Jennings’ new deal with Vikings worth $47.5 million


Greg Jennings might officially be the last free agent to cash in this year, but he might not have done better than he was previously offered.

According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, the new contract Jennings agreed to with the Vikings tonight is a five-year deal worth $47.5 million, with $18 million guaranteed. That also includes a minimum value of $27 million over the first three years.

That’s a great deal for a wideout who will turn 30 in September, except for one thing.

The Packers offered him more.

As we noted Wednesday (it only seemed like two weeks ago), the Packers offered a deal worth “roughly $10 million a year,” according to Jason Wilde of

That offer was made “a while ago,” according to Wilde, or more accurately, at a time when Jennings thought he could do better.

But with a generally soft market for all free agents (except the ones that sign with the Dolphins or Titans), that wasn’t coming.

So Jennings comes in with an average per year (such that it matters) of $9.5 million, which he might have been able to top if he hadn’t insisted on seeing what the market would bear.

104 responses to “Jennings’ new deal with Vikings worth $47.5 million

  1. Well at least his sister won’t have to watch Rodgers throwing to him anymore.

  2. Yeah but how many years did the Packers offer a 30 year old WR? Perhaps that had something to do with his decision. Maybe more guaranteed money over more years vs. less-ish/slightly more guaranteed money over less years?

  3. Used to be very good but last 2 years too many injury issues. He was only gonna be the 3rd, maybe 4th option on the Packer offense next season, couldn’t pay him #1 money. I wish u the worst Greg, only because its the Vikings though.

  4. Good signing. Pair of really good hands, very good possession receiver. As a Viking fan i’m glad I wont have to hear “Jennings across the middle for a first down.” Maybe over paid a little bit but if you want to bring in talent you might have to pony up. Just another good receiver in the first round and I think we’re set. Like what Spielman has done.

  5. Less money to play for a crappier team and having a crappy QB throwing to him……Greg your a good guy but damn man, not too bright it seems.

  6. Love it. Great strategy by Spielman. So glad the vikes didn’t pull a foolish move to sign a receiver when free agency opened. Mike Wallace will be a disappointment for what Miami paid him. Harvin the headache for a 1st, 3rd, 7th rounders and Jennings. And a smaller hit to vikes salary cap. Brilliant!

  7. I remember when they signed Bernard Berrian away from the Bears. I guess they learned nothing from it. Well, now they just need someone to throw to him. Unless purple jesus plays quarterback, too.

  8. Glad Vikings got him. Not sure he is worth over 9 million a year but maybe that’s what they had to pay to get him. They needed to do something after trading Harvin.

  9. “Dad, what’s a Lombardi Trophy?”

    “I don’t know son, we’re Vikings fans”

  10. Desperate times!

    Jenkins and Winfield had a combined cap number higher than Jennings average. Hope he’s worth it.

    They still better draft a WR in the 1st round because Simpson is a bum!!

  11. If Jennings has to remain in the NFC North and it’s not with the Lions, then I’m glad it’s with the Vikings.

  12. The Vikings are starting to make smarter long- term moves right now they had a hiccup with reaching for Ponder.

    I think Percy is a terrible teammate, and Jennings is a better pure WR, and a great person.

    That said. I need to go unfollow Greg on twitter now.

  13. Kris “Butt” Pounder is the QB of the Minnehaha Viqueefs. They love to sign the Packer’s sloppy seconds and still not win Superbowls!!!

  14. There sure are a lot of packer fans who feel they need to bash this deal……It strikes me as pathetic and funny at the same time…..If you truly feel that its a bad move, why would you bash it? If its such a bad move, wouldn’t that make it a good move for your team then? If he is so bad and the Vikes are sooo bad, then adding him shouldn’t threaten you!

  15. Spielman is a genius. Got rid of a player who thought he was entitled , got 3 picks for him, and picked up a proven commodity that should really have an impact on and off the field !! Way to go Vikings , things are looking up !

  16. If his crazy tweeting sister hated Rodgers for not getting him the ball enough, then what is she going to think of Christian Ponders???

  17. He is a good receiver, but at 30 years of age not worth 9.5 million a year. I seriously doubt Green Bay offered him a long term deal for 10 million a year. ” A while ago” may have been last summer before he got hurt. If they would have he’d still be a Packer.

  18. 5 years?? The Vikings were fleeced once again! Every ex Packer they sign takes advantage of them.

  19. Yeah but do we know how much of that was guaranteed? Or for how many years it was?

    Let’s be honest. Jennings will be one of those players in four years who a team cuts because otherwise he gets paid too much. I’m a Packer fan and sorry that we’re missing him (and that he’s going to a division rival). But the Pack offering $10 million / year was probably overpaying, and this is a lot of guaranteed money for a banged-up 30 year old (for next season).

  20. I think that $9 mil guaranteed for 2 years is a great deal for the Vikings cosidering the Packers were offering $10 mil per year on a 2 year deal.

    This was a position of need for the Vikings. Usually that means that you OVERPAY.

    And Greg will like it when/if the defenses put 8 guys in the box trying to stop AP.

    And AP will like it when they don’t put 8 guys in the box trying to account for Greg.

    Spielman, by not trying to get this done on day 1, got a 10% discount instead of the 30% increase (see Mike Wallace/Percy Harvin contracts)…

    And we get an extra 1st and 7th rounder this year plus an extra 3rd rounder next year!!!

  21. Not necessarily great negotiating skills if the deal averages 9.5 a year and he got guaranteed the below average amount for the first 3 years?

  22. So let me get this straight….. He signed with the Vikings for less than the packers were going to pay him?

    I don’t blame him, I’d want out of there too!

  23. Berrian deserves to be compared to Jennings? I think Jennings is better than Wallace, let alone Berrian. This is a great signing for the Vikes. He runs crisp, clean, routes and is good pre-snap between the ears.

  24. Waste of money. Jennings is a crisp fluid route-runner that needs timely, accurate passes. He’s not a physical match-up that can fight and overcome defenders and snatch poorly thrown balls. The latter is what Ponder needed; the former will be completely wasted on Ponder.

    Jennings will never break 1,000 yards again, and he’ll be cut in 2-3 years.

  25. Cobb, Nelson, Jones, Finley…man, what are the Packers going to do without his 350 yards of production?

    $47 mil on a 30 year old wideout and STILL no quarterback. Only the Vikings.

  26. Packers offered $10m. Jennings wanted $11m from the Vikes on Monday and they backed out. the market cooled, then they bring him back and sign him for $9.5m. well played Mr. Spielman …

  27. Tells you a lot about the packers when their best receiver takes less money to come to the Vikings.

  28. contra74 says:
    Mar 15, 2013 9:25 PM
    Tells you a lot about the packers when their best receiver takes less money to come to the Vikings.

    No it doesn’t. It tells you the best Packer receiver from three years ago is getting bad advice from his agent. But some fans are a little slower than others, so we’ll let you go on this one.

  29. Greg will get really frustrated in that passing game. He would have seen more balls thrown where he could catch them if he went somewhere with a decent QB.

    Oh well, I guess Greg miscalculated his value on the open market. He must have really hated playing in GB to sign somewhere else for less money. He must have been tired of winning.

  30. @thundersandpackers
    You do realize the Vikings were a playoff team at 10-6 last year?

    Anyway, good move by the Vikings got a good receiver and its the NFL not like he cannot be cut after 3 or 4 years so no long term cap damage. Have to like what they have done so far this off-season.

  31. shaggytoodle says:
    Mar 15, 2013 8:50 PM

    That said. I need to go unfollow Greg on twitter now.
    You’re gonna have to find a new deodorant too.

  32. For all you genius Viking fans who say that Green Bay offered more and Greg chose the Vikings anyway…. Green Bays offer was prior to free agency when his market tanked. Its thought that Ted subsequently and smartly lowered his price. But guess what? The packers subsequent interest raised his price.

    Anyway the Vikings overspent. They could have had Welker for substantially less.

  33. Greg Jennings is not even close to their best receiver. Easter third best receiver fourth if Finley plays to his potential.

  34. I guess it would be too much to expect packer fans to be able to read and comprehend the article before posting.

    If they had they wouldn’t be embarrassing themselves with these foolish posts…

  35. If Minnesota wanted an injury prone WR, they should have just kept Harvin.

    At least he was younger.

  36. All the Vikings fans came to say Seattle overpaid for a 24 y/o WR 11.2 million that hasn’t entered his prime. Jennings 30 y/0 WR 9.5 a year until he’s 35 is a steal for your GM?. Wow-are you guys always helter skelter with the football talk?

  37. Before you can be a ViKING you have to be a good piece of cheese. Well done GJ! Well done indeed!!

  38. Greg goes from probably 60 catches in Green Bay to probably 60 catches in Minnesota. I’m sure Ponder/Cassel/Webb will make Greg forget he won a Super Bowl with Rodgers.

  39. farminfool says:Mar 15, 2013 8:42 PM

    Good signing. Pair of really good hands, very good possession receiver. As a Viking fan i’m glad I wont have to hear “Jennings across the middle for a first down.”

    Why wouldn’t you want to hear that?

  40. kinnex says:Mar 15, 2013 8:41 PM

    From Rodgers to Ponder and for less money. Well played Mr. Jennings, well played
    No horse in this race but when a player agrees to go from an A. Rodgers to C. Ponder and for less money it says something about the organizations involved. Welker did it to the Pats and now Jennings does it to the Pack….kudos to both of them.

  41. I think Spielman has done a great job starting with the picks for Percy, to resigning our own players, picking up Cassel and now Jennings. GREAT job Rick. Now, have another draft like last year and we are looking good.

    To the packer fans who act like they dont care Suck It and SKOL!!!!!

  42. This looks like a huge amount of money for a WR his age, but in practice it’s probably a 2-year contract with three option years. The guaranteed money will probably be paid in the first two years. After that, the Vikings can cut him if he isn’t worth the money anymore, or they can hold onto him if he is. I’ll be interested to see the details of the contract.

  43. I am happy he decided to sign with the Vikings. And despite what a few Packers fans believe, this signing keeps a great rivalry continue for years. That’s why I find some of these comments from some Packers fans (or trolls) bashing someone with great character just because he signs with the Vikings. Jennings is no Bernard Barrian, as some would have you believe. Jennings is a team player who wanted a change. It’s what we all do when we’re looking for another job. Besides, Packers fans, I would gladly take someone like Jennings over someone like Finley, who should have been cut by now, but hasn’t been. And, I would also add that Finley and his agent BOTH threw Aaron Rodgers under the bus numerous times. While you’re a little bitter about Jennings making a decision to help his family, you should ask yourselves why Ted Thompson still has a cancer like Finley on the team.

  44. Pack fans are whistling past the graveyard here a little bit. This is a legitimate loss.

  45. Do you purple kool aid drinking Viking fans seriously believe the Packers had 10 mil a year on the table today for him? If you do I have some ocean front property for sale.

  46. In all fairness, we have no idea what the Packers were offering Jennings now, only that they had offered $10 million/year sometime in the past. There surely was some tension, with Jennings listing his house and talking about playing somewhere other than GB, and the Packers not making any offers (at least as far as we knew) to him. I’m sure that Jennings, as the market seemed to close without him having a deal, was happy to have a $9 million+ contract, and who can blame him? While I don’t think his stats will reflect that of a $9.5 million/year receiver with Ponder throwing him the ball, who among us, were we ever to get into his situation, would turn away from that offer?

  47. contra74 says: Mar 15, 2013 9:25 PM
    Tells you a lot about the packers when their best receiver takes less money to come to the Vikings.
    Their best receiver? LOL
    When did Cobb sign with the Vikings?

  48. “Comparing Jennings to Berrian might be one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard.” Nailed it. Everyone had to double take that one. Hilarious.

  49. I’m sure Greg is probably reading this and wondering if he made the correct decision………….since everyone else seems to know the right one

  50. Get outside of sleazbay and you find there is more to free haircuts at Floyds and just showing up at lammyland on Sundays. Apologies up front for having to play one season in the dumpty dome but its going to be better GJ. Stay healthy and enjoy the Twin Cities!

  51. I’m a packer fan but I can understand why they didn’t want to bring him back. But what I don’t understand is with the second most money available in the NFC North why Ted Thompson continues to not spend any money. We obviously couldn’t get it done with the players we had last year, So what makes them think they’re going to get it done this year with the same guys. Also I can say is Ted stop being so cheap and spend some damn money. Forget the receiver position didn’t bring in anybody not even for a visit. Ok one-person,Chris Canty what is that about. Damn no outside pass rush no defense of line or defense of line rotation no offense of line. Am I the only one getting extremely frustrated over this. Ted Thompson is turning in Rodgers into Brett Favre making him to be the only one to carry the team. They will be lucky to see eight and eight next year. WTF smh

  52. Always great to see the Vikings blow it, off season or regular season.

    I guess Packer fans will have to tolerate another dull free agency period and boring old Super Bowl contention in 2013. Thanks a lot Ted!

  53. If Jennings was a washed up bum that these packers fans believe he is then why was he the top five FA avail ?… Aside from his sister he’s proven to be a class act … In the NFL Football is business first sport second … I never did any whining when S.Rice got signed to the Seahawks?…it would nice to have some grown ups talk on here instead of these little cry baby’s lol


    We have your best receiver and for less money you offered!!!!


    Jennings want to play with a smash you in the mouth power team. Not a bunch of cream puffs. Packers are soft.

  55. Maybe he wanted to play with a winner.

    Ponder last game against Packers.

    234 yards 3 TD’s, 0 int
    Win 37-34

  56. Whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27

  57. And everyone thinks the browns overpaid for Krueger. Over 9 million for a wide receiver who is only going to decline in production as he gets older? I don’t get it? Jennings is just cashing in on his last contract of any relevance and could care less if dumbo was playing quarterback. Bad move Vikings with that contract.

  58. This is a good deal for the Vikes. Not fabulous, but good. $9.5/yr is a big chunk, but they paid nothing beyond the cash to get him, and this caps a great turnaround from the position Harvin put them in.

    To those that think 5 years for a 30 year old receiver is too long……… appears to be $9.5 a year. $27 in the first 3 years tells me that the Vikes can cut him if age or injury get in the way.

    Harvin had Speilman over a barrel. And Speilman turned him into a 1, 3 and 7, plus Greg Jennings and $2.5M a year in savings vs the Harvin deal.

    I’d still rather have Harvin on the team, but those weren’t the cards Speilman was dealt, and he did a great job of playing his hand.

  59. The vikes got a great receiver and more importantly a really good person. Jennings will be missed in packer country. I ask that packer fans quit commenting on how dare he leave green bay. I think the packers have to much talent at receiver to worry about losing jennings to free agency and the vikings. good luck greg just not against the pack

  60. True Packer fans are happy for the man getting a long term deal and close to 50 mil. All these fools talking bad about Jennings would become lifelong Viking fans for 1% of that contract and that is a FACT! This is the NFL now, deal with it. There won’t be another Driver.

  61. Have fun with your 27 playoff appearances to our 17. Hell, enjoy all your division championships as well since you have more than Green Bay. I’ll take 4-1 over 0-4 in the game that matters any day of the week.

  62. purplepunisher says:
    Mar 15, 2013 10:52 PM
    Whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27

    Lets do something more worthwhile… which team has more league championships since the Vikings inception in 1961….

    Packers – 7 ( 4 Superbowls)
    Vikings – 0

    They sure did a lot in the playoffs didn’t they??

  63. Whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27


    NFL Championships since 1960:
    Green Bay – 7
    Minnesota- 0

  64. purplepunisher says:
    Mar 15, 2013 10:52 PM
    Whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27

    It didn’t get you much. All that means is the Vikings have more “Maybe Next Year” blue ribbons than anyone else. Good job.

  65. To the guy who said, “Greg Jennings made Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers didn’t make Greg Jennings.”, you’re either related to Greg Jennings or related to Corky from Life Goes On!

    Rodgers has made every receiver look better than they are thanks to his accuracy and spreading around of the ball(except for Finley…there’s not enough glue in the world).

    And if anyone “made” anyone…if would be Favre who made Jennings

  66. Smart move. While the Packers are still good, they are clearly a team on decline. Vikings are one of the rising powerhouse teams and Jennings gets to jump in while the tide is rising.

    At least Packers will have one player they like to watch come playoff time.

  67. I think the Packers offered him more a year say, $10 a season for 2/3 seasons.

    I would take the longer deal I guess and hope I am able to finish it all out, and hope to make the extra 15 Million over the life of the Viking contract.

  68. When Packers let Finley go at end of March to avoid a $3.8M bonus, you’ll hear Packer fans say they didn’t really need him either. Delusional, your team will consist of 3 players making 50% of the salary cap and a bunch of filler. Good news is they still have Rogers, so that might work to some extent, but don’t kid yourselves, your team is being gutted to keep those three.

  69. Jennings is a nice addition for the Vikings. He may have some Percy Harvin-type ability in him for a year or two yet, if he can stay healthy, then transition into more of a Chris Carter-type possession receiver. That covers one piece of the Vikings WR needs puzzle. Jarius Wright, Simpson, and whomever we draft could provide the explosive parts.

    I suspect the real cost for Jennings, looking at the guaranteed money, will be around $9m for the 1st 3 years, and much less thereafter, with the option to release without much impact if he declines in production.

  70. thejuddstir says:
    “No horse in this race but when a player agrees to go from an A. Rodgers to C. Ponder and for less money it says something about the organizations involved. Welker did it to the Pats and now Jennings does it to the Pack….kudos to both of them..”
    Aren’t The Packers and Patriots among the most consistently competitive franchises in the NFL this last decade ?

    You see “GREAT” players leave those teams all the time (Jenkins/Seymour/David Givens/Branch/Peprah/etc.) and go to franchises that continually go nowhere… so? – HAHA Packers, you continue doing business as usual and we’re legit now cause we signed a wash out of yours – haha! …. ?

  71. The move definitely improves the team but I’m not sure it’s fiscally sound. Let me get this straight, Vikings won’t give Percy Harvin 10 or 12 million a year (whatever it is), who is one of the most explosive, exciting, multi-purpose and YOUNG WRs in the game but you’ll give a 31 year old Greg Jennings who’s arrow is pointing down 9.5???? I can’t support this decision, especially cuz he’s been a lifetime Packer. Wouldn’t be surprised if we signed Bernard Berrian the second.

  72. Lets get the facts straight, Vikings own this divison.

    Divison championships
    Vikings – 18
    Packers – 11
    Bears – 10
    Lions – 3

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