Cardinals lose big on Kolb trade

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In late July 2011, the Cardinals traded for quarterback Kevin Kolb.  Now, less than 20 months and more than $20 million later, Kolb is gone.

So are the folks who traded for him.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt and G.M. Rod Graves realized the magnitude of the risk they were taking by sending cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick to Philly for Kolb — and by signing him to a big contract without seeing how he would perform.  The concerns were obvious, as set forth in our 10 takes on the trade.

But the worst-case scenario happened, and now the Cardinals remain squarely within the worse of the two types of NFL franchises:  Teams who don’t have franchise quarterbacks.

For new coach Bruce Arians, his only chance of getting a franchise quarterback will come in the draft.  Whether it’s Geno Smith or Matt Barkley or someone else, the Cardinals won’t be competing in a top-heavy NFC West until they get a quarterback who can stand toe to toe with the best passers (and, in that division, runners) in the sport.

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  1. Well they didn’t lose in the present tense, they lost in the past and only at the time they executed the trade. Everything they have experienced since that moment is just riding the waves of a negative ripple effect born from that bad trigger moment when they willingly chose to take on the loss.

    One man’s trash is often another man’s treasure. Maybe one day these teams will hire good executives and scouts instead of awful treasure hunters.

  2. Tough pill for AZ to swallow, but they really need to trade Fitz for as many draft picks as they can.

    What’s the point of having him when they have no chance in their division? Especially when they could jump start the rebuilding process by trading him?

  3. Everyone always calls the Cardinals the losers of that trade, but the Eagles don’t have DRC anymore and they ultimately ended up with Vinny Curry and Brandon Boykin as a result of the trade.

    People would do well to look beyond the narratives once in a while and see the actual results.

    The Cardinals are 13-19 since the trade and the Eagles are 12-20. To pretend that either team won is simply idiotic.

  4. No QB stood a chance behind that line

    Still dont see how the Cards are complete losers in this trade

    Eagles got nothing out of DRC. Relied on Vick got barely anything from him. An unproven NFL HC and unproven Nick Foles

    These two teams are in bad shape. Now philly relies on a gimmick offense that has yet to be ran in the NFL

    At least Arizona has a coach now that has tasted success in the NFL

  5. With the benefit of hindsight, did the Eagles really gain anything from the trade ?

    Kevin Kolb for 2 seasons of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie(who has left), Vinny Curry(2nd rd pick with 9 tackles in rookie season), Brandon Boykin(4th rd pick, was #3 behind Cromartie on the depth chart)
    and the coaching staff has been fired

  6. To Wludford,

    we are all fans here, not experts but:

    what time can afford to:
    1. Trade picks for Fitz?
    2. bear the burden of the heavy, heavy contract that Fitz signed 2 years ago

    contact in 2011 was a 128Million over 8 years – meaning he is signed through 2019! with $31million in dead money over the 2 years

    i believe his cap hit for 2013 is around $18

    face it – he married RED & WHITE the day he signed this contract. i think he will be 36 at the expiration of this contract. he had a choice.. championships or payday – he chose to get paid.. and paid well!!

  7. Eagles may have gotten the better end of the trade but neither side exactly hit a home run. DRC busted. The 2nd round pick was used to trade down, and it turned into DE Vinny Curry and CB Brandon Boykin. Funny how Boykin played better than both Nnamdi and DRC last season. Both Curry and Boykin have promise but the trade still doesn’t seem as good as did at first.

  8. The reason the Kolb deal happened is Arizona let the situation fester for so long, they were finally in a situation where they HAD to make a deal for a franchise QB. Kolb was the best (and, at the time, really the only) name available, and they grossly overpaid for him.

    That said, the worst thing Arians could do, IMO, is get a rookie prospect right away and force them into the starting lineup before the line improves from where it was last year.

    The Seahawks used Tavaris Jackson as a placeholder for a season before making a move, first for Flynn, then for Wilson. Arians will have the benefit of some time before he makes a firm decision on a franchise QB; he may be well-served by drafting in other areas and waiting to pull the trigger on someone when the talent pool is a little deeper.

  9. I never understood why they gave up so much for Kolb in the first place. He hardly played for the Eagles….won a few games and was placed on a pedestal.

  10. I may be one of the few, but I’m not giving up on Kevin Kolb just yet.

    Not that I ever think he’ll be an elite QB, I don’t, but a Top 20 serviceable starter? Think the jury is still out on that.

    Before he got hurt last year, he had 8 tds and 3 ints with an 86.1 rating playing behind one of the worst NFL offensive lines I’ve ever seen in my life.

    If he can ever stay healthy (a HUGE if, I realize) some team might actually be able to turn this guy into something.

    Or not.

  11. It seems like giving Whisenhunt the axe was a knee jerk reaction. I do realize & understand how bad that offense was but Whisenhunt has shown what his offense is capable of when he had a legit qb & O line. Good qbs are hard to come by & at least he was active in trying to find one to replace Warner. It just so happens the moves he made didn’t work out but it isn’t like free agent qbs are lining up to play in Zona. I hope everything comes together for the fans down there.
    On a sidenote, we have an extra qb up here in the great northwest (Mr. Flynn) that I’m sure the Seahawks could be talked into trading for a certain wr.

  12. Kolb played 9 games in 2011 was sacked 30 times

    In 6 games in 2012 was sacked 27 times. There are guys who played all 16 games that get sacked less.

    Granted I’m sure some of these are due to holding too long but I seriously doubt it accounts for more than half.

  13. “Less than 20 months and more than $20 million later, Kolb is gone”

    Just WOW!

    Kolb is a smart man, I bet he invested wisely and saved plenty. Too bad it didn’t work out for him in the desert……

  14. Kolb was the only winner. He got 20 million dollars and 2 franchises went in the dump. Eagles didn’t ‘bend the Cards over’. Get over it, bad trade for both teams.

  15. Both teams lost…. Both coaches were fired…

    The only hting Philly “won” is they have less $ involved in the release of the player. Curry and Boykin are still unproven.

    Two years from now, if Curry and Boykin are significant role players/starters or better, then we can say Arizona REALLY lost this trade.

    Right now, its a push.

  16. Agree with all the prior comments that neither team won the trade. Furthermore, it was a worthwhile gamble for both teams – Eagles weren’t going to use Kolb, and Cardinals weren’t going to use DRC. Cardinals gave up a 2nd round pick – which is far, far from a guaranteed NFL starter.

    In hindsight, neither team got great gains out of it. But does that mean either team should regret the gamble? Not really, sometimes you have to play the cards you are dealt. Things would be different if there were a ton of serviceable quarterbacks on the market that summer, but there weren’t.

    To all the “trade Fitzgerald” commentors, since when does a mediocre team trading their best player improve things? Using that logic, the Vikings should immediately trade AP, the Texans should’ve traded AJ years ago, and the 49ers should’ve traded Gore years ago. (All would be horrible, horrible moves.)

  17. roddytorock84 says:
    Mar 15, 2013 2:29 PM
    Geno is going to AZ. They want to fit in with the mobile qbs in that division.


    In his four years at WVU Geno Smith ran the ball 245 times for 342 yards, lighting the world on fire with an average of 1.4 yards per carry. The numbers of carries are inflated because scrambles that make it back to the line of scrimmage and the yardage is inflated thanks to a single run of 67 yards.

    Geno Smith ran a 4.78 40, which was .18 slower than well known running quarterback Andrew Luck.

    He’s not a running quarterback. He is a drop back passer.

    For anyone trying to say that Arizona didn’t lose out on the trade… I can give you 20 million (wasted) reasons why they did.

  18. During his 2 years in Arizona he played a total of 15 games.

    In those games he threw for 3,124 yards, 17 TD’s, 11 picks and roughly 58% completion. On top of that 8 of those picks were in 2011. He had the team at 4-0 this year before going down.

    Considering they stood him back there with no running game and pretty much let D lineman run at him free to the tune of 57 sacks in 15 games (4 a game) I think if the Cards weren’t looking for a fall guy in the locker room they’d have seen Kolb wasn’t the problem.

    I’d say the Cardinals failed Kevin Kolb way before you could ever blame a bit of this on him.

  19. When the trade was made, no one including Whisenhunt and Graves had any idea that Kolb would be unable to evolve into a down the field-vertical attack or timing pass route or even pass defense reading QB. Instead he remained a solid WCO QB who could competently execute a WCO which is what the Cards went to for Kolb last season. Even then with the lousy OLine, Kolb was merely OK in their 4-0 streak except for a monster game against Philly whose defense was so weak and repetitive that Kolb and the Cards Defense beat Philly into whimpering losers. That was one lop-sided game. And after all of the trash talking by Philly Pans, Philly’s record is only one win better than the Cards over the past two seasons. Only dumb fans like Philly Pans could brag about being mediocre. And in ignorance, they keep bragging on about being lousy. Go figure.

  20. Well if it’s any consolation- DRC isn’t even with the Eagles anymore and the second round pick I believe was used to select Nate Allen-

    Yep, the same Nate Allen who’s about to lose his job to Patrick Chung.

    “Patrick Who?”

    Yeah, exactly.

  21. The Eagles only had to give up a back up player. Stop pretending that the Eagles and the Cards are both losing the trade. So what if it did not happen to help the Eagles, the Cards still spent more for nothing.

  22. Yes the Cardinals got the worse of the trade but it definitely wasn’t the worse case scenario . The worse case would have been all the things that ended up happening with Kolb still happening but also have DRC play at an all pro level with the Eagles these past 2 years and parlaying that play into a long term contract with one of the Cardinals division rivals this off season. Setting up years of shut down play on Larry Fitzgerald by DRC. Plus the Eagles signing a stud player with the 2nd round pick they sent along with DRC.

    Now 2 of 3 of those worst case scenarios panned out. Kolb was often hurt, played poorly, and took the Cardinals for a boat load of money and the Eagles managed to draft a stud in Lance Kendricks with that 2nd round pick from the Cardinals.

    Luckily for Arizona though their evaluation of DRC was dead on. He is very talented but is completely devoid of focus and commitment, making him an overwhelmingly under performing player. Which translated to him being a bad teammate and bad corner.

    So at least the Cardinals can feel a little vindicated by knowing how utterly expendable DRC was when no one else did.

  23. Moral of the story:

    If you want an effective QB…..

    Draft the best OL available with your 1st round pick
    Draft the QB later or maybe next year

    Mike Singletary, for all his shortcomings at SF drafted two really good OL’s
    RT Anthony Davis & LG Mike Iupati
    THAT made the difference in Alex Smith

  24. Forget the notion of trading a Fitz, they should add another….Fitzpatrick! Fitz to Fitz fits.

  25. As a bills fan I feel your pain. Losing blows. So glad we didn’t get the wiz as head coach. I puked every time they mentioned him linked to bills coach search. Get an oline, keep your qb upright

  26. What NFL teams don’t know that U of H quarterbacks never make it in the NFL…. Ware, Klingler, Keenum, and Kolb….

  27. To mmsierra I say AMEN. I’ve been preaching that sermon to anyone who’d listen for years. A good offensive line can turn an average qb into a pro bowler. Example: Hasselbeck went to 3 pro bowls in row. Minnesota offers Hutchinson the poison pill contract & Hasselbeck doesn’t make it thru another season with the hawks without missing games due to injury & only goes back to the playoffs in the 1st year without hutch. Another example: Sean Alexander. He sucked (i say that as a hawk fan). Only played one season after hutch left & was cut by the hawks & skins. That’s the impact that losing just one all pro O lineman had & he wasn’t even the left guard he was the tackle & we still had a hall of famer at left guard. Draft lineman. That should be the war cry in the desert. If the Cards had a solid O line this trade conversation would be totally different. DRC would’ve still got cut but Kolb would still be on the team probably as their starter IMO.

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