Lawson helps Bills become answer to new trivia question

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During Manny Lawson’s introductory press conference in Buffalo, he admitted that he didn’t know the Bills haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999.

That’s new knowledge to me,” Lawson said when asked about the franchise’s futility.

But there’s a new trivia question that arises from Lawson’s arrival.  With the signing of Lawson, the Bills have now employed each of the three first-round defensive linemen who were drafted out of North Carolina State in 2006.

Mario Williams, the first overall pick that year, signed with the Bills last year as a free agent.  Lawson, the 22nd pick, inked a four-year, $12 million contract this week.  And John McCargo, the 26th selection, was drafted by the Bills.

Of course, McCargo is long gone.  Still, you now have the ability to answer an obscure trivia question formulated by someone with no life.  Like me.

12 responses to “Lawson helps Bills become answer to new trivia question

  1. Mr. Florio, you have a life, one that many consider a rich and interesting one. Unfortunately, you seem to be centered on things that occur on the shores of Lake Erie, emanating from Raleigh, North Carolina. So maybe some refocusing is in order. But hey, I am am obviously a Ravens fan, so world championship notwithstanding, we all have our issues, especially this week!!

  2. Bill have holes at CB, S, LB, G, WR, TE, QB, and probably need depth at DE. They are well below the salary cap and there is lots of good players in this years free agency that can help them and so far what have they done? They cut their QB , lost 2 guards and signed 1 LB, thats it!!! IS this team even trying? Sure dont seem like it!!

  3. Here is the problem… If the Bills players don’t believe they can win they will always lose. Lawson came to Buffalo to play hard. Now he knows that its gotta be a cold day in hell for the Bills to make the playoffs. We don’t need to be clouding the heads of new players with the idea that the franchise is a complete failure.

  4. Do you think Lawson called Williams after that press conference and said “Yo Mario! Why didn’t you tell me how long this team has stunk for ?!?!?”

  5. BUFFALO hasn’t mattered since Bruce Smith used to get kicked out of the nudie bars on Saturday nights.

  6. He was a good rotational player in Cincinnati. That is all. Nice guy who played hard on the downs he was in, but not an every down player.

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