Bennett didn’t give Bucs option to match Seattle offer

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At one point, former Buccaneers defensive end Michael Bennett said he’d give the Bucs an opportunity to match any offer he gets elsewhere.

Then, Bennett said he wouldn’t.

When the offer came from Seattle for a one-year, $5 million deal, Bennett opted not to give the Bucs a chance to match, according to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

“They acted like they didn’t want me, so no, I didn’t go back to them,” Bennett said.

“I just didn’t feel any love from them at all,” Bennett said.  “And that’s kind of disappointing, because for a team that you put everything you had into for four years to do that, you’re just kind of, ‘OK, whatever.’

“You do everything you can to grow as a player and get better as a player and you prove yourself over and over again for them, but I guess that’s just who they are.”

Bennett actually started his career in Seattle, arriving in Tampa after the Bucs claimed him on waivers.  He returns to the possibility of not being a starter.

“I’m not concerned at all [about playing time],” Bennett said. “Everybody is capable of playing on the defensive line here, and I plan to be part of the rotation here.  I’ll be all over the place here.”

He’ll definitely be all over the place when the Bucs arrive during the 2013 regular season for a game against Bennett’s new team.

75 responses to “Bennett didn’t give Bucs option to match Seattle offer

  1. Even with the big money, it is funny to hear how a slight, however intended by a team, can turn a player against them. Once going down that path, hard to stop. Seattle wins on this one, even though they actually cut him first. Good for Seattle.

    Go Hawks!

  2. I really like this guy. Great attitude, and nice to see somebody stick it to these teams that don’t know how to take care of business. Not everybody has to agree with everybody’s opinion, but when you elicit this kind of reaction out of a young player of potential, then you didn’t handle his Case properly. Somebody made a serious misstep along the way.

    Good for him to snub the hand that didn’t feed him monetarily or emotionally. I’ll take a principled player over a sellout 6 times out of every 7 days. Still surprised DET didn’t go after him being short a couple DEs.

  3. Hey Michael, reason why the Bucs did not resign you is be cause when we needed you most, to get a big sack in a big game, or to get to a qb so our corners where not chasing wide recievers, you could not do it. When the pressure is on, you did not succeed, you are a career backup, and not worth 5 million. Writers put you higher than you will ever be worth. Have fun signing your 1 year 1 million dollar deal, after the seahawks don’t want you back after 2013.

  4. Funny thing is that Bennett isn’t good enough to stay with the team when the Bucs get there. He’ll be lucky to make the first 53 because PC will realize the mistake and Bennett will likely be cut before the Hawks pay him a dime. Then what Michael? BestBuy?

  5. how about being a man and stop running your mouth.

    “i’ll give bucs every chance to match my offer.” : “they acted like they didn’t want me, so no, i didn’t go back to them.”

    all your feelings aside, michael… your word is garbage. not to worry; there is plenty of company in this world for you.

  6. Ok here’s ur ten min of fame. U lucky u got 5 mill I Neva heard of u before this story

  7. Big time Bucs fan here. Liked Bennett, liked his story, always like when an undrafted comes up into a starter position. But like my friend said above my post, he had 1 “good” season. Our pass defense was worst in the NFL remember, almost worst in history! So how good was he really. Idk. A 1 year deal in Seattle doesnt make a lot of sense to me. I guess he wants to prove himself more and test the waters again next offseason. Seattle already has good pass rushers and they just signed Jason Jones who can play a little DE. I don’t see a ton of PT for Bennett. In the end, I dont see why the media and critics made such a big deal about him. He’s just an OK DE, he was our 3rd DE behind Bowers and Claiborne. We could of used him, but I think I speak for all of Buc nation that Im not really mad that we lost him. I was hoping we didn’t pay him top dollar because this guy could easily never be heard of again. Thank you Mark Dominik and best of luck to you Bennett.

  8. I thought Bennett and Roy Miller were decent D-linemen, but we didn’t get many sacks last year, and I trust Schiano’s judgement. There must be something good in the works for him to let these guys go so easily, or they just weren’t worth the money. There’s a big free agent deal coming, I can’t imagine they’d leave it all to the draft. The Bucs will be better on all fronts, can’t wait for the draft, training camp, and the season to start!

  9. At first I thought they were talking about Michael Bennett the washed up vikings RB…….

  10. “They acted like they didn’t want me, so no, I didn’t go back to them,” Bennett said.

    The 12th Man welcomes you to the GREAT Pacific Northwest!

  11. He didn’t get the hint of simply testing the market… And if you’re feelings are so hurt why would you go back to the team who didn’t want you in the first place? Go be a baby somewhere else and have fun with the SuckHawks… I won’t post a score for us against the Seahawks next year cause I don’t wanna hurt their feelings…

  12. All he needs to do now is start working in the Pittsburgh Steelers and referees into his sentences and he’ll have a perfect Seattle whine before training camp.

  13. I constantly see people make comments on here about “crying”, “complaining” or “whining” from players when they’re just responding to questions in an interview. He didn’t walk around complaining to anyone listening or jump on twitter to bitch. He’s in a unique business where the individual is the product.

    He told the Bucs he’d like to stay and after going out and looking at job opportunities, would come back and see if they could work something out. He felt like their response was “Meh, don’t worry about it.” So…he didn’t.

  14. When did Seattle become a “destination” where players really want to come to play for the Seahawks?

  15. Oh, just come out and admit it.

    You took less to play for a winner. Smart man, most players don’t get to that point until their careers are all but over.

  16. How childish are some of the comments from the people on this site. Guess what? It doesn’t matter if you make $20,000 a year or $20 million a year. If your employer treats you poorly and disrespects you, you leave if you possibly can. And don’t try to pull that macho garbage: “Oh, it’s a business. Grow up. Stop crying.” And I am POSITIVE that if your boss treats you terribly, you just say, “Well, it’s just a business.” Yeah, right. Treat your players poorly and you lose them–simple as that.

  17. He’s a fool for not waiting for the Lions visit and offer. He could have gotten a longer deal and been a fixture on the best DL. Well, maybe next year

  18. Way to take the high road tool. Amazing how fast he goes from “I’ll give the Bucs a chance to match any offer” to “they acted like they didn’t want me, so no, I didn’t go back to them”.

    The way I see this is he overvalued himself (look at his agent) and the Bucs weren’t willing to just hand that over. He thought he would prove them wrong in FA and was absolutely 100% WRONG! So, instead of admitting they were right, he jumps at the first semi-reasonable offer (in his opinion) and makes the Bucs out to be some horrible franchise.

    Funny how today Arrelious Benn was traded and all he had to say were nice things about the organization.

  19. So after Seattle cut him, the Bucs gave him a chance to prevail (which he did for a season or so) he goes back to square one. All he had to say was ” I feel as though I can win a ring in Seattle this year” and be done with it.

  20. It had nothing to do with not feeling any love from Tampa. When your choice is a title contender vs a non-title contender (for the same amount of money) what would most people do?

  21. The bucs took him after Seattle cut him lol and he says they didn’t care about him. What an idiot lol…..Have fun paying state taxes on that 5 mil….Loser

  22. Huge 9er fan here!!!

    But I would be a fool to say Seattle has not put together a serious threat to our chances as nfc west champs and Superbowl aspirations. Congrats to their front iffuceand fan base.

    It pains me to say but they are seriously dangerous. Big ups to them but naturally I would never falter from my 9ers. Congrats and I can’t wait for next season.

    Go 9ers but I openly respect what the Seahawks have done.

  23. Mediocre at best. I’m sure he didn’t get NEAR what he was looking for, and the Bucs probably offered that or around that. He probably went into FA wanting top tier DE money, when he’s produced 15 sacks in 4 years… His BEST season (which was a season where most teamed doubled up McCoy) produced 9 sacks… Good for 23rd in the league. Honestly, you can have him.

  24. joenash72 says:
    Mar 15, 2013 11:52 PM
    Seattle Seahawks 41

    Tampa Bay 6

    ^^^ Final Score in that 2013 game…

    Dude dont be ridiculous

    Seahawks 89
    Bucs…….give up at half time

  25. I guess that is where I am lucky. You see where I work isn’t like the NFL. The company where I work loves me. they show it every to weeks by actually paying me to show up. That is how much they love me! THEY PAY ME TO GO THERE! Now that is love!

  26. “They acted like they didn’t want me, so no, I didn’t go back to them,” Bennett said.

    Dude, you got a 1 year deal, I would say the Seahawks did not want you all that bad either. You left Miami w/o a contract too…
    Time to move on.

  27. I don’t know the guy, but he must be really good if he signed a one year, five million dollar deal. Isn’t that some type of record for a defensive end?

  28. Nine pretty good games? Have you ever even watched him play? First off, he has been a pro bowler. Second, he had been the leader of that defensive line which includes gerald mccoy and daquan bowers and Roy miller. Go troll on something you have at least a shred of knowledge about. By the way, Seattle will end up with 3 guys with 10+sacks, and another 2 with 7-9 on our way to our first Lombardi trophy. Go Hawks!

  29. It is what it is. Bottom line is he wanted to be treated like he’s elite. He’s not.

  30. Instead of returning to the team that gave him an opportunity in the NFL, he went to the team that initially waived him. We’re dealing with a real genius here.

  31. God, Bucs fans are so embarassing…

    Just speechless…

    Good luck in the future Bennett…thanks for your hard work…use some of your money to pay someone (me for instance) to punch Mark Dominik in the face repeatedly.

  32. Truth is the Bucs offered him a value in line with what they thought a backup DE was worth to them, he laughed at that thinking he would cash in & land $10= million a year, when that didn’t happen his ego wouldn’t allow him to go back with his tail between his legs.
    Isn’t it odd that nobody other than the Hawks would offer him more than 1 year at $5 million?

  33. thestrategyexpert says:
    Mar 16, 2013 12:03 AM
    I really like this guy. Great attitude, and nice to see somebody stick it to these teams that don’t know how to take care of business.

    Um…really? Cries like a 5 year old when a team doesn’t show him enough love?

    I wonder what he said about the Seahawks when they cut him four years ago.

    Doesn’t really sound like teams were falling all over themselves with contract offers, either.

  34. Bowers and Clayborn are much better and will prove it this year.. Bowers had almost as good a season and was injured and played half the games Bennett did..! Let him go it doesn’t hurt us. Draft someone for the middle and get a veteran to replace him. No worries on bucs end, after all is said and don’t we will still make the playoffs. We’re just getting started with new people coming in also the new island at Raymond James and not talking about the few fans that we have ..

  35. to those ripping his intellect for going back to the team that let him go, well, yeah…

    he was undrafted and they let him go and now to use his services for a year at minimum, they have to pay him five million. how much do you think a udfa gets coming in his first year?

    sounds to me like a win all around. for him.

  36. Anyone who says “Bennett and Clayborn are better anyways” is clueless….DaQuan Bowers has never done anything in this league…He has 4.5 career sacks…which is just 1.5 more than his combined serious injury/off-the-field concerns. Chronic knee issues, torn achilles, pending felony trial…NO PROBLEM! Clayborn is also coming off a torn acl…and didn’t look very good in his first three games of 2012…No idea where the optimism is coming from on this one…Just because Clayborn and Bowers are higher draft picks that the undrafted Bennett…does not mean that they are better.

  37. It’s funny that every time a team loses a player, it’s fan base always says,”good, he was garbage. We’re better off without him!” Well I tell ya what, he gave up more money to come to a winner. And he’ll prove it here in the PNW. Go HAWKS, 12TH MAN, and welcome Michael Bennett!

  38. Welcome to a winner Mr Bennett. It’s obvious by the way the buc fans are treating you on here you must have helped them in some way. Remember in February when you and your teammates are in the playoffs grinding your way to the Superbowl all of these haters will be watching you as there is not a chance in hell their team will be playing!!! As a hawk fan I just can’t say enough about the moves we are making to an already scary young team. It’s gonna be a lot of fun watching the seattle San Francisco games next year. And to the idiot niner can on here calling seattle “classless” I thank you!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Seattle doesn’t stab visiting fans or have a ghetto quarterback with stickers on his flat billed hat and pants hanging around his ankles during interviews. Our quarterback is respectful and tactful and the hardest working young man in the league. He alone is why seattle will overtake your team this year. And he will do it with respect and dignity. I was at that Sunday night game where your precious KAP got destroyed!!! He looked like a deer in headlights!!! Your team made a HUGE mistake letting Alex smith go and now there is nothing left to do but wait and see!!! Classless???? Hahaha what a joke!!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  39. Just to clear some things up for the Seahawks fans jumping in the thread bad mouthing Tampa’s defensive line and making ridiculous statements that Bennett was the ‘leader’ on defense.

    Stop it.

    It’s not a coincidence that the first full year played by dominant Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy resulted in a nine sack career high season for Michael Bennett. McCoy is the leader of the defensive line, Lavonte David calls the defensive plays and Ronde Barber is the heart and soul. Michael Bennett was slated to backup Daquan Bowers last season until Bowers was placed on PUP to start the season. Bennett had some great games, and he’s good against the run, but when Bowers returned (and remember he returned at less than 100%), Bennett did not command the same attention that Bowers did when they would attack the QB, and neither player commanded the attention of Gerald McCoy.

    Look, Michael Bennett for a one year five million dollar deal is a good signing. He should get you 6-8 sacks because like in Tampa, he won’t be the focal point of the Seahawks defensive line. For those knocking Bowers right now, it isn’t entirely fair to criticize a player who returned from a significant injury to command the same attention from the opponent as Michael Bennett. Watch some of the later season games (even the ugly losses) and you’ll see Bowers is more explosive at less than full strength than a fully healthy Bennett. Bowers was chasing down Cam Newton and Michael Bennett disappeared for stretches late in the year. Bowers is a 2nd round pick with elite potential while Bennett is arguably at his ceiling as a player.

    Having typed all that, I have to credit Seattle for the signing. A one year deal at a reduced price will motivate Bennett, and surrounded by the talent of the Seattle defense, he should earn every dollar and then some this coming season.

  40. I wish there was a sports forum for mature adults, bunch of you fellas sound like jealous ex girlfriends. And all the trash your talking are things you would not say to this mans face in a dark alley.

    90% of you TB fans in this post just embarrassed your team and the rest of your fan base with these childish comments.

  41. magicbucs, no state income tax in Washington either. It’s called Google. Check it out sometime before posting inaccurate information like you know what you’re talking about.

  42. Magicbus–

    Washington state has no income tax.

    Facts can be so inconvenient sometimes. So when they are, the best thing to do is ignore them, or make better ones up.

    Smart signing. I will take 9 sacks/year for $5 million on a 27 year old one-year player, motivated to cash in after that season, any day. Dude plays the run well for his weight, works hard, and can play both DT and DE. Hawks will use him mostly as a 3-tech DT on passing downs, I believe.

    Don’t know the Buc’s situation well enough to say whether they should have let him go or not. But for the Hawks, it was a good move. Bennett is not being signed to be the star. He’s a complementary piece on seriously good defense.

  43. wimpyburgers says:Mar 16, 2013 1:19 AM

    When did Seattle become a “destination” where players really want to come to play for the Seahawks?

    I’m glad you asked that.

    First of all, they now have a QB in Russell Wilson that is capable of great things. Playing with Tavaris Jackson just lacked that same kind of appeal.

    Second…and this is nothing personal against Tampa Bay….they will sell out every home game this year, guaranteed, and will probably be on national TV 3-4 times. Seattle used to be invisible on the national radar, but with Carroll and Wilson and Sherman and others, they’re starting to get recognized. See all the hate in any thread about Seattle? That’s a sign they’re on their way up in the NFL world.

    Third, if you’re a defensive end looking to pad your stats in what is essentially a contract year, that home crowd is going to give you a nice edge when it comes to getting off the snap. Plus, with their secondary, you’re more likely to get a “coverage sack” than most other places in the NFL.

    Fourth, if you want to play for a ring, they’ve got one of the youngest rosters in the league, and they just opened their window last year. It could be open for a while.

    Fifth, Seattle is actually kinda awesome. Not many cities where you can get a spectacular view of both the water and the mountains, it’s not hot and humid all summer, and statisically, there are actually fewer rainy days per year than there are in Cleveland….go figure.

  44. Score: Bucs-1 Lombardi, Seahawks-0 Lombardis. Talk after you have joined the club. Over 30 years. No Championship.

  45. Hey, remember what I said about hate and Seattle? Speak of the devil, the devil appears….

  46. For those under-informed folks who are operating under the impression that the Seahawks cut Bennet because they didn’t want him, you are mistaken. At the time the ‘Hawks had a rash of injuries on their OL and had to carry extra tackles into the season. They cut Bennet hoping to stash him on the practice squad until some of the injured OL returned to the field and the Bucs scooped him.

    Many of us were not pleased when it happened. Damn Ruskell (known hereabouts as Numbskull) really screwed up this team. Glad John and Pete could turn it around so quickly.

    Welcome home to the PNW Michael.

  47. The only thing sadder than never having won a Super Bowl is having to bring up that your team did, a long, long time ago, and has sucked since.

  48. eatitfanboy:

    Apparently he didn’t say anything too bad because SEA took him back! And his crying about the Bucs is only a concern for the Bucs, not the Seahawks who get him. And he will give him his best effort and appreciate them because they eased his concerns whereas his incumbent team passed up on that opportunity. I think it’s a good value win for the Seahawks to recruit this guy to THEIR cause together as mutual partners.

    And maybe other good players on the fence in the future should follow his message and jilt the Bucs to help the Hawks. Bennett is having fun playing his game trying to plant a seed of suggestion to stay away from the Bucs and to help them identify a team that does care about people like the Hawks.

  49. Happy to have Bennett return to the loving embrace of the 12th Man. We love any and all players who choose to wear the blue and green, and when we have to part ways due to dollars or just because it’s not a good fit, we never make it personal.

    The haters who post on this site are perhaps the least educated about the game and business of pro football. Just getting signed by an NFL team and having a jersey and locker with your name on it is a herculean accomplishment in and of itself, let alone becoming a top-tier player, and for some of you mooks to have the nerve to make personal and hostile attacks against guys who have already beat nearly impossible odds to get where they are is beyond me. Your nasty and childish condescension towards any player says NOTHING about the player, and EVERYTHING about your own need for serious therapy.

    Go Hawks!

  50. Carroll and Schneider do a LOT of homework before they make any decisions on a new player. They saw “something” in Bennett, that allowed them to decide to offer him a deal. I’ll trust their judgment, not those of the loony skeptics above.

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