can’t come up with anything negative to say about the drug itself! The miserable myths the DEA and friends tried to pass about marijuana were proved to be blatantly false.

    Also, alcohol is a drug. People say alcohol & drugs as if alcohol isn’t one.

  5. I’d be willing to use a 3rd day draft pick on the kid. If he stays out of trouble he can at least be a good punt returner.

  6. Jeez, it’s a shame that the sticky gets a bad rap.

    But young man, please don’t throw away a lucrative future over the green. Burn all you want in 10 years or so when you’re a multi-millionaire and have alot of time on your hands once retired.

  7. Put down the bong, play ten years, build a fortune.

    Then retire in your early 30s, by which time it will be legal in half the country. You can then go into business selling Honey Badger Blunts, and have a career as an entrepreneur/product tester.

  8. He makes it sound like balancing a professional career with weed is an impossible task. It’s actually just like any alcohol or any other substance. Don’t be a moron and abuse it to the extent it affects your daily tasks.

  9. If he is a 7th round pick and returns one TD that wins a game, then gets high and suspended, he was worth it.

  10. I wish this young man nothing but the best of luck. He’s made mistakes. He has the talent to back it up and he went to a real football school and played in a real conference. I have no questions of doubts of this young man. Man ti Teo on the other hand, red flag city. Stay away from this no talent ling sociopath. Mathieu should be the steal of the draft. Draft honey badger, but stay away from Teo. I’m correct and you all know this.

  11. He is only saying what he needs to say to get drafted. He said the same things at LSU and then got kicked off the team a few months later. I do not want this guy anywhere near the Dolphins.

  12. Its hilarious that Marijuana is illegal but smoking (one of the largest factors in death among humans) is legal.

    I am not saying make it illegal…just the opposite. Let people choose.

  13. …And with the 62nd pick in the 2nd round the San Francisco 49ers select Tyraan Mathieu, CB LSU.

  14. As an Eagle fan, I want him on my team.
    He is the most instinctive college football
    player since Ed Reed and Charles Woodson.
    Everyone deserves a second chance so bring
    the Badger to Philly!

  15. If this doesn’t give GMs confidence about giving him a big contract, what will?

  16. trbowman is 100% right. Look at knuckleheads like Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd, repeatedly getting in trouble with alchohol, even getting behind the wheel..and their both first round draft picks.

    Mathieu smokes pot and gets kicked out of LSU, and then you have idiots suggesting he shouldn’t get drafted. Scary thing is how he could be a pothead and play football at that high a level.

  17. It’s not the smoking that bothers me. I mean, who doesn’t love the gang? What bothers me is that behind door #1 was millions of dollars but no weed, and behind door #2 was weed but no money and he kept choosing door #2.

  18. Ask Onterrio Smith whether or not marijuana had a detrimental effect on his skills.

    I hope this kid gets his act together. Marijuana is never worth exchanging a career for, whether you’re an athlete, a school teacher or anything else. It’s biggest detriment is it zaps motivation, and for those that get hooked, the hits eventually aren’t strong enough anymore so the addict moves to harder stuff.

    If you’re willing to give up an NFL career for the right to smoke weed, you need help.

  19. Hey, I’m a fan, I even have two Honey Badger t-shirts, but there are lotsa red flags for this kid. After he was kicked off the LSU team he should have sat out a semester or a year to pull himself together and went back for at least another year of college ball. I realize that Patrick Peterson is mentoring him but that is no replacement for being coached and playing football. Just don’t think he is ready for the NFL.

  20. I’m proud to say I’ve been alcohol and pot free my entire lifetime. I’m also not so proud to say I don’t have first round talent at a position most NFL teams covet highly.

  21. Why the NFL even tests for this is beyond me. What an absolute PR nightmare they deal with because of Pot. If a team wants to test and that is their policy, fine. But the NFL should not be testing for drugs which all would agree are not performance enhancing and gaining an advantage.

    Test for HGH and catch the real cheaters. Especially when 2 states now have passed bills legalizing this stuff. Give it a few more years like others have said and half the leagues teams will be located in states where it is legal.

    I’ll draft this kid in a heartbeat in the 2nd,3rd round. I think we know the talent is there, just a risk on staying clean. Better to do that than risk that a good kid may not have the talent to play in the NFL.

  22. Dont see how Marijuana is the issue. Dude was one of the best playmakers in the world while getting high daily.

    Institutional ignorance and intolerance against a substance that is less harmful than alcohol or sugar is to blame in my book.

  23. He will be teamed up with morris claiborne in Dallas within the next 5 years even if they don’t draft him. Between Carr, Claiborne, Honeybadger, one will also be playing some safety.

  24. Ricky Williams 2.0? Seriously though, people need to stop comparing alcohol to pot. Both are drugs but only alcohol is physically addictive. Pot addiction is psychological, you don’t go through physical withdrawals when you quit pot and no one has ever died doing so.

  25. Everybody makes mistakes and I hope he is sincere in saying that he’s learned from them. I also hope he stays away from places like Seattle and Denver, where the state legalization of weed might be too much of a temptation for him (since he says he wants to quit).

  26. Lately I’m convinced that the most delusional fans in football are those that back the Redskins.

  27. As a person, I really hope he doesn’t go to Miami. A young indiscipline a person with tons of $$$ living on South Beach isn’t a good combination

  28. trbowman says: Mar 14, 2013 11:02 AM

    99% of these players probably drank copious amounts of alcohol in college and no teams cared. But marijuana, god forbid! It’s harmless, especially compared to alcohol.

    You’re right, but it does say a lot of Mathieu, who is asking a team to invest millions in him, that he chose marijuana over remaining on LSU’s football team. Whether you or I or anyone else like it, it was illegal. He knew they would test for it but he did it anyway. That says something about the guy’s dedication to football.

    Hopefully that’s all behind him now. Smoke as much as you want when you’re out of the league in 5-10 years.

  29. After seeing his interviews at the combne and on NFL AM I got the impression both times that he’s going to slip very quickly once he gets paid. I have zero faith that he’s going to stay clean and avoid suspensions from the league.

  30. All the teams in states legal use of Marijuana heed the warning. Once football is back in his life then lookout!

  31. dopeonthetable says:
    Mar 14, 2013 11:08 AM

    The great thing about Sundays for me is that I don’t have to choose.


    Well put..

    Just play ball bro, smoke later if you still want to. If you really take a long time off, you might find you like the consistency. Just don’t pick up a guitar in the mean time and you’ll be fine!

  32. If the NFL were to read these comments they might think that most fans don’t care if players use marijuana.
    The government IS reading these comments, but we already know what they think.

  33. I like this kid, I think he’ll stick in the league. I’m buying what he’s selling,,,perhaps the wrong choice of words

  34. “it’s not fun anymore”–Translation–Smoking pot is not fun right now because it’s messing up my draft stock. But once I have a deal in place and i’m earning a comfortable 6 figure income it will go back to being fun. Byer beware.

  35. Marijuana has done zero to the badgers life…

    Marijuana LAWS have turned people against him and is the reason behind his life being turned upside down.

    Marijuana laws are probably the #1 thing responsible for putting innocent, non violent offenders in jail, significantly altering their life.

    This is still America right? No weed, no big gulps, no right to bear arms is the future of freedom?

    But keep broadcasting bias news stations, teen moms on MTV and please lets make sure we start lots of wars and keep that public education right were it is.

    Its the weed that’s dragging down America… Right?

  36. I would say the same thing to if I was trying to get a job in the NFL blowing smoke up all the teams *sses! Hahahaha

  37. It’s not the pot, it’s the kind of people who smoke it: people who are willing to repeatedly break the law and smoke something with an unknown origin just to get a buzz.

    Functional smokers are like functional alcoholics – they exist, but are few and far between. The first time this kid is late to practice because he was too stoned to drive home the night before, he’s going to get cut.

  38. Well, it sounds like he’s figured this out: The most awesome bud in the world can’t compare to the non-stoned high you could enjoy with say, $15 million. Or he is at least smart enough to say what makes sense. That puts him ahead of a several of his peers. Draft him, but count the pizzas he orders after 10 PM.

  39. Maybe he is lucky and goes to Seattle or Denver.

    It’s legal in those states!

    Just because it’s legal there doesn’t take it off the NFL’s banned substances list.

    I would say those would be the two worst scenarios for him since it would be too readily available (not that it isn’t already everywhere else).

  40. Anyone who says that Pot isn’t harmful need only look at the results of the last election…

  41. I hope this kid turns his life around. However, let’s not kid ourselves it not fun, not getting paid. He’ll be in trouble after he gets paid all over again. Which means the Steelers will take him in the 3rd or 4th round and cut him after he screws up.

  42. Please please please please quit comparing pot to alcohol in any way shape or form. Nothing, NOTHING about them is similar. Anyone who says theyd rather get drunk than high on a regular basis is a complete idiot.

  43. If he’s sincere, bring him to the Arch. I feel these kids are always a 50/50 coin toss. On one side, you got guys who were immature and young and truly ready to show that they’re better people. The other, are people who just say what people want to hear in hopes that they can get back in good graces and resume their habits. Here’s to hoping he’s the former!

  44. Green Bay would be a nice landing spot for a kid like this. Not many things going on over there to get yourself into trouble.

    Plus a winning team keeps the players focused.

  45. hey Bill Clinton smoked weed in college and he went on to become President and sleep with a lot of ugly women. how bad can weed be?

  46. I hope the Steelers G.M. Fires one up, then picks this kid in the 2nd round.

  47. dowhatifeellike says:
    Mar 14, 2013 11:49 AM

    Functional smokers are like functional alcoholics – they exist, but are few and far between. The first time this kid is late to practice because he was too stoned to drive home the night before, he’s going to get cut.
    Oh man, you are so out of touch on this. There are tons of functional stoners out there. You probably work with a few and have no idea, because after a while it stops being something you identify yourself by, and is just part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. Totally normally people you would never think are stoners go home after a day of responsibilities, eat dinner, and then hit a bong and relax.

  48. Tyrann Mathieu: Putting marijuana ahead of football isn’t fun anymore

    Not only is it not fun, it’s just plain stupid.
    A multi-million dollar contract vs a dimebag of weed,
    hmmm…let me think this over…

  49. Wow. There seem to be a lot of user and/or apologists for pot that comment on this site. As for me, it’s illegal and that alone is enough reason to not do it. But, I have seen far too many people that partake regularly and are just total losers and do not contribute to society in the least. Anyone who says it does not have negative effects is fooling themselves.

  50. There is only one reason the GMs, Coaches, and Owners care about his pot usage and that is the suspensions they may have to deal with if he ever fails a drug test. I don’t agree with it but that is the reality. Pot has been demonized even though alcohol is much worse. Until we change that public perception (and the laws behind it) we will have to deal with it.

    Now the only real question here is if the Honey Badger really does care or if he is just paying lip service. If he has really turned the corner on this, then I’d love to see him a Saint.

  51. Maybe it would be fun to smoke pot WHILE playing football. Why can’t he do both so he can have is cake and eat it too. Life is so unfair.

  52. @joetoronto says:Mar 14, 2013 1:36 PM

    I wouldn’t trust this joker with a big payday, no way.
    Payday? ummmmm…munchies…….

  53. Can you imagine this kid hanging with Fred Davis and Trent Williams? Sign him up, Redskins, we need some DB’s and some more laughter!!

  54. Man there’s a boatload of you missing the point completely. This isn’t about whether he did something illegal (he did, whether you agree or not). This isn’t about the effect of marijuana on a person versus alcohol or whether or not it’s a gateway drug.

    This is about the fact that he KNEW it was illegal, was warned to stop smoking it, and still couldn’t make the decision that would have kept him at school and playing for LSU. He couldn’t make the right decision, even with his future on the line. That shows he has an addictive personality and couldn’t overcome it at that time.

    What teams would be concerned with now, is can he continue to make the right decisions or will he fall back into that addictive personality should something else come up that he could put before his career? Were I a National Football League GM, I’d be very, very skeptical of his ability to make the right decision.

  55. dowhatifeellike says:
    Mar 14, 2013 11:49 AM

    Functional smokers are like functional alcoholics – they exist, but are few and far between. The first time this kid is late to practice because he was too stoned to drive home the night before, he’s going to get cut.
    How moronic. Both are more prevalent than you know. There are big differences between the 2 that ignorant people won’t admit. How many times have you heard of someone calling in sick because they are hung over from smoking too much pot? How many people are on transplant lists because they smoke too much pot? How many people die or even go to the hospital with pot overdose? How many college kids are hospitalized each year due to pot hazing? You need to stop watching movies like reefer madness to get your facts. Pot doesn’t cause even a fraction of a percent of the medical and social problems associated with alcohol. There hasn’t even been 1 single case of lung cancer attributed solely to pot. Use facts, not DEA scare tactics in your arguments.

  56. The government is reading these comments? lmao. The government is in your house right now! Going through your sock drawer!

  57. trbowman says:
    Mar 14, 2013 11:02 AM
    99% of these players probably drank copious amounts of alcohol in college and no teams cared. But marijuana, god forbid! It’s harmless, especially compared to alcohol.

    1112 174

    Wow, never seen a post get over a 1,000 thumbs up before!

  58. Marijuana is not the issue. The ridiculous laws against marijuana are the issue.

    Marijuana is illegal because its supposedly dangerous and harmful. But if The Honey Badger and countless other athletes (as well as people in many other walks of life) can smoke and still perform at a high level, then why exactly is it still illegal? Government logic.

  59. Who cares if he smokes a little pot? It never translated to poor play on the field.

    Mathieu is a beast, and whoever drafts him will benefit greatly.


    “Everybody thinks that if you did this random testing you’d catch so many guys on PEDs. No, you’d catch more of the guys on marijuana. So [we’ve got] 475 guys under contract and 400 of them would be out with marijuana [suspensions].”
    —Dana White, president of the UFC.

    “At least a good 50 [US] Olympic athletes use marijuana regularly before they stop in time for testing.”
    —Stephany Lee

    “I just let him know that most of the players in the league use marijuana and I have and do partake in smoking weed in the offseason”
    —Josh Howard, forward for the Dallas Mavericks. Howard admitted to smoking marijuana on Michel Irvin’s ESPN show.

    “You got guys out there playing high every night. You got 60% of your league on marijuana. What can you do?”
    —Charles Oakley (Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets)

    “I personally know boxers, body builders, cyclists, runners and athletes from all walks of life that train and compete with the assistance of marijuana,”
    —WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam

    * Even many of the best cricket players of all time, like Phil Tufnell and Sir Ian Botham, have admitted to regularly using marijuana to deal with stress and muscle aches. In 2001, half of South Africa’s cricket team was caught smoking marijuana with the team physiotherapist. They were celebrating a championship victory in the Caribbean.

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