No more going away to camp for the Eagles


In an offseason of change, the Eagles just made another one, electing to follow the trend of having training camp at home.

Via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles announced this morning that they would no longer hold camp at Lehigh University, where they’ve gone the last 17 years. They had changed college campuses in the past, but this will mark the first year they’ve practiced in Philadelphia since 1943 (when they were in town at St. Joseph’s).

The Eagles release said they were the 20th team to stay at home for camp. The Cardinals could soon make it 21.

The team will hold most of the practices at their NovaCare Complex, but will also schedule a number of open-to-the-public practices at Lincoln Financial Field.

24 responses to “No more going away to camp for the Eagles

  1. I love how they made a big deal to say, “As such, we are currently planning to utilize the opportunities available to us at Lincoln Financial Field to have a number of open practices (which will be FREE) available to all of our fans.”

    Free admission probably means $30 parking, something that Lehigh never had.

  2. This trend is not good for fans. Training camp is a fun experience that fans should get to enjoy during the dog days of summer. A chance for kids to get autographs and watch their role models in a low cost environment.

  3. As long as they have several practices at the Linc, they’ll be fine. There’s almost no way to let fans near the Novacare, so they all have to be closed. Chip just has to make sure he isn’t perceived as the guy that stole the team from the fans, so as long as there are a number of open practices the fans will be satisfied.

  4. -dclogicatlast

    Can’t get much more of a low cost environment than free practices at the Linc. How is this bad for the fans? Fans get to experience the team and the stadium for free rather than stand on a field in Lehigh removed from the city.

  5. had to change something, after next year the games will probably be free.nobody wants to pay to watch that suckshow.

  6. this season is all about business and world domination. The Eagles Chip Kelly is locked into his war room as we speak. He’s assembling an 11 headed monster on both offense and defense. One that will wreak havoc and strike fear to all that try to oppose them. this is not a game anymore this is a warning to all of you

  7. I hate this. Its a tradition in my family to drive the hour plus to Lehigh every weekend during training camp. Now what? Are they only going to have a hand full of practices open to the public? Are we now going to have to go through screening, not be allowed to bring food or a cooler, not be allowed to SMOKE, have to deal with the traffic, and pay for parking?

    I dont like it. Its a tradition for a lot of families around here and its a reason why they get more support then any team in training camp. Having the fans ewling and ahhing gets the players fired up and makes them practice that much harder. Now their getting rid of that for the cold sterile atmosphere of the Nova Care Complex? Dumb.

  8. Good. There’s no way I could ever go up to Lehigh. This will give lots of fans an opportunity to see what camp is like.

    If you don’t like it, there are plenty of fanbases that are in need of fans….

  9. “j4man1 says: Mar 15, 2013 1:24 PM

    had to change something, after next year the games will probably be free.nobody wants to pay to watch that suckshow.”


    The number one suckshow of course being your mother…

  10. Logical voice. You are a dope and you live in DC. How old are you 2. Does it bother you that everyone thinks you are a db on this board?

  11. @flavordave. there you go again talking about the egirls again. Talking about domination and so on. People let me be clear when flavordave talks smack he just finished PLAYING MADDEN 13. People you get the picture.!!!!!! How’s that EMPTY TROPHY CASE LOOK LIKE flavordave.???? 60 years and counting. ……

  12. logicalvoicesays says:Mar 15, 2013 12:41 PM

    Philadelphia Eagles – Forever Ringless.

    Want to see how a Superbowl looks? Come to Redskins Park…we have THREE to show you.

    Why leave PA and travel that far when I could see 6 with a superior team like the Steelers? no answer? just a dumb “trying to sound cool” insult? yeah.. fail

  13. j4man1 says:Mar 15, 2013 1:24 PM

    had to change something, after next year the games will probably be free.nobody wants to pay to watch that suckshow.

    suckshow? your mom? what?

  14. 21 of 32 teams now have training camp in their year round homes. This is the NFL getting ready for 18 game seasons and reducing preseason games to 2. Later starting camps would interfere with back to school at college so the NFL will do away them. Shame, Lehigh was a blast for the fans. Bad move all around.

  15. Garrett had too many steroid connections at Lehigh to ever let the team go back there. Eagles have an agreement not to hold public events at Novacare due to parking and traffic, so get ready to pay at the Linc.

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