Kevin Kolb on his way out in Arizona


Today was the deadline for the Cardinals, and they’ve shoen to go without Kevin Kolb.

A league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio that Kolb rejected the Cards’ offer of a pay cut, and that he’ll be released. The door remains open for a return, but they had to make a decision by 4 p.m. before a $2 million roster bonus was due.

Frankly, the writing was on the wall for Kolb the minute they brought Drew Stanton in. While it’s hard to give a player such as Stanton the keys to the car sight unseen, it’s also hard to commit financially to Kolb, who never met expectations after the Cardinals traded and invested heavily in him.

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  1. Bad deal, the total lack of an offensive line would probably contribute to the problems last year. I hope the guy lands someplace with talent on field for a change.

  2. Kolb must think extremely highly of himself, then again if you are in Az surrounded by scrubs for QB why the hell not.

  3. It’s a shame. I actually liked Kolb. However, if he refused a pay cut then its his own fault. No way he’s worth the money the Cards were paying him. Looking like another year of a mediocre-at-best QB battle in the desert.

  4. I almost feel bad for the Cardinals and their fans. They aren’t nearly as bad as the Seattle fans. Win something of relevance before claiming you’re legit. San Fran: 5, Seattle: 0.

  5. Always amazed how already handsomely paid bust boys refuse pay cuts while quality players agree to them. Good luck with that Kevy.

  6. It may by asking too much, but for a guy that has played all of 12 games in two years for a team that has paid him over $20 million, I think it would have been commendable to go to the franchise and accept the pay cut. I don’t wish bad things for Kolb, playing behind that offensive line last year was bad enough. Good luck to him, but I think both the team and Kolb are better off at this point.

  7. Yes Kolb is out, but to think Stanton will be the starter in AZ is ludicrous. Then again, this is the Cardinals we’re talking about.

  8. There is not a bigger Cards fan than me but I am struggling to see improvement lately. How did they get in this mess of a qb situation? Kolb wasn’t worth that kind of money but is better than Painter. Skelton and Lindley are awful. Hoyer seems like he is okay but not the answer. What is the answer?

  9. This trade benefited no one

    Eagles invest in Vick- Bust
    Eagles-starting from scratch

    Cardinals invest in Kolb-Bust
    Cardinals-new HC as well and starting over

  10. haha…Kolb, Cassel, Flynn…..hahaha…..I predicted this downward spiral for all three of them. So now what backup QB you gonna call out as THE next star?? You all do that wayyyyyyyy too early.

  11. His lack of delivering anything on the field should come as a shock to no one. Was sold as the future in Philly and paid like the future in AZ, based on nothing of substance.

    Good for him, nice life being a journeyman and pulling down serious cake. David Carr is giving him life advise as we speak.

  12. The deals for Matt Cassell, Matt Flynn, and Kolb just goes to show how desperate teams are for QBs and are willing to spend top dollar for anyone who shows a promise of ability to play.

  13. Even if the Cardinals don’t draft their future QB and have to go with more re-treads this season, they might as well try a whole new cast of re-treads.

  14. As a Cardinals fan myself, it’s flat out embarrassing that the QB situation has been this poorly managed since Kurt Warner retired.

    An absolute debacle.

    I’m no Kolb fan but are we really going to go into the season with Drew freakin Stanton as the starter, Brian Hoyer, and a rookie from this draft class!?

  15. Kolb must have the best agent in football. Kid got paid for nothing . 28tds for his career . that is a rate of at least 500,000 for every td he throws

  16. “There is not a bigger Cards fan than me but I am struggling to see improvement lately. How did they get in this mess of a qb situation? Kolb wasn’t worth that kind of money but is better than Painter. Skelton and Lindley are awful. Hoyer seems like he is okay but not the answer. What is the answer?”

    The answer was getting rid of Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves. Whiz wouldn’t recognize a quality QB if he was camped out in his living room. The only success the guy ever had was when he was handed Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner.

    Left to his own wisdom he picked:

    Derek Anderson
    John Skelton
    Ryan Lindley
    Max Hall
    Brian Hoyer
    Kevin Kolb

    And Kolb wasn’t a bust because of the O-line. He has ended up missing more games than he played in his career regardless of what the O-line was like.

    I don’t know what to expect from Drew Stanton, but he HAS to be better than Kolb, and if Arians likes him, Arians is much more of a QB whisperer than Whiz ever hoped of being.

    Jettisoning Kolb—MAJOR step in the right direction. Today’s a beautiful day.

  17. I don’t understand why these jokers don’t just take a pay cut and stay employed? At what point do they stop and think to themselves, “you know, I don’t think I can live off of just $3 million a year. I need $5 or 7.”

    This type of greedy idiocy is what makes it so hard to root for the players when they clash with the team owners- who often come across as mustache-twirling villains.

  18. He didn’t decline to take a pay cut because he thought he was greedy and thought he was worth what he was getting. He declined because he knew that would force the Cards to cut him. He knew he’d have a shot at playing with another team with a real OL, and he will probably take what the Cards were offering to do it.

  19. As a seahawk fan i love and hate kevin kolb

    HATE: he came in for injured john skelton in last seasons opener and threw a game winning TD (could have been 12-4 and won the division)

    LOVE: he didnt come to the seahawks when we tried to sign him. God that wouldve been a mistake.

  20. Please explain to me how adding Drew Stanton means you don’t need a starting QB? I’m a little slow.

  21. I used to live in Stephenville TX where Kevin Kolb grew up. When he made it to the NFL they commissioned a sign at the town entrance with his name on it and a picture of him in an Eagles uniform. A few years ago they remade the sign red with him in his Cardinals uniform. What now? Please stop getting kicked off of teams Kevin. Stephenville can not afford any more signs!

  22. Send a 4th rounder to the Raiders for Carson Palmer. Stop getting the noodle arm qb’s to throw fitz the ball. They have to compete on offense in that division. Everyone else is bolstering their rosters. Make the trade Arizona!

  23. If Kolb can go out and make more than a “reduced” contract with someone else and have a chance to compete for a starting position, I would say “go ahead” and wish him well. Hard to hold it against him for not going along with a reduced salary.

    I think he is a back up for the remainder of his time in the NFL, however.

  24. Reading this article reminds me of something I read in Sports Illustrated a few years back. This was when Kolb first arrived in Philly and the article was basically a puff-piece comparing Kolb to the second coming of Brett Favre.

  25. SHOEN
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    That actually describes NFL teams pretty well.

  26. Why wouldn’t Andy pick him back up? Every team needs two good QB’s. How many guys play all 16 games?

  27. ripster65 says:
    Mar 15, 2013 11:52 AM

    What word is “shoen “?

    They are “shoen” Kolb the door, one might say. This’ll go down as a major QB trade fail, right up there with Matt Cassel to the Chiefs and McNabb to the Redskins.

  28. Wow…wouldn’t take a paycut??? What employer would pay a person millions of dollars if they missed work over half the time and were unable to perform the duties they were hired for? That the Cards even made him an offer should make him feel somewhat flattered. I think Kevin is probably a nice guy but just can’t stay healthy enough to pursue his chosen profession; it happens to a lot of people who don’t have millions stuck away as a safety net. He should take his pile of money and enjoy his family doing something he has a passion for that isn’t going to lead to permanent disability. It’s not like he doesn’t have many doors opened for him by just being in the NFL!

  29. stevenwilliams2013 says:
    Mar 15, 2013 12:31 PM
    Corn on the Kolb is gonna be wearing New York green and white baby!!!!
    And this excites you????

    The Phoenix Cardinals and the NY Jets are two of the biggest train wrecks in pro football, maybe in pro sports period. If you think getting a retread, under achieving, overpaid QB from a team as desperate for a QB as the Cards are is an improvement for NY….well, heck….you could be right. And how sad is that?

  30. Kolb? Sounds like a schoen to be in camp with Josh Freeman. Never try to second guess the Bucs.

  31. Looking at his Stats you see that what he was in Arizona was about what he did in Philly……..He is what his record says he is……….A back up QB. He really should have reduced his contract and accepted that role.

  32. You guys forget that the Cards were 4-0 out of the gate with Kolb, he got injured in the first game against my Hawks (he was killing us until then, we were lucky the game was so close) he comes back for the next 3 and wins them all , including the Pats in New England, loses one to the Rams and taken out by the Bills and is gone the rest of the year, but in those basically 6 games he took 27 sacks, Warner hadn’t taken more than 26 in a year (Full years) for his entire Cardinal Career, and I don’t know how many hits Kolb took after throwing. If Arizona had a halfway decent OL that kept Kolb on the field, the Cards could have been right up there with my hawks and the 9ers competing the whole year.

  33. fhuizar says:
    Mar 15, 2013 12:07 PM
    This trade benefited no one

    Eagles invest in Vick- Bust
    Eagles-starting from scratch

    Cardinals invest in Kolb-Bust
    Cardinals-new HC as well and starting over

    Great point! I guess this was the most publicized, non-impactful trade of all time. Nobody gained a single thing with all the “big” names involved.

    There’s nothing left to see here.

  34. Sometimes players are wise to become a free agent rather than take a pay cut. Sometimes players aren’t when they find out the market isn’t as inviting as they thought.

    I’m not sure there are many GMs left that are willing to delude themselves into thinking Kolb can win football games. Best case he’s another Charlie Batch or David Carr and will spend the next decade holding a clipboard.

  35. So is PFT going to add Kolb to the big list of unrestricted free agents? I know you’ve only got one hundred, but I’m interested to see where you’d put him.

  36. Let’s get something straight Wiz was sold by Reid and the Eagles and jacked the Cards on the Kolb trade. That being said its over now and AZ has payed for the Graves Wiz mistake. The only way AZ moves on is end the Graves Wiz era and cut Kolb start over. That appears to be what is happening. Stanton Hoyer are not the Answer but serviceable stop gap for the future QB. Fine lets address the offensive line in the draft finally and add a running back and safety and tight end and get going.

  37. The Cardinals should give Ryan Fitzpatrick a shot. He already owns a house in AZ, why not give it a try. Can’t be any worse than what they already have.

  38. Good for Kolb. The Cards are my second team, but after Boldin asked for a raise after out-playing his contract and the Cards responded by reminding him that he signed a contract, I love to see Kolb hit them back the same way. You reap what you sow.

    I have never been a Kolb fan. I was always optimistic, but I didn’t feel he had actually done anything to deserve what AZ traded away for him, nor the amount of money they inked him to. I get how bad the offensive line was, and I hope that Kolb gets a good chance with a good team, but I am not really sad to see him go. Granted, I don’t think Stanton is exactly an “upgrade”, but at least I don’t have to worry about the Cardinals continuing to back a big investment. Now they are free to pursue a long-term solution.

  39. As a Cardinals fan, I would just like to say…

    Nah, nah, nah, nah. Nah, nah, nah, nah. Hey, hey, hey! Get the helllllll out! 🙂

    That trade was a bust from the start. Even DRC (who played pretty well for AZ) was a bust in Philly. Hopefully they both find success (more DRC than Kolb) with new teams next season.

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