Dolphins add Dustin Keller

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The Dolphins continue to revamp their core via free agency.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Miami has agreed to a one-year contract with Jets tight end Dustin Keller, the top unsigned player at his position on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100.

Keller, 28, caught 28 passes for 317 yards and two TDs for the Jets in 2012. He missed time with hamstring and ankle injuries and was limited to eight games. That said, he played all 16 games in his previous four seasons with the Jets, and he hauled in 65 passes for 815 yards and five scores just two seasons ago.

The Dolphins have improved the pass-catching options for young quarterback Ryan Tannehill early in free agency, with the addition of swift wideout Mike Wallace their biggest splash of all.

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  1. He may not be a top flight tight end…but I for one am happy to have him, especially since it means he won’t be shredding the Dolphins twice a year any more.

    Another solid move to what’s been a good free agency so far.

    Would have loved to keep Fasano as well as he’s a much better blocker but hopefully one of the younger players can fill that role.

  2. All in all a great Pick-up for my Phins! A veteran TE with above average catching skills.

  3. Good move even in the short term.

    Long still not signed in St. Louis. Can we get him at $8 mil (as I am choking on that number)? If not get Winston, move Martin to LT and move on to the draft.

    Good job Ireland.

  4. I wonder what his contract number is? I thought Chicago should have pursued him over our big free agent TE signing. I guess we will have to see. Keller is talented and works hard. ‘Sanchise’ is about about to go straight down the toilet…

  5. Smart move since he has witnessed how the jets cannot stop a tight end to save their lives the last 4 years. He will look like Kellen Winslow Sr at least twice a year!

  6. Ireland has done a super job so far. He has kept the cap hits low, upgraded the LBs and has not overpaid the market. Now before I start hearing about Mike Wallace 17 million next year, the Dolphins have saved plenty of cap space and Tannehill is not due for a contract next year. Wallace cap hit falls to 11 million in 2015 and considering the Fins have 7 picks in the first 4 rounds, you would expect by 2015 there will guys being replaced by this draft class. Again, great job Ireland.

  7. Wallace, Hartline, bess, keller, possibly adding Gibson, Miami went from the worst receiving crew to possibly being one of the top in the afc and in nfl. Pressure is on tannehill to make something of it, but he will prove to be a franchise guy. Excited to see miller go beast mode too. Exiting times in phinland! Haters are going to hate

  8. It will be fascinating to see how good Keller is or isn’t, something that can’t really be evaluated with Sanchez sailing balls as if Keller had arms ten feet long.

  9. he’s fragile and cant block. 1 yr. deal is low risk, high reward though. as a giants fan, im looking forward to watching the fins play this season with all of their new additions.

  10. Gotta admit, I like the moves and the willingness to spend in Miami. It was sad to see such a proud franchise fall to mediocrity the past few years. However, I have big question marks regarding Tannehill. But not really following the team, I’ll ask you Dolphin fans. Is he good enough to support the talent they have brought in? And since they are willing to shell out the money, is it possible they try to acquire Matt Flynn from Seattle to reunite with Philbin?

  11. Hate to break it to ya but Mike Wallace is definitely not one of the best receivers in the game

  12. I just hope he can be as realiable as Fasano was and not have this injury bug he had last year.

  13. Good pick up for the Fins. I have been watching the wire hoping this deal would happen. Also, a one year deal….so we can target this position in the draft or perhaps Egnew can finally step up and perform.

    I’m liking what I’m seeing. Lots of haters out there about the Wallace hit to the cap next year, but our QB is only making $2M a year and our running back are both on rookie deals. Also, the LB swap saved us significant cap room. We will be fine. As I see it, this is good planning by Ireland.

  14. kev86 says:Mar 15, 2013 12:19 PM

    he’s fragile and cant block.

    I agree on the blocking part….but prior to last year, he played in every game for 3 years.

  15. Great addition. Still need a blocking TE. I suspect Ireland will wait til the draft. #finsup

  16. Good but not a great addition. Who is going to be catching passes for the Jets next year? Seems like they have made a habit of replacing average players with bad players in recent offseasons.

  17. @ jlv3gem

    If all he does if draw double coverage deep and those other guys get catches underneath he doesn’t have to catch a ball. Its about winning.

  18. buddysguys says:
    Mar 15, 2013 12:20 PM
    cool you won the offseason…..see you at 7-9 again next year!!!!!

    Hey smart guy, should we be putting our available funds into a savings account or something? Thought so. Keep your idiotic remarks to yourself before you get embarrassed.

  19. First we had Steeler fans crying because they lost their most productive receiver, now we have jet fans crying because they lost their most productive weapon. Lol. When Bush left we wish them the best and say thank you, guess dolphin fans are a lot more classy, and less whiney

  20. Slow down Dolphins fans (and fans of every other team); wait till the freakin’ games start, bc Wallace will be double teamed and Keller aint THAT good

  21. I have never read such a load of rubbish that some of you write on here. Worry about your own crappy teams and wait until the season starts. You have no clue until that happens, unless you are looking into a crystal ball.

  22. forty9asty says:Mar 15, 2013 12:25 PM

    Philbin already passed on Flynn. Since he knew him better than most, it was the correct call. Flynn was/is a system QB.

    As for Tannehill, he will be special. His one concern was that he was raw and needed time on the bench to prepare. This didn’t happen and he made his share of rookie mistakes. However, he has great poise in the pocket and was one of the top rated QBs under the blitz. He has all the tools to be a franchise QB.

    IMO he’ll have a better career than all other QBs drafted last year save Luck. Not impressed with Rg? and little Wilson once the spread goes the way of the Wildcat.

  23. forty9asty:

    Tannehill actually finished last season ranked the 13th most efficient QB overall according tomPFF. Having only 19 career starts at the position prior to his first NFL season, and only average weapons at his disposal last year in Miami, I think Tannehill is poised to have a pretty big year in 2013… If Miami can retain Jake Long somehow, they could be a 9, maybe 10-win team.

  24. Hate to remind you, but if they double team Wallace there will be 1 less defender to cover someone else. That is the point of signing him.

  25. It’s going to be fun watching Wallace blow the top of defenses while Hartline, Bess and Keller run all over underneath and across the middle! In for some exciting football in Miami….finally!

  26. Lol at that’s dude who said Wallace will get double teamed and Keller isn’t good. Did you forget about Bess and Hartline? Y’all scared? Lol. If it was any other team y’all would getting on your knees and behave like chicken heads. Typical followers, just because everyone else hates on the fins y’all do too. Wait till y’all jump on the wagon like y’all did with the Heat. WELCOME TO SOUTH BEACH WHERE Y’ALL WISH YOU WERE! FINS UP!

  27. I’m liking what I’m seeing by my Phins… Looks like I’ll be spending more time inside the stadium than outside tailgating my a$$ off… *sigh* Tough decisions!

  28. Keller to the enemy. I can live with it. He was key outlet with Sanchez in the playoff years. Can only hope we had him when he was at his peak & Fins end up choking on all their 2013 bought team.

    Since he was Sanches’s key guy I guess the QB competition is truly an open one. Thats refreshing.

  29. With the addition of Keller to the passing, brings a subtraction to the running game. Bush doesn’t help either. One-dimensional!

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