Ed Reed, Texans flirting

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The man who had two tickets to paradise took a private jet to Texas on Thursday.

Via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Texans owner Bob McNair sent his private jet to bring Reed to town for a visit.

This is classy, man,” Reed said. “This is southern hospitality.  It’s a great feeling.”

The better feeling for Reed is that interest exists for his services.  The Ravens have been lukewarm at best, and no one else has been banging down the future Hall of Famer’s door.

Reed seems to realize that the chances of returning to the Ravens are slim.  “It’s definitely tough, but after 11 years, you pretty much understand things about the business,” Reed said.  “After leaving a program like Miami and being around the great people in Baltimore, I think the transition [to his next team] will be all right.”

As the first week of free agency has unfolded, a strong sense has developed that the Ravens simply don’t want Reed back.  One factor could be his role in the near mutiny that unfolded during the 2012 season.  A more important reason is the assessment of his current and future abilities.

And so the Ravens are taking a page from the Texans — ripping the name off the jersey and making decisions based solely on the player’s perceived ability to play.  Of course, the fact that the Texans have done that with safety Glover Quin creates the need.

The need for Reed.

Yeah I said.

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  1. Reed is a shell of his former self and he’s not worth $6M a year. If he gets it, good for him but I won’t be upset if he leaves.

  2. This is a shame. I do not like the Ravens and loved the hit Hines put on Ed but this guy should retire as a Raven. Both Ed and the Ravens’ front office need to make a deal to give him a last year with the Ravens.

    Or at least drive up the price on Ed if he goes anywhere else.

  3. ravenator says:
    Mar 15, 2013 8:51 AM
    Reed is a shell of his former self and he’s not worth $6M a year. If he gets it, good for him but I won’t be upset if he leaves.

    Wow talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth. Just a few days ago, on the story about boldin being traded, you stated that it was done so they would be able to sign Reed and Ellerbe, which both were false, and saying you liked the move and what it meant. Now when you realise that you are going to lose Reed, you say hes not worth it. You have no credibility what so ever.

  4. His skills have diminished….but I would have thought that they would have given him the Ray Lewis treatment and bring him back even though he’s well past his prime. He’s still better than 95% of the leagues free safeties just by his instincts alone. But….in Ozzie we trust…for now….

  5. Ed Reed is a very quirky guy, dont be surprised if he’s in it just for the free flight & meals

  6. When Andrew Luck was interviewed during the Super Bowl pregame and he was asked what was the hardest thing about playing the Ravens he had two words: “Ed Reed”. Then he started saying that when he’d make a good throw in practice that’d have the team ooohing and aaahhing, that the coach would scream that that ball wouldn’t have gotten past Ed Reed.

    I wouldn’t let a guy like that walk, especially given the fact that I’d already let a DB walk.

  7. The Ravens have clearly set a price that they think #20 is worth and I’m sure they have made that amount crystal clear to #20. The price is generally believed to be in the $3-4 mil range. The front office is playing this just like they did with Ray Lewis, “here’s a price we’ll pay, but feel free to shop yourself around.” If #20 doesn’t find a price suitable elsewhere, he will be welcomed back. But if the first week of free agency means anything it’s obviously the Ravens won’t overpay and #20 needs to decide if a couple million more or another year on a contract is worth leaving.

  8. Ed does deserve $6M a year. He isn’t the player he was a few years ago, but he is still a difference maker. It is just the fact that he should retire a Raven, he is still a top Free Safety in this league. Who else do you want on the backend. The Eagles sent Dawkins away when he was still productive and still haven’t replaced him and he gave Denver two very good years. If Denver had a FS that could play the ball this year, we wouldn’t have beat them. There are a bunch of bad safeties because they all want to play corner. Players like Aaron Williams and Jimmy Smith, who’s skills translate better to safety, come out as corners to get paid. Neither one has played to the level of a 1st round corner. And the trend continues. He is still the best fit at safety for the Ravens and since we lost Ellerbe, there should be room to sign him for a Welker type contract. There are some good safety prospects in the draft, but only a couple really translate to free safety and they would benefit from learning from Ed if he were around for a year or two.

  9. Ed wants the money. I think Ravens fans get it now… Time to reload with youth instead of overpaying vets.

    No way Ozzie gives Reed anything close to $6 mil.

    It was a great ride, but it’s time to move on I suppose.

  10. Most Ravens fans would love Ed back, but we’re also numb at this point to the departures of favorite players. Might as well get younger and cheaper rather have another mini-purge next offseason.

  11. Great guy, but it’s doubtful anyone knows right now what Ed will do, including Ed. Radio reports this morning that Colts and others are inquiring about him. However, it is looking like it won’t be Baltimore.

    Don’t know that he would be interested, but he should be transitioning to coaching. A student of the game at a rare level.

  12. The Ravens have stolen several Texans the last couple years, Leach, Pollard, and Jones. Time for the Texans to steal one of the Ravens.

  13. “This is classy, man,” Reed said. “This is southern hospitality.

    Texas isn’t the south. Texas is Texas. Although Houston is pretty much New Orleans now.

  14. Reed is my favorite player, ever. Seeing Reed in anything other than purple and black will hurt me more than Ray Lewis retiring. It’s like Unitas in a Chargers uniform, it is blasphemous. It just shouldn’t happen. Talk about a players ability all you want. It goes beyond that some times.

  15. Spot on, Ravenator. Reed is a sure HOF’er. But the 2013 Ed Reed can no longer tackle. He lacks cover speed. He constantly hangs his corner backs out to dry with his gambles that don’t pay off. He plays a soft center field and basically only gets picks that are lucky deflections. He’s so done it’s not even funny. I can’t wait to play any team that signs him because with him on the field it’s like having 10 players on defense.

  16. “Flirting”.

    [passes Ed a note]

    Texans: “Ed, do you want to be our boyfriend? Check yes or no”

    Ed: “Yeah baby, I’ve got 2 tickets”

    Texans: “To where? The Pro Bowl? It’s OK if you don’t make it. We are used to failing to meet expectations around here”

    Ed: “Sweet. Low standards. I can continue to look like a hobo”

  17. Still a good player, just not what he used to be. If he were, he’d have signed by now, but I imagine a lot of teams are worried about that whole mutiny thing.

  18. I love what Reed has done for the team and even if he leaves for a year or two I still hope he gets to retire a Raven. Truth is while good for the occasional “ball hawk” big play his tackling slipped in recent seasons. With the defensive losses already this year might as well go all the way and rebuild from youth with new, emerging leaders.

    The idea that Ravens aren’t talking to him because of his supposed role in a mutiny is just crazy. Trying to make something out of nothing.

  19. I’d like to speak for Patriots fans here and say that there are only so many years your coach can outright publicly gush over a player of a rival team without your fans expecting you to at least make an offer to said player when he becomes available.

  20. Ed Reed is one of my favorite players of all time, he was a threat to put points on D, absolutely awesome.
    If the Ravens cant get him back, I’ll miss him more than any other losses for the franchise, ever.
    But through the years, I’ve learned to not doubt the moves Oz makes. If Reed gets overpaid I wont be angry only because I know that the Ravens will make the right move many more times than not.

  21. flaccodelic says:
    Mar 15, 2013 9:42 AM
    “Might as well get younger and cheaper rather have another mini-purge next offseason.”

    I agree. BAL is already committed to the youth movement, might as well do it right. Ed will be missed, but not forever.

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