Kasa downplays Combine questions during interview with NFL

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Like Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell, Colorado tight end Nick Kasa also has heard from the league office regarding certain questions posed at the Scouting Combine.

And, like Bell, Kasa has downplayed the situation.

“It was a short phone call,” Kasa told Lindsay Jones of USA Today regarding his conversation with the league office. “I think they understood that it was misinterpreted how I was led on to say those things.  I told them it was not something that I meant for all this to happen, and it really wasn’t anybody direct asking me that, so it wasn’t a big deal at all.”

In other words, Kasa is concerned about the potential impact of the controversy on his draft stock.  But the league should still be concerned about the fact that the questions were asked.  In jest or not, questions about whether a potential draft pick “likes girls” have no place in any job interview.

At least Kasa’s concerns have subsided based on conversations his agents have had with teams.  “NFL coaches have been saying, ‘We see this all the time. It’s just the media,'” Kasa said.

Yep.  That’s it.  It’s the media’s fault that teams are trying to find out whether their potential employees are gay.And with that attitude, should anyone wonder why no gay player has come out of the closet?

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  1. If he wasn’t offended, is there a violation of law? Maybe violation of league policy? Not sure………

  2. REALLY?? So a guy could potentially be the best QB ever, but if he has a boyfriend, we may never see him play. Leave religion, politics, and teachings from friends and family out of it. I want to see great football. Straight, gay, female, it doesn’t matter to me. I just want great football.

  3. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has told Target that they’re not allowed to ask prospective employees if they have any criminal convictions, even though that is highly relevant to the job they would be doing. Although that is ridiculous (your government at work), they surely wouldn’t take kindly to these kinds of questions being asked.

  4. I remember the very first time I saw Mary Elizabeth, my good wife of thirty-one years. We were at a fancy college ball with different people. By the end of the night, we had left our original dates and were together and have been ever since that night. I am certain I couldn’t have kept my love for her secretly hidden from my friends, relatives or the rest of the students at our alma mater, much less my co-workers these many years. This leads me to ponder about how difficult it must be for closeted gay couples in general, however, what does a pro NFL player have to do to navigate the world in which he lives? MAN, it must be a total nightmare. Now, it appears as though the league has taken a seriously intrusive step into the personal lives of prospective employees. I do not believe this is an issue about whether one “approves” of a particular lifestyle or orientation. I believe this is an issue about fairness in the workplace and the right to privacy. Simply because an employer pays a day’s wage for a day’s work, does not give the employer the right to pry, carte blanche into a possible, probable or current employee’s most private and intimate moments. Just look how these two draftees are squirming and bobbing and weaving to somehow answer/explain/handle the unfair and intrusive questions, to which they were subjected, and put yourself or a loved one in their places. Money aside, would YOU want to work in this kind of environment for numerous years? Have we forgotten about the blacklisting of the fifties, championed by Sen. McCarthy and the many lives that were unfairly RUINED? God, I hope we haven’t , because Edward R. Murrow isn’t coming back to lead the way once again. Mr. Comish, it’s time to step up and take a position against this kind of treatment in the workplace.

  5. Why is it so important that a gay player comes out of the closet to anyone but those closest to him?

    The way the article positions the issue, it makes it seem as if there is some information being denied to the public about who might be gay, and that the media and the public have some implied right to know who in the NFL is gay.

    Who a person sleeps with is no one else’s business–not the team, not the media, not the public.

  6. Have you ever done time in a Turkish prison?… Ever watch a dog lick itself?… Ever seen a grown man naked?… Do you like movies about gladiators?

  7. Few things surprise me these days but if it is in fact true that Target is not allowed to ask about criminal history, that is shocking. There is a direct question on my applications; have you ever been convicted of a felony. That question is relevant for many reasons. There could be restrictions on this individual that could keep him/her from meeting the job requirements just to name one example. I will continue to ask this question on principal. Having said that, what goes on in their bedroom is not mine or anyone else’s business & I could care less.

  8. I am very conflicted about this situation. I am pro gay-rights and marriage, but something about football makes it uncomfortable. I can not explain my positions, but its does bother me. I’m sorry for the offense it causes, but it is what it is. I don’t know if it is about the relationaships or just the closeness… I want equality to be the primer for all relationships, but something about football and this affects my opinion. There is not rhyme or reason.

  9. It’s starting to feel like I’m some sort of freak, being a straight, white male, conservative republican, veteran.

  10. No it is not the media’s fault if the employer is asking questions they shouldn’t ask. But it is the media’s fault if they sensationalize it without getting all the facts they can or even talking to the kid. Why is it assumed he’s just covering up so as not to hurt himself in the draft? That’s certainly a possibility, but not the only reason. One reason could also be that he’s telling the truth. Don’t make the story, report the story.

  11. Actually it was the media (Katie) that asked Te’o “are you gay”. And this has been blown up by the media like Kasa is saying. But some have agendas and want to tell Kasa ” you’re just sayin’ that to protect your draft stock”. They want him to be quiet and let them use him to promote their gay lifestyle agenda. If shoe fits, wear it.

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