Ed Reed leaves Texans visit without a deal

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Safety Ed Reed enjoyed the “southern hospitality” extended by the Texans during his visit to Houston, but there’s no deal in place between the two sides.

The NFL Network reports that Reed has wrapped up his meeting with the team without signing a contract and that there is “nothing expected” to happen on the contract front on Friday.  That doesn’t mean there won’t eventually be a deal, however.

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that “heavy” interest remains on both sides and that Reed has “other responsibilities” outside of visiting with the team that need attention. Wilson spoke to a source who believes Reed will shop around any offer he received from the Texans while predicting that he will ultimately wind up playing in Houston in 2013.

That sounds promising for Houston, but last year’s will he or won’t he return saga illustrates that Reed is willing to take his time making any decision about his future.

44 responses to “Ed Reed leaves Texans visit without a deal

  1. Baltimore still loves you Reed. Cmon home. While not the player he once was, his leadership would benefit the young players. Hate on haters

  2. Adds to the drama… Now the idiot “Ravenator” wants to welcome him home when a few posts ago Ed Reed was old and blah blah blah… JUST RETIRE!

  3. I think Reed will end up back in Baltimore. He obviously wants more than anybody wants to pay and once he realizes he will have to take less, a lot less, he’ll probably decide to take less from the team he loves.

  4. The Texans are basically our farm team. They give us pieces to a super bowl title and now ask for our scraps. Ed Reed is great but his best days are behind him and Ozzie won’t over pay to keep him. If the patriots think they can get passed us if they take Ed then so be it. We’ll dominate them like we did last season.

    Ravens- Best franchise in the league- World Champs


  5. The Ravens should keep this guy. Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis were Ravens from draft day straight into the HoF. Reed should be in that category.

  6. Don’t thumbs down patfranken. Regardless of whether you like the Pats or not, it is pretty well documented that Ed Reed and Bill Belichick have a mutual respect for one another.

  7. Thumbs down anything to do with the fallacious new england “patriots” who are perfidious capitalist americans that are no match for the heroic socialist people’s republic’s team: San Francisco 49ers. Where is your god now?

  8. Ed Reed is not coming back to Baltimore . They are trying to reload with a younger defense, not re-hash with aging players who are prone to injury at any moment.

  9. Ed,
    You have haunted us for years. It sure would be nice to have you on our side for the remainder of your career!


    Bengals Fan

  10. Hey Ravenator,

    Why do you care where Reed signs? Everyday multiple times a day you roll out the Trust Ozzie narrative and state that everyone must just shut up, sit back and watch.

    Maybe Jump Ball Joe Flacco isn’t really that good after all.

  11. At the SB celebration parade, Reed sang “Two Tickets to Paradise” — while his son sat on his shoulders — to 75,000 Ravens fans at M&T. The fans went nuts!

    At the parade, he jumped off the float and walked with the Lombardi trophy in his hands just so fans could touch it.

    The man is awesome. Come back to Baltimore, baby, we love you!

  12. ravenator, I don’t know how you’re coping with this emotional rollercoaster, though bandwagon jumping seems to help you.

    I hope Jacoby Jones gets more consistent support from you on dancing with the stars.

  13. Texans are waiting for the Broncos to release Elvis Dumerville before committing to Reed… If Dumerville gets cut, I think Houston pays him big and he signs before the weekend is out.

  14. Is there a bigger clown on this site than ravenator?


    ravenator says:Mar 15, 2013 8:51 AM

    Reed is a shell of his former self and he’s not worth $6M a year. If he gets it, good for him but I won’t be upset if he leaves.


    ravenator says:Mar 15, 2013 3:04 PM

    Baltimore still loves you Reed. Cmon home. While not the player he once was, his leadership would benefit the young players. Hate on haters

    If reed subsequently signs elsewhere, he’s old and washed up. Good riddance.

    If he shows back up in luckimore to drown with the rest of the ratbirds on the sinking ship, the USS joe flaccid, he’s a hero and will somehow transform himself into the elite safety he was 5 years ago.

    Get a clue…

    As the Nest Burns…


  15. Anyone know if a free agent fails a physical does the team have to say, or do they just say they couldn’t reach an agreement to give the player a chance to sign somewhere else?

  16. ED will do what he wants when he wants.hes done that year after year…raven fans just sit back and wait for final roster. until then
    ENJOY THE CHAMPIONSHIP@!!![all is good]

  17. Is there a bigger hater on this site than st1llez1?

    USS Joe Flaccid? Rat Birds? Luckimore?

    Give it a rest. You don’t have to like us, but respect the win.

  18. The Texans are not going anywhere. In the next couple of years the colts with own them once again, and they will never be a contender with Schuab at the helm.

  19. St1llerz1, dude as the nest burns??? We’re world champs. World champs. I’d hate to be purging all these players after an 8-8 season like you losers… As the steel bends…

    GO RAVENS! Best franchise in the league, oh and Ofcourse, World Champs.

  20. this all went down pretty much exactly how i expected it to. ed will go on a few trips, talk to some coaches, and field offers and ozzie is just gonna have to open up the check book and pay the man. his leadership in the locker room with the young guys we get from our 11 draft picks will be worth it.

  21. Sounds to me like it’s either bmore, Houston,SF or Indy… By my count now Houston had lost 4 starters and 1 serviceable backup. Resigned 2 backups no one has ever heard of and let Ed reed get out of town without signing a contract… Man Rick Smith must feel like that girl on a one night stand that has to walk the walk of shame through a frat house the next morning.

  22. Come to New England….give us three years of leadership and then retire and stay on as a coach!!!

  23. Ed spent enough time with Bob McNair to realize how clueless McNair is and what a joke the Houston franchise is overall, in spite of somehow backing into the playoffs and drawing CIN each time….

    And if they let Ed meet Kubiak, I’m sure Ed was running for the door.

  24. The Texans will never be winners. Especially with Shaub as their QB. New England can’t win without cheating and San Fran just can’t get over the hump. The only reason San Fran was even in the game at the end of the super bowl was because of a miraculous power outage. What a joke. Ravens are superior to all.

  25. stillerz1 is a clown….as the steel melts. as far as ed…right player right price. no doubt he has slowed down and cant hit. but every oc game plans for him. no smarter player in the league. i would love him back for the right price. if he leaves…thanks for every thing ed. go ravens!

  26. Next to Favre, Reed takes the prize for the most “I am/I am not going to retire” comments.

  27. Ed Reed is from New Orleans and that’s where he has the best chance to win two superbowls in a row. With the other changes on defense, the Saints will be back on top. Sean Payton is very motivated to get even and so is Rob Ryan.

  28. Y’all better ask Ed. The only thing that’s gonna stop him from signing w/ his hometown New Orleans is the salary cap.
    P.S. he just touched down in the Big Easy btw

    You can’t hold a winner down forever. WHODAT?!

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