Fax snafu leads to Elvis Dumervil’s release


Remember that Elvis Dumervil salary reduction news from earlier on Friday?

It might be time to forget all about that. Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos have released Dumervil after they did not get his paperwork regarding the reduction in salary from $12 million to $8 million until after the 2 p.m. MT deadline that made his original salary guaranteed.

According to Klis, the Broncos received the fax from Dumervil at 2:07 p.m. MT, seven minutes and one second after the Broncos had to pull the trigger to release Dumervil and avoid being on the hook for the full $12 million. The team could still re-sign Dumervil, but there would be different salary cap ramifications because Dumervil’s contract ran beyond the 2013 season.

So a settled situation that looked like another offseason win for the Broncos and John Elway has suddenly turned into a mess. They’ve got no Dumervil and will now have to scramble to find a way to bring him back or convince another free agent pass rusher to join their defense.

Never a dull moment in the NFL and, perhaps, a final sign that the fax machine is far from the most reliable way to be conducting business in 2013.

201 responses to “Fax snafu leads to Elvis Dumervil’s release

  1. A fax, in 2013? Wouldn’t it makes as much sense to put it all on a 5 1/4″ floppy, and drive it in to the office in a Model T with an 8-track player blaring through the mono speaker?

  2. LMAO Story of my life… “No sir we did not receive your fax”

    Well Elvis… cmon down here to San Diego, our fax machines are working.

  3. A freaking fax machine? I can count on one hand the number of faxes I’ve sent in the last 5 years. Have these dinosaurs ever heard of email?

  4. What kind of Mickey Mouse multi-billion dollar company is this???? If I botched a $12M piece of correspondence because of a fax, I’d be fired, sued and left homeless. Couple this with Goodell’s total emasculation of football and we’re only left with one conclusion.

    The NFL has become a JOKE!

  5. That’s stupid if it comes down to 7 minutes and 1 second difference. While I understand the rationale behind a “deadline”, getting your paperwork in 7 minutes and 1 second too late resulting in the deal being void is dumb.

    It’s obvious he had agreed to the restructured deal, and they just didn’t get his signature on the dotted line until it was 7 minutes and 1 second too late.

    Couldn’t they just put in language into a contract revision saying Dumervil agrees to forfeit any right to the initial 12 million and instead replace it with 8 million, thus the cap hit would only be 8 million not 12?

  6. Talk about a kick to the groin. One minute we think he is coming back, the next minute he is cut.

  7. How incompetent is your agent that he can’t get a fax in time?

    How incompetent is the NFL that they don’t do electronic signatures?

    It is 2013. There are fridges that can tweet.

  8. Millions of payroll dollars at the mercy of a fax machine. Appropriate I suppose for a franchise who’s most famous fan wears a wooden barrel.

  9. Dumervil must be enjoying the new pot laws in CO.
    “Dude what time is it? It’s 2:03. Oh. OOOOOOHHHHH NNNOOOO!

  10. No need to fret. We will get him back. It is just a little trickier this time around. Also, I work in IT and you wouldn’t believe how many people/companies still use fax machines. IT’S CALLED SCAN TO EMAIL PEOPLE!!

  11. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if his agent did this on purpose, not thinking that the Broncos would release him.

  12. Iam lucky my job doesn’t function like the NFL and y’all mad cause Revis want more $ when teams will cut u cause u don’t wanna take a pay cut. How come team don’t honor their contracts

  13. Based on the fax machine comments, I’m assuming most of you have not entered the business world yet. Yes, contrary to popular belief, the fax machine is not obsolete and still widely used.

  14. I guess everyone chiming in about fax machines don’t deal with legal forms a whole hell of a lot. Quicker than scanning in documents and emailing them…

    Those legal signatures. What a bitch.

  15. Or maybe Elvis should follow instructions, and be a little more prompt with his paperwork submission. 2:00pm Deadline doesnt mean 2:01 or 2:05 or 2:07…

  16. I guess using the word “snafu” is supposed to play off the whole past its prime “fax machine” time period…definitely haven’t heard someone use that in awhile

  17. Bill, looks like you can cross “pay back for Welker” off your list earlier than you thought.

  18. Sounds like the Red Sox and Carleton Fiske many years ago. Fiske to Chicago.

  19. It’s time to come home,Elvis! Jackson High would love to see you in the aqua and orange, and Cam Wake will help you like your ex- counterpart in Von Miller!!

  20. Yeah, faxes are alive and well. I think another team whispered in the agency’s ear at the last minute, and his fax got ‘delayed’.

  21. Sorry I’m late posting, I was busy unhooking my fax to dial-up the internet modem.

  22. If you think about it maybe Elvis and his agent planned this out. I mean they had 35 minutes to sign the deal and FAX it. Maybe they thought that if they didn’t get it through on time the broncos wouldn’t release him and then have to pay him 12 million a year. But the broncos did cut him and now he’s screwed. He won’t get 8 mil a year somewhere else

  23. milkmandanimal says:
    Mar 15, 2013 4:23 PM
    A fax, in 2013? Wouldn’t it makes as much sense to put it all on a 5 1/4″ floppy, and drive it in to the office in a Model T with an 8-track player blaring through the mono speaker?

    Hilarious….I thought they’d go with pigeons. Smoke signals would actually be faster.

  24. Ahahahaha wow this is just classic. This just made my day, I feel for you Bronco fans!!!

  25. Full ramifications of this Snafu?

    How much of the 12 Mill guarantee is he getting now that he is released?

    How much 2013 and beyond cap hit is this for the Broncos?

    If he resigns for 8 Mill (not sure why at this point) what happens to the cap space?

    Why not listen to other offers now that you free?

  26. There’s this weird technology called a phone. Land-line or cell. Call the team and say “expect a fax any minute (or seven plus change). It’s a game. Someone just got caught up in the game. Otherwise, someone is dumb as sh*t.

  27. Come on, we know the big deal isn’t the fax machine. It’s those stupid TPS Reports!

  28. Elvis come on over to motown. Next to Suh and Fairly and Jones, you would see a defensive front no one could handle. You would get all QBs you can eat.

  29. I love all the Horseface comments. In my opinion it was Doom and his agent who did this. Let’s fax that contract in late and hope they are trusting and will wait patiently for us, and then we’ll get our 12 mill like we had hoped.

    This is bad for Doom, now teams who negotiate with his agent will not trust him or think he is a blabbering idiot for hosing his client out of 8 mill. He will be lucky to get 6 from another team.

    Maybe old “horseface” owner of back to back Super Bowl rings really is a damn good Gm and on top of things more than some folks want to admit.

  30. Sounds like Dumerville agent was playing golf…..Broncos had to pull trigger at 2pm to avoid $12M

  31. Sounds like the Broncos were smart and did the release moments before the deadline. I bet the agent was hoping they would be strung along and not file then he could say his client was owed the 12 million because unfortunately the deadline had passed. I don’t think there was an accident here and the Broncos did not fall for it.

  32. What they didn’t tell you was that the fax machine was backed up with faxes for vacation resorts in Jamaica and ran out of that greasy fax paper. Once they had replaced the paper, Dumervil’s fax came through.

    Dumervil’s agent was quoted as saying “I pressed my ear against our fax machine when we sent it and clearly heard the screeching phone line and that boingy sound. I assumed that meant we had a deal”.

  33. The fax thing is ridiculous, but a LOT of you either didn’t read or didn’t comprehend the entire post. The $12 million would have become guaranteed at 2:00 if they didn’t have the fax in time. The Broncos hands were tied. They couldn’t give him the 7 minutes, based on the wording in his previous contract. If Dumerville really wanted to take the pay cut, he could have done this days or weeks ago.

  34. Denver put the “F.U.” in Sna-FU Dumervil.

    Come to Philly.

    Things might have got bad in Colorado.
    The Manning-Elway Feud begins.
    Denver falls from contention.
    Peyton now owns the team.

  35. im confused. excuse me if im wrong all those saying ‘elvis and agents knew what they were doing’ bec he would of got 12 mil.. now that hes cut hes going to get considerably less than 8 mil now bec the pass rusher market was been really low esp for an injury prone rusher.. so pretty much hes going to lose millions..?

  36. edelmanfanclub says: Mar 15, 2013 4:41 PM

    Come on, we know the big deal isn’t the fax machine. It’s those stupid TPS Reports!

    They Didnt Get the Memo.

  37. I suspect Dumervil wanted to be released if he couldn’t get his $12M. He was hoping the Broncos would let time expire based on the belief he would accept $8M and have to ante up $12 because they missed the deadline. Elway made the only call he could if $8 is his limit.

  38. Belichik kept sending faxes to the Denver offices at that time. It jammed the fax machine. He put on his hood and said, “This is for Welker..”

  39. a fax? what old technology. i guess the NFL is still in the stone age. have they forgotten about social media, Ipods, Ipads, laptops, mobile devices, and flash drives. or maybe they are still in the age of floppies, zip drives, and telex machines. well since the guy’s name is Elvis maybe they think it is the 70s. well Elvis has left the building. bye bye to the Broncos. I guess the Dolphins may get him now???

  40. Does anyone else who reads this site have a job? I work for one of the largest companies in the world, and faxing documents is a very regular occurance.

  41. Don’t blame Denver; blame Dumervil. He waited and sent it late. No doubt if they accepted the late forms hos agent/lawyer would have sued later on and won on that technicality. He is either dumb or shady.

  42. Must have been one of those all-in-one jobbies and Pot Roast was photocopying his asscheeks…

  43. baily67 says:
    Mar 15, 2013 4:39 PM
    hahahahaha. I’m so sick of hearing how perfect and wonderful Elway is!

    At least hate him for the right reasons. It wasn’t his fault that Dumervil decided to use fax 7 minutes and 1 second late.

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    —–End Transmission
    Failed!!!!!! Haha –F.U.

    It was the Fax!!

  45. Why is everyone so surpised they are using a fax machine? I work in the medical field and we fax stuff all day long.

  46. More Stories are coming out,now there saying Dumervils Agent didn’t get the paperwork in in time,if that’s true I think it was done on purpose so he can see what’s out there and if he doesn’t get a better deal he can come back to denver and if denver does resign him they’ll take a cap hit…

  47. Conspiracy! Now we got Thomas Dimitroff in Atlanta pulling the plug on player’s fax machine so he can sign them for the low! SMH!

  48. Why did they have to release him….why not some other player if they were over the cap?


  49. “Pull the trigger” has Elway written all over it! Didn’t he tell Tebow to do that?

  50. I don’t think anyone else is going to pay Doom 8 mil this year. That 7 minute and 1 second delay probably cost Doom millions.

  51. Dumerville looks like is on the wrong side of this one. Avril got 3 years 15 million, Dumerville was scheduled to make 8, now a week after later after free agency I doubt he can get 5 a year

  52. While i agree faxes may be outdated, i do not believe laws governing acceptable formal documents have caught up. Faxes are still used because they are explicitly accepted by law as “an original” whereas other electronic forms are not. Blame the delay in updating the law not the use of the fax machine.

  53. I believe that the Broncos just cost themselves (or Dumervil’s agent just cost the Broncos) 5M against the cap in dead money. Ouch.

    I don’t know Denver’s whole cap situation, but they just ate 5M of their cap because of a seven-minutes-too-late fax.

  54. I think in all fairness… the Patriots should swoop in and sign Elvis and consider it a fair trade for Wes. Not to mention, can’t you see Elvis wearing a flying Elvis!

  55. There was nothing wrong with their fax machine.
    There was nothing Elway or the Broncos could have done.
    Elvis’s Agent sent the paperwork late. It would not have mattered if he scanned/emailed it over. It would still have been 7 minutes late.

  56. Why procrastinate until you reach a point where a failed fax voids a contract? Unless they really intended to let him go and didn’t want to say it to his face. Isn’t their GM a car salesman anyways?

  57. In a day and age where you can scan things and send them by email…or better yet take a freakn picture and send it….sad.

  58. They (NFL.com) are calling the late fax from the agent a blunder.
    I´d take a guess and say it was a calculated “mistake”.
    Agent got greedy last minute and thought “F# the verbal agreement”.

  59. Wow reminds me of Antino daniels agent who forgot to pickup his 4 million dollar option with spurs n they released him ASAP n never thought twice about it lol

    If the agent doesnt get fired he wins again cuz he gets 3pct of Elvis new deal lmao. What an idiot both of them. U had plenty of notice why would u even wait to last min.

    Not new England comes in signs him for 2 yr 8 mill total runs it back in there face lmao

  60. Thanks, Bengalsown(and others)

    Until I read some of the posts after the initial blast, I was about to jump out of my first floor window in shame. Actually, I would have to jump upwards since I am on the “ground” floor.

    I doubt a bunch that a talent this good goes unrewarded, either.

  61. I understand the facts of this mess were a bit different than this report details. The REAL story unfolded thusly: As the secretary was typing the final papers, the ribbon on the typewriter broke. After replacing it and during the final editing of the communication, they couldn’t find any white out with which to remove several misspellings necessitating a trip to Circuit City. Even so, there was MORE than enough time to send the fax . That is when everything went KABOOM!! On the way to the only office in town lucky enough to have a fax machine, the office manager’s Pacer broke down and American Motors refused to honor the warrantee, and so it goes…

  62. dirtybird70 says: Mar 15, 2013 4:27 PM

    You want to put on your big boy pants and stand up in front of the class and explain how Dooms agent being late faxing the signed paperwork equates to Elway dropping the ball? Did you read the article? CAN you read? Oh right, Atlanta Georgia. That explains it. two DNA strains for a whole state doesn’t leave much left for book learning when most of your smarts are required to breathe.

  63. Did noobdy think to consider that this was a high stakes game of chicken played by the agent and Dumerville?

    Consider for a second Dumerville didnt want to take the paycut, so they tell the Broncos they will take the deal and then intentionally delay turning in tht paper work to see what the Broncos do. The Broncos cut him then they submit 7 minutes late to save face for the agent.

  64. Did nobody think to consider that this was a high stakes game of chicken played by the agent and Dumerville?

    Consider for a second Dumerville didnt want to take the paycut, so they tell the Broncos they will take the deal and then intentionally delay turning in tht paper work to see what the Broncos do. The Broncos cut him then they submit 7 minutes late to save face for the agent. The Broncos don’t cut him and he keeps the full salary.

  65. You can have a 1,000 page contract on a PDF file it it will be minuscule. But if you think it will clog your email server then try a secure SendFile, YouSendIt, or other service. Come on Elway.

  66. Nothing is ever as easy as it looks.
    In the real world of business this type of thing happens everyday somewhere.
    A few years back our company was eight minutes late to a meeting to turn in an $82 million proposal. As it turns out our bid would of been the lowest and would we of won the contract.
    Yeah, everyone on that proposal team was fired. Deadlines are indeed deadlines.
    And yes, we still use faxes on a daily basis.

  67. Wow…..Broncos are gonna learn just like the Eagles, you can’t buy a Superbowl. Manning has had his honeymoon, they won’t even make playoffs this coming season.

  68. We have every playbook on an iPad, but when it comes to important paperwork regarding salary, we’ll rely on technology that was outdated 20 years ago.

  69. What, using an iphone to send a legal document won’t work? Please, lame excuses by NFL or whomever. Use the latest technology and quit blaming it on, “…the fax did not come in on time.” Really, that’s how it really went down? Come on.

  70. buffalohogan says:
    Mar 15, 2013 5:25 PM
    Did noobdy think to consider that this was a high stakes game of chicken played by the agent and Dumerville?

    Consider for a second Dumerville didnt want to take the paycut, so they tell the Broncos they will take the deal and then intentionally delay turning in tht paper work to see what the Broncos do. The Broncos cut him then they submit 7 minutes late to save face for the agent.


    that doesn’t make sense. If he were playing chicken with them Dumervil wouldn’t have known if he was cut or not, so him and his agent would have had to send the papers anyway if he was cut or not, which would be extremely stupid if $12 mil has just become guaranteed and they just took $4 mil out of that when they wouldn’t have had to at that point.

    If they already knew it was passed the deadline it wouldn’t have been sent because there would be completely no point to it. Either he was cut or he’s guaranteed $12 mil.

    It devalues him as a FA to take a paycut(basically) and for it to not go through. Him and his agent were dumb and weren’t aware of what they had to do, however it might end up better for them if someone comes along with a great offer.

  71. Fax is still the fastest way to send signed documents. With a fax machine you are scanning, emailing, and printing a document all in one step.

  72. If your team has a 4-3 D and you want Dumerville, just slap yourself. He is only 5″11 & will be the guy the offense runs to every down. As a 3/4 olb you can get yourself a terrific pass rusher. So stop playing madden everyone, this is the real world.

  73. I heard from a reliable source that Elway was struggling with making a copy of the contract withjthe official mimeograph machine, which they got from microfiche, then just as they were getting ready to send a telegram to Dumervil about the news, someone wheeled out the fax machine, not realizing that it was “on the fritz”.

  74. wow all these people involved are millionaires but cant get a fax in on time .. no wait who still uses a fax machine … looks to me like they were waiting to get rid of elvis ,,, or they would let the 7 mins slide …. they had the exact time the fax was late to the second .. he was gone yesterday the fax machine was just the eazy out

  75. Reggie McKenzie oughta find a way to get him in Oakland.

    this is the kind of move that gets fans back into the seats. a pickup like this, from heated rival….just makes for a good story. whether you like the Raiders or not..you gotta admit this would be kind of cool to watch unfold

  76. Faxing is still quite common and is faster than scanning a document and emailing it.

    But since most of the posters here have never worked in an office, their ignorance is hardly surprising.

  77. Those of you who are laughing at them using fax machines and thinking that no one uses them anymore are COMPLETE uneducated morons. Fax machines are used frequently still in the business world.

    Documents that need to be signed can’t exactly be signed over the computer LOL. You have to actually sign it and then find a way to get that document across country/city/state, etc. That is where the fax machine comes in handy. Yes, you can sign the document and then scan it, upload it and then email it but that is a much longer process and I am sure you will complain about that part. So, the fax machine is your friend. Plus, these teams, and agents need to keep and file these hard documents. Anything can be altered on the net. So faxing the contract over gives you that hard copy. There are also digital pads like ipads where it can record your signature. Yes, that is a possibility to use. But again, teams want and need hard copies. so why add all that extra work when you can just simply sign and fax? LOL

    So before you bros say something as ignorant and uneducated as that, you should just sit down in the quiet room, tv on mute, computer screen off and just THINK. You will be amazed at what your brain can actually do if used properly.

  78. Stop with the fax machine jokes, I’m sure everybody’s office has one or more. Anyway do you really think it was about a fax machine? Dude didn’t want to take the pay cut. Sounds like he wanted to be a free agent, and I don’t blame him one bit. Now what he should do is come to the Raiders and really make them pay!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  79. Just another debacle for agent Marty Magid, the biggest idiot and wannabe pretender in the business. Only good thing good is that this will finally get him completely out of the agent biz. Too bad at the expense of dumerville, who doesn’t deserve this.

  80. Obviously not many people who post here have a job, health insurance or ever have to deal with banks or any financial institutions. They will only send secure documents by FAX . Faxes cant be hacked and don’t leave electronic trails.

  81. Elvis has officially left the building. come to cleveland you belong near the rock hall of fame, where they are building a dominant defense, that will wreak havoc upon opposing qbs in a town near you.

  82. I just read at the Denver post that the fax situation just cost the Broncos $4.89M in cap penalties this year! Guess if you are a disgruntled employee that is one way to stick it the old boss. I guess it is okay for a player or agent to string a team along and make them either pay you or get stuck with salary cap penalties if they release you. It would seem to me that the Broncos should have some legal options available as it appears that Dumervil’s agent was not negotiating in good faith.

  83. “Why does it say paper jam, when there is no paper jam??? I swear to God, one of these days I just kick this piece of … out the window!”

  84. He must have been waiting to confirm with Manning on if to keep him or not.

  85. I believe the evil Elvis agent angle. They did it on purpose, trying to get the $12 million bucks. Not to be trusted…he’d be a good agent for far from g@y Notre Dame linebackers…

  86. “Elvis tried to pull a fast one. Elway isnt stupid.”

    My take exactly. The agent (and Elvis likely) tried to gotcha Elway by sending the fax after the deadline to see if Elway didn’t act, that way the Broncos owe Elvis $12 mil for 2013.

  87. I was trying to find out who Dumervil’s agent was and while searching, I came across the fact that Elvis Dumervil’s middle name is “Kool”. Yes, that’s right, Kool, like the menthol cigarette. That’s even more interesting than this situation. 😀

  88. Look at the film people; Elvis is a liability against the run and his agent is dumb. Elvis is now gonna have up-root and make less than 8 for listening to a guy who represented Travis (Pants Down) Henry. What a fiasco!

  89. The question is not who still uses a fax machine… it is who names their kid Elvis?

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