Broncos give their timeline on events leading to Dumervil’s release


On Friday evening, the Broncos released a statement from executive vice president of football operations John Elway detailing the organization’s version of events that left defensive end Elvis Dumervil without a job — at least for now — after the team claimed they didn’t get the necessary documentation for a contract restructuring in time.

Elway’s statement:

“For the last week, Elvis Dumervil and his agent were aware of our desire to change the financial terms of his contract to ensure he would remain a Denver Bronco. After numerous conversations with both Elvis and his representative, we submitted our final contract proposal to Elvis today at 11 a.m. MDT. Based on our previous discussions, we believed our offer was fair and were hopeful it would resolve this matter.

“Due to the procedural elements that were involved in executing the new proposal, we imposed a 1 p.m. MDT deadline for a decision, one hour before the NFL’s waiver wire at 2 p.m. MDT. Our deadline was clearly communicated to Elvis’ representative.

“At 1 p.m. MDT, we were informed by Elvis’ representative that he declined our offer. We then prepared Elvis’ termination notice to officially file his release with the NFL office.

“At approximately 1:25 p.m. MDT, however, we were informed that Elvis changed his mind and accepted the same contract we proposed nearly two-and-a-half hours earlier. Although we expressed our concern regarding the time constraints, we were assured that the signed documents would be submitted to us before the league’s waiver deadline.

“We did not receive the documents from Elvis by the league’s deadline and were forced to release him shortly before 2 p.m. MDT.

“Due to this situation, there are now salary cap implications associated with this transaction that we must consider with regard to potentially re-signing Elvis. At this moment, we are discussing all of our free-agency options to determine what’s best for the Denver Broncos.”

Marty Magid, Dumervil’s agent, told his side of the story to USA Today‘s Mike Garafolo. Magid told USA Today that Denver had changed part of the contract, which was one of the multiple factors that led to the fax coming too late for Denver to execute the deal, the agent said.

Rarely does a deal unspool like this in public fashion, and the outcome is something PFT’s Mike Florio pins on both sides.

36 responses to “Broncos give their timeline on events leading to Dumervil’s release

  1. Regardless of whose fault it is Denvers getting screwed in the deal and Dumervilles agent is now hunting for a big deal where he’ll get a big fat percentage. There is nothing the league can do, there’s no “oops my bad” by law for incompetent agents or faulty fax machines. Its both sides fault for waiting until the very last minute. It does however seem like its the agent manipulating both his client and the Broncos so he can get a bigger payday for himself.

  2. Judging by the agent’s comments on the matter, it seems like a play to get his client out in the FA field to drum up a contract that would make him look good.

    DJ Williams was also his client, so maybe he was feeling pressured to make a big agent move… who knows. Either way, money is going to do some talking now.

  3. Welcome aboard Mr.Dumervil,

    We will be arriving at TF Green airport where a limo will take you to meet Coach Belichick and Mr. Kraft.

  4. Seems like they pulled one on the Broncos. Sticking them w/ the balance of the pay cut. 5mil hit towards the cap? Nasty!

  5. This is stupid. Now there is dead money that no one gets. So bringing Elvis back at the same contract will cost millions more in dead money. Idiotic. They need to split the difference and call it a day. Well played hardball guys.

    Was a great week for the Broncos until this. All that work to make cap space just to give some away. Arghh.


  6. everything that Elway say sound like
    a damn lie. Elway jumped in front of
    every camara he could find and said he didnt want to pay Dumervil
    and called his agreed apon contract
    ” out of whack”.

  7. Hey John : nice suit but it’s on you. You hurt the team and it is your responsibility. It really is that simple.

  8. unfortunate, but hate when guys and teams sign deals and then say the deal is no longer good. They should have just payed the kid like they said they would. I hope he signs with either the chiefs, chargers, or raiders, and sacks the crap out of peyton time and time again.

  9. REMEMBER that Fax machines date and time stamp when they transmit and receive. This will not be hard to find out who is telling the truth and where the fault lies………Lets see the transaction reports folks…

  10. Hmmm..these contract snafus never seem to happen to guys like Welker, Manning, Decker, and Wolfe. Those guys are white, and Dumervil is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

  11. Ted Thompson, get on the phone and get this guy in the door. Give him the money you would have paid Greg Jennings and call it a coup.

  12. Elway is not very sharp when it comes to organizational skills and documentation because I don’t see the log entry here for when Elway recently highly insulted Dumervil about his contract being way out of whack despite a highly productive year. What a convenient omission. No wonder Elvis was waffling at the last minute, he didn’t have the support and the relationship with Elway that would have served the best interests of both parties. So they both will get a lesser deal now.

    Great job Denver. This is a mngmt fumble.

  13. Fax machine!? A multimillion dollar business transaction relying on of fax machine? Come on people, get a scanner or a mobile phone.

  14. Smart move. Instead of making 8 million, he now gets 5 million and whatever another team is willing to pay him.

    Greed is good.

  15. muratp3 says: Mar 15, 2013 10:46 PM

    Fax machine!? A multimillion dollar business transaction relying on of fax machine? Come on people, get a scanner or a mobile phone.
    Some of my customers make huge monthly payments on car-sized document processors, and every one has either a fax module or an optional port. I’ve never seen anyone use a scanner to do serious business.

  16. Dumervil to the Lions and then all they need to do is draft Eric Fisher at OT and all of a sudden they have no weaknesses.

  17. What a bunch of Donkeys. SMH.

    muratp3: The reason the fax machine is still around is that it’s quick and easy.

    Much quicker than emailing.

  18. thenflguru says:
    Mar 15, 2013 11:40 PM
    Smart move. Instead of making 8 million, he now gets 5 million and whatever another team is willing to pay him.

    Greed is good.
    Hmm, nope. The $5 million was just the cap hit from his signing bonus (paid years ago), not money Denver still owes him. If (when) Elvis only gets paid $5-6 million this year, his agent may be the next one Dumrvil sacks. Anyone know if Elvis changed agents since his last contract? If so, sure the new guy wanted to have to have a new contract so he could get paid.

  19. The league should investigate this clown of an agent. His timeline of events was so unbelievable that it shows he’s either A: an incompetent liar or B: a shyster looking for a payday.
    If I were Dumervil I’d fire him either way.

  20. Dumerville and his agent played the “Denver needs me card” not really thinking that they would release them. It has been apparent all along that he was hoping that the would just cave and pay him another year. Elway did not blink and Dumerville will lose out and find that the deal in Denver was really not that bad. To bad for him. I do not think he will be successful outside of Denver.

  21. so what did this agent (Magrid) say what happened then?….”Twenty-three minutes to read it, scan it, fax it, get Elvis to a machine and get it through,” Magid said. “We tried.” per USA Today.
    Elway spoke. If Elvis wanted to play for Denver, then he should have made sure of it. Millions on the line, and not to mention his career.

  22. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but Dumervil’s original agent was Gary Wichard who is now deceased. This Magid fellow has probably yet to make any money from representing Dumervil. And wouldn’t have had they agreed to a lesser deal. But on a new contract? He would. The plot thickens…

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