Dolphins reel in Brandon Gibson

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The Dolphins added another passing target for Ryan Tannehill, taking away that obstacle from his development.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Dolphins landed wide receiver Brandon Gibson with a three-year deal.

Along with first-day target Mike Wallace and tight end Dustin Keller today, the Dolphins have plentiful targets in the passing game.

They still don’t have much size among their receivers, but they at least have legitimate NFL starters there, which they did not at times last year.

35 responses to “Dolphins reel in Brandon Gibson

  1. While the Dolphins are making all of these moves on the offensive side of ball, they have seem to forgotten their is other side called defense, where their is no one in the secondary that is to be feared or respected as of right now.

    It the past two years they traded Vontae Davis and just let a tall athletic corner in Sean Smith to lead , it they dont make any improvements in their secondary why should they be any better than their previous record.

  2. Tannehill will be, all you fans of other team stop worrying about the Dolphins, they will be fine.
    Thank god they got rid of Sean Smith, he dropped more balls than he caught. Plenty of draft picks too, so plenty more additions to this team.

  3. Sean Smith is garbage, big for nothing (soft) corner who only does well against slow WR and can’t get interceptions. Oh yea and of course Vontae who showed up drunk to practice and longs for his momma. Be patient the CB market is flooded including the draft, Ireland is doing a phenomenal job so far. The more time Ireland spends apart from The Tuna, the better GM he becomes. Go Dolphins!!

  4. If they get a healthy year out of Wallace, Keller, Gibson and Hartline, they could surprise quite a few people. Their defense wasn’t terrible, but anyone would be worn down always being on the field if your offense isn’t moving the ball.

  5. “It the past two years they traded Vontae Davis and just let a tall athletic corner in Sean Smith to lead , it they dont make any improvements in their secondary why should they be any better than their previous record.”

    One could easily argue that getting rid of press corners when you actually play more zone now IS an improvement. Smith’s skillset doesn’t fit with what they’re doing.

    Also, don’t forget Marshall was hurt all last year and they brought Patterson in late in the season (who played VERY well).

  6. If Miami drafts Tavon Austin at #12….the WR corp will be set for years to come! Size, speed, youth they will have it in spades if they draft Austin!

  7. Keep in mind how the Redskins and later the Eagles always won the off-season free agent sweepstakes — and what practical good it did them 7 months later.

  8. A wide receiver that runs one route in mike Wallace . And an undersized reciever in GIbson . Big upgrades . Overpaid big time on Wallace though . Still the dolphins aren’t very good . Overpaid there defensive signings while cutting dansby was foolish . Patriots will once again smack the finz around all year . Keep your hopes up finatics but once again dolphins will suck .

  9. Look, you have to invest more money in your offense. Dolphins for years have had more money invested in their defense, and what has been the outcome every year? You know that answer.

    We have to invest in our offense and built or defense through the draft and with some veteran on the key areas LIKE THE ACTUAL regimen is doing right now….

    We will compete for the division title this year, that’s for sure.

  10. Tannehill won’t know how to act this year.He”ll drop back to pass and somebody will be open.

  11. arkhammedic says: Mar 15, 2013 5:38 PM

    The days of billlacheat are numbered, Rex and the Bills are also done… the return of the glory days for Miami….

    Huh? All because of a one trick pony in Wallace, Or the meak ex-Ram Gibson who hasn’t shown much, Or is it the abused Dustin Keller? Also…
    You need to remember, the Dolphins need a real QB before anything changes in the AFC East. Tannehill is not the Future, ya’ll parked your future in a back-up role in Moore.

  12. No excuses this year, Miami. None whatsoever. You have better be ready to challenge for the division. Regardless of how the money is allocated for cap purposes, the team has spent wildly. They acquired pieces for the passing game to flourish, but they still lack a true #1 RB and while it’s possible Jake Long could return, it might be best for Miami to look at cheaper options.

    Or not. Who the heck knows.

    Dolfans; click the thumbs down all day if you must, but each passing day brings this team closer to Philadelphia ‘Dream Team’ territory. Take this Gibson signing and couple it with the ridiculous Hartline extension. The Dolphins only need one of these guys as they now have Mike Wallace and they have a good slot guy in Devone Bess. I can see adding depth, but that is what the draft is for, and that leads us to Jeff Ireland’s problem; most of his top draft picks have been sold off to other teams.

    What happens if this team still can’t make it to the postseason in a weak division? A lot is riding on this offseason, Miami; time is yours.

  13. thegregwitul is correct. This is Jeff Ireland going “all in” to save his job. Just throw it at the wall and see if it will stick. I hope it works out. Nothing would make me happier (almost) than to see NE trounced by Miami. Gibson is good guy but low YAK, so-so hands, no separation. He will make the easy catch look hard. Good #3 or #4. Now find a LT (not a damaged one), work on the defense and Miami has a chance at a wild card. But seriously, does anyone think Miami has a chance as long as Brady plays?

  14. I don’t know much about Gibson but from what I read he is a good possession WR. I just hope he can score in the red zone. Wallace, Hartline and Bess tend to struggle in the red zone, so this signing would be senseless if he is unable to catch the ball when it counts.

  15. EJ, the pats are done…… spent. Brady’s lost his focus, drive….. Bellichick’s tweeting on his new girlfriends account. The players wives feud publicly now. The bills and jets are even funnier. I’m glad you dont see it coming.

  16. Interesting that they’re hell bent on getting “weapons,” yet they kicked Bush to the curb like he was garbage. They waaaaaaaaaaaay over spent for Wallace. They could have over spent a little for him after what he’s shown of himself down there. Miller is unproven and Thomas is another wasted Ireland pick (that he traded up to get).

  17. At this point the Dolphins should at MINIMUM beat the crap out of the Jets and Bills. Saying this as a Patriots fan, it looks like Miami is actually stepping up their game. Kudos. BTW Gibson torched the Pats for their only touchdown at the end of last season. The kid has potential. Miami should make a hard push for Dumervil to work with Wake and they would be legit bigtime.

  18. I’m a rams fan and its alright to lose him. However i am beyond excited that he wont be on the rams team in madden because he dropped every single pass i ever threw to him

  19. pickney1,
    V Davis and Sean Smith shouldn’t be starters in the league. The “experts” really inflated the talents of Smith with this years free agency. I wonder if they were watching the same player most Dolphin fans have for the last few years. The secondary has been terrible for years. There are plenty of free agents who are still available that are better and there’s always this year’s draft, which is deep with quality corners.

  20. @pickney1: Still plenty of CBs they could get in FA and/or draft.
    @purpleguy: Except 1) the ‘Phins are mostly signing younger, unestablished, high character players, rather than “savior type” FAs; 2) unlike the ‘Skins and the Eagles in those years, the ‘Phins also have plenty of picks in the draft; 3) rather than just signing the “best” FA’s and then trying to shove a square peg into a round hole, they seem to be targeting players that fit their system (e.g., the signing of Ellerbe and Wheeler to replace their LBs would seem to indicate that Philbin plans on relying a lot more on the blitz this years)
    @docboss: Seeing has one team or another has managed to beat the Patsies, I don’t see why the ‘Phins can’t do so as well.
    @xpensivewinos: The ‘Phins didn’t kick him to the curb, they simply had a different role in mind for him than he was willing to accept.
    @micknangold: Come back and troll some day when the J-E-S-T-S are able to even get a faint whiff or respectability.

  21. but they at least have legitimate NFL starters there, which they did not at times last year.

    Kinda snarky arent you? Bess and Hartline ARE NFL starters. Not the best but to state that they are not “legitimate” is just a stupid statement.

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