Wes Welker said he went to Denver because he wants to win


Well, this will go over well back in Boston.

During his introductory press conference in Denver, former Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker said his desire to win drove him to pitch the idea of his signing to Broncos executive John Elway.

Asked what Elway said to sway him, and Welker turned the tables.

I was the one pitching to him,” Welker said, via the Denver Post.

Asked what that that pitch entailed, he replied: “That I want to win, that above everything.”

Welker did his best to avoid any controversy, saying all the right things about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

But he kept coming back to all the winning he was going to do with the Broncos.

“Denver, I felt, would be a great fit for me,” Welker said. “They’re a great team and I want to win.”

Yeah, that’s probably being chiseled into a stone, rather than written on a bulletin board in New England.

82 responses to “Wes Welker said he went to Denver because he wants to win

  1. Peyton Thomas Decker Welker. Wow. That s nice. But its not as nice as the Eagles read spread option that Kelly will dominate the league with this year. And theres simply nothing you can do about it.

  2. Since he didn’t say “win in the playoffs”, or “win in cold weather”, then yes, I agree that playing with Manning will probably satisfy his general urge to “win”.

    Just don’t set your sights too high there, Wes.

  3. I’m not sure why you’re reading this as a shot at the Patriots. If anything, I take it as more of a shot at the other 30 teams (e.g., the Titans). Welker could have gone to almost any of them and made more money than he is with Denver, but he came to Denver because he wanted to be on a great team with a shot at the Super Bowl. That’s not taking a shot at the Patriots at all — you’re making it sound like he left the Patriots because he thought they were losers.

  4. Nothing here to see. WW was staying with the Pats or going to Denver. If anyone should be upset, it’s the Tennessee Titans, who offered a much more lucrative contract than NE or DEN. But he knew he couldn’t win there. So he sought out a team with a need for a slot receiver and found a taker in DEN. Love him in NE, but good luck Wes; absolutely tough as nails player.

  5. He also said he wanted to play for two teams because its important to him to win it wasn’t a shot at NE the third offer he received was from the Titans which was turned down cause they aren’t a contender in his eyes

  6. why doesnt he tell the real truth… he thought he was worth more than he was and tried to get a lot more money out of the patriots… the patriots replaced him and it was too late for him to go back so he took the broncos deal

  7. ONE CATCH away from winning the SB, Wes.

    Lets hope for Welkers sake, if he ever gets THAT close again, he closes the deal.
    Otherwise he’ll forever be known as the Buffalo Bills of Slot receivers.
    And yes, Horse fans, his window IS closing…

  8. Anyone who thinks NE is closer to a bowl than Denver is on some wacky tobaccy. That, or a Pats fan. Don’t get me wrong. Until Brady retires, the pats will always be a top 5 team. Bit their defense is 3 steps behind Denver right now. And Demvera receiving corps is just downright sick.

  9. So he goes to a team with a QB that’s time has past him and looked like Marino’s last year in Miami ?

    Manning and Brady looked flat in the playoffs I think the speed of the game has pasted them by.

  10. What other reason could he have possibly given that would have made more sense?

    “I’ve always wanted to live in the Rockies.”

    “I prefer the marijuana laws you have here.”

    “I was just plain bored being with the same team so long.”

    “Denver is much closer to my hometown and besides, the skiing options here are far superior to New England (Sugarloaf?, please!)”

    “The Patriots organization has been taking me for granted lately, the fans too.”

    Pick one. I think he came out with the only viable choice.

  11. Good luck Wes and thanks for the memories.

    I thought Welker looked like someone who did not imagine himself there.

    As a Patriots fan, I believe his agents totally misread the market as last year a reported contract offer of 2 yrs /16 M Guaranteed was turned down instead being franchised 9.5M
    This year his best offer netted hm another 6M this year making his total take at 15.5 M losing .5M from LY?

    Lawyer Milloy was my favorite Patriot for many years and I remember to this day when I heard the news he was cut on EEI I almost drove off the road.

    This is how business is done in Foxboro under BB. the Patriot Way can best be explained from the line in the Godfather, its not personal, its business.

    And that is why this team continues to win and compete for Super Bowls every year.

  12. And something else he left unsaid:

    “Denver is a great fit for me…my agent said so.”

  13. enoch, portno, wes is an absolute tough griddy wr who does nothing but move the chains. Tom Brady as great as he is has misthrows sometimes don’t know what superbowl you were atching but the one i was watching welker was wide open and brady threw it behind him. Yes, he could have maybe should have caught that ball but lets not put that drop all on welker. ( an i’m a bengals fan 😦

  14. Manning is the King of the wobbly duck, and aerodynamically speaking, wobbly ducks lose velocity and when passes lose velocity, the longer they are in flight tend to get INTERCEPTED far more than non-wobbly-duck passes.
    Kinda like that Mark Sanchezesque prayer he ended the Bronco’s season on against Baltimore last January.

    Good luck with that Horse fans.
    He was WEAK as the year went on, and you all know it. That squeak and slam is PM’s window closing REAL soon.

  15. Peyton Manning is a great QB to have throwing to you, but we’ll see how good he had it in New England. He’s not going to be as much of a factor with Thomas and Decker on the team. Maybe he wants it that way.

  16. Ha!!! What’s Mannings playoff record again? Yeah, thats what I thought. Go from a QB with a playoff record of 18-5 and 3 SB victorys, to a QB with losing playoff record and 1 SB victory. But he wants to win. Too funny. Well, good luck with that Wes.

  17. Wow, you would think the donkeys just signed Deion Sanders when he was Prime Time with all the hype everyone is spewing. Wes Welker is a good receiver but to say he’s going to give the donkeys a Super Bowl ring is crazy. WW is a 32 years old and is undersized, yes he’s never suffered a major injury but he’s been extremely lucky running those routes across the middle. He’s just one big hit away from going on the IR it’s not like he’s 22 his body isn’t going to recover like it did when he was younger. In fact the donkeys are just a couple of injuries from a 2-14 season like the Chiefs were last year.

  18. listen all u brady d slurpers manning is better but he like all other qbs outside new England have lost on game winning drives due to an occasional drop look at all peytons losses in playoffs n how THE TEAM lost not peyton even if he threw a pick it was cus the TEAM was forcing the pass n playing from behind due to garbage def n droppes balls

  19. LOL at all the Pats fans bitching about “one drop Wes”. NE would have been nowhere near even being in that game if not for Wes’s 100+ catches, 1300+ yards, etc.

  20. I am disappointed he didnt repeat his ‘foot pun’ press conference, but with shots related to spygate and Belichick breaking up marriages.

  21. all u pats fans are all the same was all good wen he caught all them dinks n dunks for 4 yds n run after catch but he drops poorly THROWN balls in key situations wen he had to actually reach oit with his lil HANDS u all want him gone smh spoiled brats spygate the untold story read it n u wont b a fan anymore

  22. nelly837,

    An ACL tear is not a major injury???

    Have some knowledge of the game before you post.

  23. He said that because there was another AFC team that offered more money than the Broncos, but he chose Denver because he wants to win. It has nothing to do with the Pats. End of story. No controversy here.

  24. For all those calling out peyton in the playoffs, pretty sure it was rahim moore and champ bailey who messed that one up. And when is the last time that Brady won a super bowl, for all those who say he is way better than peyton? Hasn’t manning won one more recently than Brady? hmmm……
    Welker is going to be a great addition. Manning obviously loves slot guys and he has the best one in the league. Manning was also the best qb last year, look at the numbers. Even if his arm strength is poor, it didn’t seem to hurt him too much last year.

  25. flavordave | Mar 14, 2013, 7:37 PM EDT
    Peyton Thomas Decker Welker. Wow. That s nice. But its not as nice as the Eagles read spread option that Kelly will dominate the league with this year. And theres simply nothing you can do about it.

    Hahahahaha. The Eagles best season is always the next one.

  26. Ampats…

    You’re right he did but it was a minor tear not like he destroyed it and came back like AP. Like I said he’s just a couple of concussions away from not finishing the season, but then again so is Manning.

  27. They might win. However, it’s a long season and he likely won’t. Welker has come up short in almost all the biggest games. That’s his legacy. It’s too bad he didn’t make that catch or he’d still be a Patriot.

  28. No dog in this hunt, but I’m sure looking forward to the next Patriots/Broncos game. Hope it’s in New England 🙂

  29. So Peyton and Welker both turned down the Titans because we’re not a contender. Gee, maybe you guys could have changed that.

  30. This has nothing to do with the Pats. Welker turned down like $20 million from the Titans cuz he knows they are not a contender, period.

  31. Sequence of events:

    Welker and his Agent Dunn, sat with the Patriots. The Patriots offered him 2 years 10 million. Welker and Dunn said they were finished, and made it clear he was going to test FA.

    Welker and Dunn then went and tested the FA waters, received Denver’s offer of 2 years 12 million, and then went back to the Patriots.

    Once Welker and Dunn had said they were finished and were testing FA, the Pats couldn’t risk losing both Welker and Amendola, so they signed Amendola.

    Welker’s exceptional at the slot receiver position, but has few other applications beyond kick returns (Enter Leon Washington and Danny Amendola).

    It’s unfortunate, as a Pats fan I certainly would have loved to see Welker retire a Patriot, but unlike many people out there, I don’t think the Welker’s irreplaceable. Will Amendola have the same production as Welker? Probably not, but they have plenty of other weapons to spread out the load. As long as they can remain healthy (big if), the Patriots will be fine.

    Good luck, Welker. It’s an unfortunate turn of events, but I think it’s for the better.

  32. So?? What’d you want him to say?? ” Guys, I came to Denver for one reason and one reason only. I am here to lose games. I just wanna lose.” No news here keep moving.

  33. OK, that is a classic. But for a couple of dropped balls by Welker, he could have had a Super Bowl. The Patriots won three without him, then when he becomes “the guy” they make it to the playoffs virtually every year, but don’t “win?” Hmmm, I wonder if going and playing with Peyton on a roster full of free agent has-beens and a coach with a winning percentage several points lower than BB and somehow he’s going to win now? Best of luck with that Wes.

    We loved you in New England, but you have to admit you’ve lost a couple steps since you exploded onto the Patriots scene. You will do well, but if you think moving from New England to Denver improves your odds, you are crazy. In the end, both teams will be in the playoffs. It will take WRs catching balls on key plays to get to the big win. Your odds were better with Brady than with Manning.

    Good luck with that!

  34. Flavor dave
    “Peyton Thomas Decker Welker. Wow. That s nice. But its not as nice as the Eagles read spread option that Kelly will dominate the league with this year. And theres simply nothing you can do about it.”

    Flavordave you are a poor mans’ logicvoice. I suggest you get a new shtick. And to logicvoice your shtick is getting old.
    My cowboys are going roll both your dream teams this year. You heard it hear first.

  35. He’s not really referring to the Pats, he’s talking about the offers from “other” teams he got, ie the Titans.

  36. nelly837….

    Didn’t he throw 3 td’s before that to keep denver in the game as the defense kept giving up bombs to flacco? And as the running game was largely ineffective?

  37. flavordave says:
    Mar 14, 2013 7:37 PM
    Peyton Thomas Decker Welker. Wow. That s nice. But its not as nice as the Eagles read spread option that Kelly will dominate the league with this year. And theres simply nothing you can do about it.

    please tell me what personnel on the eagles offense (besides shady) do defenses even have to worry about. this guy is a joke.

  38. then he should have stayed with the pats. The pats are a better team than the broncos and they showed it last year. They will again next year.

  39. If Welker had played poorly during the regular season and early playoff games, the Patriots wouldn’t have made those last two Super Bowls.

    It reminds me of the Boston baseball writer with an ax to grind (imagine that!) with Ted Williams years ago. He added up Williams’ stats in post-season and All-Star games, ignored Williams’ regular season numbers, jumped to a small-sample-size conclusion, and wrote that Teddy Ballgame wasn’t good in the clutch. Williams confronted him and asked, “And exactly how do you think I got INTO those situations?”

  40. I’m a Pats fan and I’m not too bent out of shape. Everyone is taking what he said out of context.

    He was looking for a better offer from the Patriots and he went to the team with the 2nd best QB in the NFL

    That’s a smart move if you want a new team and a chance to win. And the Broncs are going to win a BUNCH of games just like the Patriots always do.

    A Super Bowl is another matter. If Wes had made 2 more passes for the Patriots he’d have 2 rings.

  41. A breakup seems to be the best thing to do in this situation. Long distance relationships rarely work

  42. WW is an emotional player. He made this decision at least partly out of emotion in my opinion because he, like a lot of other players thinks he will be different, he’ll be the one the Pats will break their set value for. Can’t say as I don’t get it, he’s only human. He gave everything he had every minute he was a Patriot and I have no complaints about him as far as that goes. That’s all any fan has a right to ask.

    Lots of offenses including the early 2000s Colts offenses and some of the later 2000s Pats offenses have been considered “unstoppable”, yet all of them have been stopped in the playoffs at some point. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here with the SB victory/appearance calls.

  43. brady threw the superbowl away and wes almost saved it. look at Brady’s and manning stats in the playoffs youll be surprised. brady always been on a better and also has the best coach of the past decade, maybe ever.

  44. Yo little guy,,,how about you hang onto the rock,,on a lob 3rd and eight in giants territory,,you hold onto that ball,,time runs down,,,,game over and you have your ring. TWO superbowl rings went by, on little ooops at a critical moment,,,by you.
    Great player,,,,bad mindset…oh by the way REX wants you to know,,,you have your foot in your mouth …..AGAIN!!!

  45. Dope! The Manning that beat you 2x in the Super Bowl plays for the Giants!

    If you really wanna win, don’t drop the ball.

    The quote sounds more appropriate yo be coming from the Patriots. How about “we let little Wesley go to Denver because we thought it was the best chance for us to win”

  46. Yeah Wes. It was all about you wanting to win. It had nothing to do with the fact that the Pats didn’t think you were worth your asking price and had already signed Amendola.

  47. I’m an Indiana native and still really high on Peyton Manning after he signed with DEN, but aside from his 1 SB, he is a choke artist in the playoffs. I’m not taking away from his legacy but I don’t care how much talent you have on your roster, or how impressive your stat line is, you got to get it done in big moments by making the big plays. Having arguably the best receiving core in football does not guarantee you victory. So I guess we wait and see how it all pans out come fall.

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