Chiefs continue busy offseason, sign Geoff Schwartz


While he might not have the name recognition of some of their previous signings, the Chiefs made another solid add Friday.

Former Panthers and Vikings offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz just tweeted that he’s joined the Chiefs.

Schwartz made 13 appearances for the Vikings last year, after missing 2011 with hip problems. He started 16 games for the Panthers in 2010, and can play guard or right tackle, giving the Chiefs some flexibility.

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  1. All these signings are a surprise to me…The Kansas City Chiefs are actually going out there and signing players…When Carl Peterson was here he hardly ever brought in free agents…Then when Scott Pioli was here. He did the same thing. He didn’t wanna sign nobody.

    But with John Dorsey and Andy Reid in town…The Kansas City Chiefs are having the best free agency pick ups then any other team out there.

  2. Only a Chiefs fan would say “We’ve had the BEST free agency out there”.

    Well congrats, it’s March.

    About as funny as hearing the same things last year. “We have the best roster in football.” “The division is ours.”

    You went 2-14, picked up a quality head coach, a game managing QB, and a few decent starters. There’s still a lot of work in Kansas City. You won’t touch 7 wins.

  3. From what I’ve heard he had a hip issue that slowed him down. Once he healed up he lost his spot on the line. Word on twitter is that he’s got probowl potential.

    The good teams aren’t doing much right now. So yes, you don’t win in march. But these moves are needed to get to a point where you’re the team getting poached. Next challenge is to draft. Dorsey and Reid aren’t one yet.

  4. yelix says:
    Mar 15, 2013 1:53 PM
    Vikings fans, is this guy any good?

    A pro-bowl player not really. But a very solid pickup.

    I liked the guy and am a bit surprised we let him go.

    Most Viking fans won’t know he is gone however it is now a hole that we need to plug and one that I wish we didn’t need to do.

    Tough guy. Decent. Good sub (even a fill in starter when necessary). Wish he was still a Viking.

  5. This is one more sign of the Chiefs looking to move out of the first slot. Albert was franchised. Winston let go. In comes a guy that can play right tackle if Joeckel is off the board where they trade to, or guard if he isn’t.

  6. Journeyman starter, valuable backup type player. He won’t wow you, but he won’t make you swear at the screen, either. He will be a solid filler while the line gets rebuilt and more than worth the roster spot as a backup. Good luck to you, Geoff.

  7. Schwartz was hampered by injuries for the Vikings last year and Fusco ended up being quite solid, making Schwartz a backup for the Vikings. He’d be a decent starter at right guard, but hopefully the Chiefs won’t have to play him at Tackle, where he won’t be much good.

  8. the Vikings guards are just fine. they had one of the best offensive lines in the game last year. Schwartz is solid morning to write home about. but with the recent struggles of your offensive line he could be an all star

  9. Vikings fans, is this guy any good?


    he’s versatile, can play multiple positions on the line, if needed. vikings use a zone blocking scheme mostly, so depending on what happens on your line, he could work out well for your running game. he did get to do some blocking for peterson, so…

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