Bell says he has heard from NFL about Combine questions

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The league isn’t talking about its investigation regarding inappropriate questions posed by teams to players at the Scouting Combine.  But that doesn’t stop the players involved from talking.

Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell tells The Erik Kuselias Show on NBC Sports Radio that he has heard from the NFL regarding questions that were posed to him regarding sexuality.

“I’ve been contacted about it,” Bell said in an interview that will air at 8:48 p.m. ET or thereabouts.  “I haven’t finished the interview yet but you know, I plan on doing that either today or tomorrow.”

Like many young men who “like girls,” Bell doesn’t see the problem with being asked something as obvious as, “Do you breathe air?”

“I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the question,” Bell said.  “You know, I feel like the whole thing kind of got blown out of proportion.  You know, those guys are just kind of, they were asking me, was I a party type of guy.  I told them no.  I told them that I didn’t drink.  I wasn’t a smoker.  You know so those guys start trying to kind of joking around like, ‘Well, do you like girls and being around girls or women?’  You know, kind of jokingly or whatever.”

Asking the question jokingly is the best way to ensure the player won’t see anything wrong with the question.  In any other setting, for any other type of employment, questions of that nature would be forbidden — and anyone asking those questions would be fired.

30 responses to “Bell says he has heard from NFL about Combine questions

  1. Unfortunately, you can ask the question, and unless they can prove you did, probably get away with it, because there is almost no way to prove that it was used in deciding your employment status. (cf. age).

  2. Sixty or so years ago they would have been asking him about whether he agreed with inter-racial dating and marriages, and whether whites and blacks should live in the same neighborhoods, thus risking declining property values… in a “joking” way of course.

  3. If Bell is trying to drag this issue out to keep himself in the news and elevate his draft status, I hope it doesn’t backfire on him. The NFL and the teams in question definitely deserved to have those absurd questions made public, but to keep talking about it weeks after seems somewhat self serving.

  4. It’s as simple as “Do you like the new Bucs uniforms more/less than the old ones?” Problem solved!

  5. What is the problem with asking the question?
    It could be a way to test how they react to uncomfortable questions/situations.
    Just because you ask a question doesn’t mean you care about the actual answer you get.

  6. If it matters to the players in the locker room it should matter to the guy who decides who gets added to that locker room. For one thing, why do you think we have separate locker rooms formen and women?

  7. We weren’t in the room, so we can’t really understand the context of the questions. From the way the question was phrased above, it could either be asking if Bell likes women or if he is a womanizer. Very different things. One is asking specifically about his sexual orientation. One is taking for granted that he is straight (rightly or wrongly) and then asking if he has an obsession that could get him in trouble in the future.

    It doesn’t sound good, but I also think we should take a step back before immediately jumping all over the interviewers.

  8. it’s called discrimination. An uncomfortable question should be TEAM related. Like see how they deal with long silences between questions…OR what would you do if you knew your teammate was taking PEDs? Who this player decides to bang, is his own business and has nothing to do with on the field performance.

  9. What’s the problem with asking the question? Because there are millions of dollars involved and if Bell thinks the question was asked in a joking manner he’s fooling himself. They were watching the way he answered that and every other question regardless of the manner it was asked. If the people in room were uncomfortable with the way he answered it, if he didn’t answer it fast enough or if he didn’t laugh it off loud enough, then he drops another 30 picks. It affects him and every other player who doesn’t give a damn about this being an issue either way. It’s a problem for the league. The players, the old school higher ups. It’s a form of discrimination whether they want to admit it, or call it team chemistry, or not.

  10. Should be able to ask anyone anything you want! The other day I was walking around University of Wisconsin campus, and a chick asked me if I was on the basketball team….so, I just said “why…bcuz I’m white?”

  11. It is easy to spot the folks who have never been managers of any business who were responsible for hiring and meeting requirements of federal and state laws. One of the best guaranteed ways to lose your job or your business is to violate hiring requirements.

    Imagine you have any business that requires wearing a uniform (military, public service, janitor, McDonald’s, etc.) and you hire both men and women to work there. By your line of thinking with “who cares?” or “making something out of nothing”, then it is okay to ask women their bra size, because “well, we have to make sure the shirt fits right.” Wait until it is your son or daughter being asked inappropriate questions and see how you feel.

  12. There’s nothing wrong with asking the question. Florio, you ought to get down from your gay rights hobby horse before you fall off. There’s an NFL policy against asking but the clubs are free to ask what they want as limited by local laws which vary from place to place. Frankly, the owners ought to repeal the NFL policy and leave it up to the clubs since they are the employers, not the league. Congress has repeatedly considered and repeatedly rejected the idea that sexual orientation should be a protected class.

  13. I have a lot of experience as a recruiter and to think that somebody believes that unethical and/or illegal activities are ok so long as you dress it up with a funny and disarming approach? So can I go on and find the job listings for “con-man”?
    Just smile and lie to people when you steal their life savings, and that will remove the legal and ethical responsibilities completely so that they don’t get in the way of your criminal lifestyle. Bell is probably a Republican, or an extremely ignorant person.

  14. You’re not going to get anywhere with articles like this, Mike, especially when the majority of your readers are ignorant, sexist bigots that have no issue with this type of behavior.

  15. Have you ever done time in a Turkish prison? … Ever watch a dog lick itself ?… Ever seen a grown man naked?

  16. The REal questions asked were : Do you wanna get jiggy with Giselle ? Does Kim ‘s sex tape turn you on ? Did you fall asleep during Paris Hilton ‘s sextape ? Does celebrity Rehab seems like a career option to you ? Are you gonna make a rap video like Shaq asking Kobe to eat his butt? Will you go to North Korea with Rodman to meet Dictator Kim and his henchmen ? Do you know who Gloria Allred is and fear her ? Are you planning on joining the concussion lawsuit against the NFL ? Have you ever killed a pitbull? Do you run on stages at strip clubs and throw $$ in the air over the dancers like Pac Man ? Which do you think is the bigger jerk, Goddell or Trump ? After 4 years of college , have you been tested and retested for STDs ? Why does the NFL not have a team in LA ? Who is the greatest governor of all time , Arnold, Jessie, or Jan Brewer ? Why is the country broke and the NFL and Wall Street are flush ??If Wendy Willams asked you to join her and her sister in a jacuzzi , could you beat Chris Johnson’s 40 yard dash time ?(4.25) Did you beat Vince Young Wonderlic score of 6 ?

  17. Unless you were there and know the context in which the statement was made, you are all just blowing smoke.

    I guess the stories about changing the Redskins name have gotten old and we needed to try something new.

  18. Controversy is all we seek?!? … The question is illegal. No gray area. Would I welcome a female teammate?!? – if she makes our team better, yeah! Would I welcome a gay teammate? I have been in sports with at least 2 gay teammates. I didn’t shower at the same time, but I was happy they were on the team.

  19. I am absolutely amazed at the number of posts along the lines of these kinds of questions not bothering the writer, or the manner, tone, jocular intent etc. etc., and as if the above is not enough, they add THEIR bias regarding the type of lifestyle or orientation. ALL of the above has NOTHING to do with the efficacy of this line of questioning. It also has NOTHING to do with whether or not anyone approves, supports or does not CARE about gay vs not gay. This is an issue of work place fairness and MOST importantly the right to the expectation of privacy we are ALL entitled to by LAW. Simply put NO PERSON or ENTITY is entitled to inquire or explore ANY of our most private and intimate areas of which this issue CLEARLY is. Regardless of sexual preference, if one can’t relate or empathize with this, he / she must be willing to allow their lives to be investigated in ways that have no boundaries. I truly do not understand this in the least.

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