Brent Grimes visiting Dolphins

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Not only does Brent Grimes not have a deal with the Falcons, but he might have a new address soon.

The Dolphins announced they had Grimes in town for a free agent visit.

Miami needs to re-stock there after losing Sean Smith to Kansas City. The need is even more acute in Atlanta, after the Falcons released Dunta Robinson (who also signed with the Chiefs).

Grimes is in an interesting spot, hitting the market after missing last season with an Achilles injury, and being franchised-tagged the year before.

As with seemingly every other free agent in the league right now, he’s likely to have to take a short-term deal and prove himself, before trying free agency again at a better time.

13 responses to “Brent Grimes visiting Dolphins

  1. Good player who a team might get a good price on with a short term deal and make him EARN a long term deal. Worth taking a shot on

  2. Falcons should let this guy walk…..30 years old coming off torn acl and still wants a big deal. Good bye……

  3. The Dolphins have done a masterful job this off season why do people who know nothing open their mouths. Grimes will get a 1 year deal like Keller did, by Miami or someone else.

  4. “why do people who know nothing open their mouths.”
    Usually, it’s because:
    a) Short-term memories and/or lack of intelligence.
    b) They’re trolls, and it’s easier for them to attack someone else’s team than it is to defend their own.
    c) To show off their “expertise” the few times they get something right (while conveniently refusing to mention or excusing their many errors, a.k.a., the broken clock syndrome).
    d) Some combination of the above.

  5. Getting Grimes would be a massive move.. It would really open up the draft so the Dolphins would not be forced to take 2 CBs within there 1 st 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds.. Locking up Grimes and signing either BigJake back or Eric Winston would leave the Dolphins in amazing shape for the Draft. They would be able to snag a dope young DE like Werner, Jordan, Ansha, Tank Carradine, Moore to compliment Wake with the 12th pick, then with there 2 2nds they can grab Ertz, and one of the best CBs still on the board (Rhodes, Banks, Poyer, Amerson, etc) Then with our 2 3 rd rounders they can nab a dope WR (Bailey, Wheaton, Patton, Swope). And with the 2nd 3rd rounder they can see if they can grab a guard to compete with that fat mess John Jerry. Get it done Jeff!! This is very doable.

  6. we need to get lloyd in here asap, i love it and r coners r good with marshall and grimes..we should go with one more in the draft or 2, but we should pick up a lt rt , but can u imagine if we get lloyd with bess hartline keller and BIG MIKE omg boy tables have turned…but if no lloyd then we need a w.r in draft and c.b and 2 line men and let the best man win longs job, or switch martin there..and get a rt in draft…idk but im pumped for this yr , FACT!!!!!!!!!!

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