Mara: “No idea” what will happen with Cruz, but we want him back


Giants receiver Victor Cruz has been a restricted free agent for less than three days, which means it’s too soon to say whether the Giants will work out a long-term contract with him, whether he’ll ultimately play on the one-year tender offer, or whether some other team will sign him away and give the Giants a first-round draft pick as compensation.

Giants owner John Mara says he’s hoping for option A, but right now everything is on the table. When a receiver like Wes Welker can be had on the open market for $6 million a year, that might suggest that it won’t be too pricey for the Giants to keep Cruz, but Mara isn’t sure right now if that’s the case or not.

It’s hard to say,” Mara told the Star-Ledger. “Some receivers, though, have gotten some pretty big contracts. Mike Wallace got a big contract. So I don’t know. I have no idea how this is all going to play out, I just know that we want him back.”

Mara said he isn’t aware of any other team attempting to sign Cruz away, although he knows that’s a possibility.

“Not that I know of. Nothing to report,” Mara said. “But that doesn’t mean conversations aren’t going on.”

Cruz recently hired agent Tom Condon, who also represents Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and Mara said he sees that as a positive.

“Certainly we’ve done business with Tom Condon before,” Mara said. “I think the fact that he has our quarterback is maybe a good thing, but we’ll see. We’ll see. He’ll go out and try to get the best deal he can for Victor, and hopefully it will be with us.”

All the Giants know for sure is that they’ll either have Cruz on their team in 2013, or they’ll have an additional first-round draft pick.

85 responses to “Mara: “No idea” what will happen with Cruz, but we want him back

  1. “All the Giants know for sure is that they’ll either have Cruz on their team in 2013, or they’ll have an additional first-round draft pick.”

    Not necessarily. Some other team could sign him in May, and the Giants wouldn’t get the pick until 2014.

  2. Fly Eagles Fly..on the road to victory..E A G L E S..EAGLES!..If this guy leaves the division it is just further proof that the Eagles will finish at the top and back in the game..Giants are lookin at a 7-9 finish

  3. Can’t stand Mara, as a skins fan for him to basically demand the skins pay a $36 million cap penalty ons the eve of free agency from the owner of a team in their own division last year is amazing the league backed him up on that. Hope you lose victor cruise and I hope your team loses about 10 games this season Mara!

  4. The Pierre Garcon deal is looking better everyday… 5 years, 42.5 million w/20.5 guarantee. Who would you rather have vs Mike Wallace or Victor Cruz at these prices?

  5. If I was the owner I’d damn well know if my team was close to a contract. Of course, the Giants have a couple recent championships, and their owner is rich, so what the hell do I know?

  6. This should be a wake up call for Victor. Last year he was a little naive, thinking if he was a good little boy the Giants would reward him…. Bzzzz, wrong. That money you didn’t ask for last year is gone and you can’t get it back. The giants are coming through loud and clear. Hopefully, it’s a lesson that despite what any organization says they will do, what they actually will do is look out for their interests first and the “employee’s” interest after that if it suits their purpose at that time. Everyone should know that by now.. Including young Victor.

  7. I hope someone comes in and takes him away from you, so we can hear you cry some more. This time your crying will not give you what you want though. It’s a shame the other owners listened to you cry about the Cowboys and Redskins and how they did business during an “uncapped year.” The good news was the ‘Skins beat you not once, but twice, while spending $18 million less than you on their team.

  8. Sure the Pats wouldn’t mind giving up a late 1 for Cruz………..just to make Brady happy!

  9. No one is going to pay him what he wants AND give up a first rounder…in the end he’ll resign with the giants….if he’s smart

  10. As a Redskins fan who blames Mara’s vindictiveness for our salary cap issues, I wish him the worst. How
    an owner from the same division could have the power that Mara does is inconceivable.

  11. As a Giants fan, I can’t understand why people think Nicks is the better player to pursue if having to choose between him and Cruz. The only redeeming factors that Nicks has is his height/arm extension/great hands/speed. Granted those are a good number of attributes to have but Cruz has all but the height going for him. The biggest plus Cruz has over is health. What happened in the 2010 pre-season with Cruz has not nagged him since recovery. I fear Nicks is unfortunately going be healthy the way Bradshaw was healthy the past few seasons; always nursing the same injury and practicing only a few days of the week. I’d really love for Nicks to be consistently healthier but if the current situation really is Nicks or Cruz, I think Cruz ultimately has a more promising future and would be more integral in another playoff run.

  12. Don’t agents usually leak info in high profile cases like this?

    The Giants historically offer fair contracts to their top players. That, combined with the fact that it’s all quiet on the Cruz front, suggests that Cruz and his agent know what they’re asking for is unreasonable.

  13. I kinda wish my vikes would give em a first and sign him to a long term. We got cap space and 2 first round draft picks. You get a young wide receiver that is established and in his prime. Wouldn’t be angry if they did it, but I don’t realistically see it happening

  14. this is how I imagine this scenario playing out…

    Mara: Sorry Eli, we weren’t able to match the other teams offer and Victor is no longer a part of our football team.

    Eli: Golly gosh darn it!

  15. A lot of teams will not want to give up a 1st round pick. However, the Seahawks gave up a 1st and 7th this year + a 4th next year for Harvin.
    Cruz is a talented young WR and I am sure he has generated interest (Vikings, Patriots and others). His loyalty seems to lie with the Giants but if they want to keep him they’d better sign him soon or somebody else will.

  16. “Mara said he isn’t aware of a deal being close, but he’s letting the football people in the building handle it.”

    Wishes every Cowboy fan everywhere

  17. Coming from a Redskins fan, the giants should lose Cruz as a penalty for Mara acting a fool last year and this year for stealing money from the Redskins. Forget getting ant back, I’d just be happy if Cruz was out of the NFC East. Mara had to cry because he knew his team wouldn’t win the division after making the trade with the rams to get RG3, so he had to do something. And guess what, Redskins still won the division, and would have swept the giants for the second straight season, if it weren’t for this man. Hence the reason him being gone will suffice as a gift from being robbed by the NFL.

  18. I don’t understand why this is so complicated. Cruz is one of the best receivers in the game. Pay the man. Period.

  19. OMG will you Redskins fans PLEASE stop bombing these NFC East posts! The Redskins broke the rules and they were penalized for it. Get over it for crying out loud!

  20. This is all part of the game that the Giants play very, very well. Of course Mara has an idea what will happen, and if you don’t think the giants have a plan no matter what happens, you’re as dumb as logicalvoicesays.

    All of the same trolls that stated in 2011 that the Giants had no WRs or TEs, looked like morons when we won the Superbowl. Eli makes people good, period.

    Proves that half the people on this thread aren’t educated on the history of the GMeN, or the NFL.

  21. Love Cruz but however it works out we’ll win out in the end. Either we keep the best slot wr in football or Reese uses that pick to select jpp’s clone from some school where everyone says “huh”. Not worried. This isn’t the jets, skins, or eagles front office botching trades or throwing $ at every shiny fa they see. 2 sbs in 5 yrs gives me confidence they know what they’re doing

  22. Gods I hope Mara loses Cruz to either the Bucs or Chiefs; two teams that under spent the 2010 “cap” by almost as much as the Skind and Pukes over spent. The Skins and Cowgirls were hit for violating the “spirit” of the cap while the Chiefs and Bucs didn’t Bessie the didn’t gain any “competitive advantage” by under spending.
    Anyone one that had followed free agent signings over the past two years knows that is aload of “Mara”. Those two teams definitely gained a competitive advantage by under spending, but the didn’t git penalized. Why. Because they aren’t in Mara’s division!

  23. This guy is a turd. Drops way too many passes and doesn’t show up in big moments. Where was he in the superbowl yeah he had a touchdown but what did he have 3 catches. This guy single handedly cost the giants the first game against Dallas with what 4 dropped passes where he was wide open lol. Please giants pay him Wallace money

  24. @209egirlsfan: You have delusions of grandeur if you think chipper is gonna turn your loser franchise around. How’s that empty trophy case looking these days. 60 years and counting….. .Ha Ha Ha.!!!! from your NFC East Division Champions 2012.!!!!!

  25. Pats signed Amendola so I think they are out of the running. Vikes probably aren’t an option either since they should be in position to get a Keenan Allen or possibly Patterson, so they probably won’t want to part with the 1st rounder and also pay Cruz what he deserves when they can have a rookie on the cheap.

    Still, given that a late 1st rounder maybe has what, a 50-50 shot of sticking around for a few years, and even less of a chance of going to the Pro Bowl or being an All-Pro, if I was a GM, I really would probably rather part with a mid/late first rounder + pay market for a bona fide Pro Bowler rather than hoping the draft pick pans out.


  27. @bergencountyjc:

    “As a Giants fan, I can’t understand why people think Nicks is the better player to pursue if having to choose between him and Cruz. The only redeeming factors that Nicks has is his height/arm extension/great hands/speed. ”

    The only redeeming factors? What else is there for a WR? What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it…

    Nicks is easily a better WR than Cruz. This is not Fantasy Football, this is reality. Ask any GM in the league…

  28. He is making 2 million now. The market has shown he would be worth 7-8 million. As a proven player and the fact the Vikings have 2 first round picks they may try to make a deal if Jennings falls through. Of course they may try to sign both or neither. The Giants just may match an offer also.

  29. Mar 15, 2013 9:01 AM
    Fly Eagles Fly..on the road to victory..E A G L E S..EAGLES!..If this guy leaves the division it is just further proof that the Eagles will finish at the top and back in the game..Giants are lookin at a 7-9 finish
    You’re kidding right?

    BTW – the road to Victory leads to a SuperBowl win, not 4-12 or anything short of the Lombardi. Your song needs editing.

  30. Skins beat the giants even with the $18 million Mara crybaby cap penalty, skins also won the division. HTTR,

  31. @paulsmith – re Cruz bombing in big games. Guess you didn’t watch the nfccg.

    @thetavern – re hoping the chiefs get him. You do realize that would give us the no. 1 overall pick in the draft right?

    I love anti giant fans. Their jealousy of us seethes through their computer screens

  32. I know it won’t happen because of collusion, but if I were a reciever needy team with a low first rounder, or multiple first rounders, I would consider making a run at him.

    First of all, the Welker contract has set the market fairly low for what you would have to pay him. Second of all, which would you rather do:

    1) Draft a reciever, knowing that historically over 50% of first round picks wind up never being successful in the league, or…..

    2) Give up your first round pick in exchange for a 26 year old proven commodity who has 168 catches and 19 touchdowns over the last two years that you can have for under 7m per season.

    I know what I would do. And to all of the people saying why should a team bother because the Giants will just match- when did dictating what your competitors are forced to pay their players become a BAD thing?

  33. luckyarmpit says:
    Mar 15, 2013 10:27 AM
    OMG will you Redskins fans PLEASE stop bombing these NFC East posts! The Redskins broke the rules and they were penalized for it. Get over it for crying out loud!

    What rule did they break? Even the commissioner admits there was no written rule preventing them from doing what they did.

  34. Vikings have the draft ammo and salary space to easily get him. At least he’ll be with a team that wants him.

  35. logicalvoicesays says:Mar 15, 2013 9:23 AM

    Hey Mara, Washington Redskins = In 2012 NFC East Champions and In 2013 Superbowl champions IN YOUR STADIUM, DESPITE YOUR CHEATING WAYS.

    Let’s not forget it was the Cowboys and the REDSKINS who were guilty of CHEATING WAYS, as agreed to by ALL OTHER NFL OWNERS. Can’t expect a Deadskins fan to grasp that concept though. How’s that one and done last year working out for ya? Your genius coach risked the future with a nicely skilled and gifted young man for the sake of 1 playoff game with a team he knew did not have all the horses to go all the way. Yeah, all y’all are genius’s there.

  36. I’m really tired of the never-ending stream of vitriol about Mara and the Skins/Boys penalties any time one of these teams are mentioned in an article. Grow up children, if the Giants were the ones caught doing the deed you would have been screaming for your owner to do exactly what Mara did.

    You break the rules and get caught, you get punished. End of story.

  37. Hell be a Patriot before the draft. He has family here in Boston and he did go to UMass. I can see the Patriots giving up their late first round pick for Cruz

  38. Does ANYBODY (read:Redskins, Vikings, Eagles, etc… fans) realize that no team can just “sign Cruz”? He is a RESTRICTED free agent. A team can sign him to an offer sheet, but the Giants have the ultimate say as to whether they will match it or not. The final decision WILL lay with the Giants.

  39. G-Men are loaded with talent. NFC East is a near lock considering the competition but battles with Niners, Hawks, Falcons in the playoffs will be tough. Eli always gives NYG a chance at the W in a big game. GO BLUE!

  40. I read he couldn’t negotiate with the g-men for a 5 day period because he changed agents, does that rule apply to the teams that wanna sign him to an offer sheet too?

  41. Olinerules, what rules were broken? A lot of teams either did the same thing or were in violation of “the spirit of the salary cap” floor. Yet two teams were punished as a result of a back door meeting between the comisioner and one owner, Mara. And both teams punished were divisional oponents. Mara had a temper tantrum when the Rams accepted the Redskins offer over the Browns. So the punishment was handed out on the eve of free agency without the vote of the rest of the owners so the teams affected would not have time to come up with a contingency plan. Keep sticking your head in the sand. Maybe that will help your squad win another game with a last second miracle Cruz reception.

  42. the3taveren says:
    Mar 15, 2013 10:37 AM
    Gods I hope Mara loses Cruz to either the Bucs or Chiefs

    i hope so too. that would give the giants the first overall pick in the draft.

  43. There was no salary cap and the league approved ever thing the Redskins did. So how does that cost us 36 million of cap space. Where did they dream up that figure anyway. A death sentence for what the league approved is nothing short of collusion and the rest of the owners should be sued by Snyder..How much cap space did the snitching collusion Mara get of our cap money.

  44. I know that Mara is scared of the Redskins and rightly so…..we beat them twice the year they won their last superbowl. In fact we were the last team to beat them before their lucky run in the SB. We finished first in the division last year even with the petty collustion by the NFL owners lead by Mara and will repeat this year. Enjoy 3rd or 4th place this season.

  45. Dolphins over paid for Wallace. I’d take Cruz over Wallace any day but he’s not worth 12 million per season. Jerry rice in his prime isn’t worth that kind of cash

  46. Niners need to give up their 31st pick for this guy. His production will be more than what they could get with the 31st pick. Plus he can stretch the field for Boldin, Crabs, and VD to work underneath. Having the 34th pick, gives the Niners that luxury. Go get Cruz, Baalke!

  47. How does a man who owns a mere 50 percent of a team that he merely inherited acquire so much power over other men who purchased teams through old fashioned initiative and hard work?

    How can a man live as long as Mara has and not know the definition of “recuse”?

    How can a man live as long as Mara has and be in the position he is by not having an understanding of federal anti-trust laws?

    Well at least it’s justice and karma that his son “prefers Broadway shows over the NFL.”

  48. you haven’t heard of anybody else being interested because they aren’t. giants will keep cruz but will still suck.

  49. im not so sure cruz knows his own value..sure hes tryna break the bank and hes a really good player.. but hes just another product of eli manning

    ask steve smith what being greedy will cost say the rest of your career. 7-9 million is reasonable..cruz is NOT a num 1 talent though by any stretch

  50. Building teams through the draft should be priority #1 for all. But without a question Cruz is worth a late 1st rd pick. No team consistently drafts pro bowl caliber players year after year. Why not lock up a proven player and pay the man market value? Truly some GMs overvalue draft picks and outsmart themselves.

  51. 1776dejavu says:
    Mar 15, 2013 12:41 PM
    I know that Mara is scared of the Redskins and rightly so…..we beat them twice the year they won their last superbowl.
    congrats you beat us twice in the regular season while we went on to destroy matty ice, aaron rodgers, win a tough game against san fran..then add to the other shiny trophies after we beat brady…again!

    but your right you won 2 reg season games..:)

  52. For shame, the Redskins actually wanted someone that had 9 years left on a 10 year contract to pay for at least part of what she owed. They tried to get her to talk to them about working something out that she could afford and she repetitively refused. So they had no other recourse but to take it to court.

    For shame! The Redskins did exactly what every company in the US would do and Snyder gets killed for it.

  53. if I was the Mara family I would be very very scared for 2 reasons. 1 st of all The Redskins will win the East again. 2nd one year from now The Redskins will UNLEASH HELL ON THE WHOLE NFL WHEN THEY GET BACK ON TRACK WITH SALARY CAP. PLEASANT DREAMS Mara family.!!!!!!

  54. i dunno bout the whole victor cruz thing (id say its 90% chance he’s back in NY) but one thing i must ask is: are redskins fans the biggest whiners in the whole leagure of fans? perhaps its because they are 20+ years removed from a SB, their star player suffered a major career altering injury in season #1 that will likely diminsh what he and their offense can do, their team name is going to change sooner than later, they have no 1st round pick this or next year, they got caught cheating the cap, they cant sign their “core” players they wanted and they are now realizing their best season in a long time will be their last seasons at the top in an equally long time.

  55. giants superbowls in last 5 years: 2
    redskins last place finishes in last 5 years: 4

    thee end.

  56. most nfl teams just take the tickets and resell them like the giants.

    thats not good enough for sydner is it, he has sue for when they can’t afford to pay for tickets. sydner had it coming

  57. To all the ‘Skins and Boys fans blaming Mara for your cap penalties — get over it. You tried to screw every other team, you cheated and got caught. Funny how none of the other 30 teams did what they did. Goes to speak of the lack of character Snyder and Jones have.

  58. Whatever Giants fans. You have one win in the last four trys against the Redskins. And the one win came by way of miracle. Not to mention that two of those losses came against Rex Grossman. Weather it’s Griffin or Cousins you lose. BS cap penalty or not doesn’t matter. Have a nice weekend…

  59. Anyone in NFC East win a SB lately? Speaking of the NFC, since 2000 the Giants have won the conference three times. All others -1x. Hate on the G-men all you want but they produce and are well run.

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