Lions bring back Louis Delmas

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Some thought that the addition of safety Glover Quin would slam the door on the Lions bringing back safety Louis Delmas.

And yet he’s back anyway.

The veteran signed a two-year, $9.465 million contract, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

Delmas had visited the Rams and 49ers before staying with the team that picked him in the second round of the 2009 draft.

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  1. Quin is a Strong Safety and Delmas is a Free Safety, so Quin’s signing didn’t mean Delmas was done in Detroit. Unless the player is really skilled, I wouldn’t use my FS and SS interchangeably.

    That’s too bad; Delmas seemed like a decent option for the 9ers. I knew this was going to happen though; the 9ers like to bottom feed and get killer deals in June. Good for Delmas and the Lions though; if he stays healthy he will do a long term deal with them.

  2. See Louis, daddy loves ya. I knew you’d come back to daddy. Never mind those others we were looking at, they didn’t mean anything to us.

  3. @richiedean49 – I was much more excited about Delmas than Woodson or Reed. I’d rather have fresh legs and if Delmas stays healthy he’s pretty damn good.

    I’m more excited about Kerry Rhodes than Reed or Woodson. The 9ers will get Kerry Rhodes or Chris Clemons. I’d rather start a rookie than Reed or Woodson, unless they sign for ultra-cheap. Both already won rings so I don’t see that happening.

  4. here’s hoping there’s as little guaranteed money as possible and a ton of performance escalators. Like everyone said before me, he’s awesome when healthy. Healthy Delmas deserves to get paid, unhealthy Delmas does not.

  5. lions use their safetys dairly interchangeably so this makes a lot of sense. Its a lot to pay the Delmas of the last two years, hopefully he is healthy finally

  6. For purposes of continuity, chemistry and intangibles, this is a decent signing for the Lions but it would seem that they over-committed valuable cap space to a guy who can hit but not tackle or avoid injuries. Surely, a better combo of price, durability and skill set was available. Of all the FA signings during this week’s spree this one is the most likely to be regrettable.

  7. Bob Sanders 2.0 returns… hopefully to not continue to be Bob Sanders 2.0. Very good pickup if he can stay healthy.

  8. It’s important to note that it’s clear Delmas was looking to get more money on average over the deal. When broken down Quin’s deal averages $4.7 million/year. While Delmas’ deal averages $4.73 million/year. Coincidence? Locker room bragging rights think not

  9. So glad he came back. Now go show them you deserved that 5 yr contract and that your the better safety. #26 Delmas

    Also I think Mayhew and Schwartz mean business this year.

  10. ee00ee says:Mar 15, 2013 3:40 PM

    See Louis, daddy loves ya. I knew you’d come back to daddy. Never mind those others we were looking at, they didn’t mean anything to us.

    From SB Nation – Detroit:

    I knew he’d come back to daddy

    Nobody else is going to give that broke down bitch the kind of love he wants
    by Ee Oulo on Mar 15, 2013 | 3:43 PM

    You don’t change it much, do you?

  11. For those of you shouting for Milliner (who I like a lot), our current DE”s are Willie Young and Rondell Lewis.

    Our recent signing Jones will be a Nickel DT.

    Draft a stud DE at #5!!!!!

  12. Dee Milliner makes alot of sense now. I was honestly thinking a defensive end at 5 but siqning Quin , resigning Houston and bringing back Delmas ( and keeping him healthy ) … makes that secondary so much better very quickly. If Mayhew and the Lions scouting staff have done their homework they could still find a good pass rushing end or linebacker in the 2nd or 3rd round?

  13. I’m liking the Lions moves in free agency this year. And like everyone is saying – this is good if Delmas can stay healthy. He has a way of elevating the play of everyone around him, and we need that.

    I think this all but guarantees the Lions will go after Eric Fisher (OT – CMU) with the #5 pick. Luke Joeckel will definitely be off the board by the time we pick.

    In round 2 Mayhew will go for “best available player”, and that will probably be a WR knowing him. I’d rather see him go after a DE with that number 2 pick and look for speedy WRs in later rounds.

  14. “For those of you shouting for Milliner (who I like a lot), our current DE”s are Willie Young and Rondell Lewis.

    Our recent signing Jones will be a Nickel DT.

    Draft a stud DE at #5!!!!! ”

    Yeah, it depends who’s there at #5. I like Milliner, or a DE also.

  15. Wow, I actually consider myself a fan of this guys play but we overpaid big time. He’s a fixture on IR. I can’t imagine our injury report without him.

  16. Lions fans are really uninformed. Most of us anyway. ANYONE who thinks we need Milliner probably thinks Millen was a good talent evaluator. Lions need line help with the 5th pick period. DE or OT. The signing of Delmas makes DB even less of a need. Sheesh.

  17. With Backus retiring, I’ll bet they go OT at #5.

    They’ll continue to develop Bentley as the corner opposite Houston. Plus they do have two other young corners(greenwood, green?).

    DE is a need, and so is WR as the lions don’t have true #2.

    Of course they are doing all these things so I re-up my sunday ticket subscription for next season. Yes, I’m a glutten for punishment!

  18. Millner to me is a nice luxury that is not critical. Lions drafted 3 DB’s last year, they just need to stay healthy. We need line help even though Hillard held his own against Clay Matthews last year when Backus was out. Either Fisher or a DE.

  19. Horrible signing.

    Delmas spends more time on sideline than on the field…he CAN NOT stay healthy.

    Delmas has only one INT is past three seasons…he IS NOT a playmaker.

    With the deepest draft class for safeties that we’ve seen in a long time, I seriously have to question why Mayhew would overpay for this guy.

    Elam/Reid/Rambo/Thomas will all be available in 2nd or 3rd rounds.

    I would rather have any one of those young guns instead of watching more of Delmas bounce off of tackles like a pinball.

  20. The Lions biggest need right now is a pass rushing DE. I hoped they’d get Michael Bennett but he went to the Seahawks cheap … $5 million for one year. If the Lions could get one of the OTs, Joeckel or Fisher at #5, they’d be elated. If not it will probably be Ansah or Milliner. And Milliner might turn out to be the better choice.

    But as of right now the Lions still need veteran DE help.

  21. Young will fill in and put up Avril numbers! We can add more still in free agency or draft 2rd n on! Millner would be great if he drops to 5, if not yea Fisher! But mark my words Young will be good!

  22. @schwartzpower
    …If the Lions hadn’t resigned Houston and went out and got Quin bringing back Delmas wouldn’t have mattered …they would be in the same boat as last year.
    They have more than one need to address so they could go in a few different directions with the 5th pick. My point was just that if they decided to pick a corner at that spot Milliner, playing with that group of veterans, would make that secondary pretty good.
    Hopefully any kid they wind up picking will make either the offense or the defence better.
    And since your more informed than the rest of Lions fans, why don’t we call Mayhew and see if he’ll let you make the pick. Sheesh!

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