Patriots give Donald Jones a chance to prove Bills wrong


The Patriots love taking someone else’s castoffs, as if only to prove that they’re smarter than that person.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Patriots have signed former Bills wide receiver Donald Jones.

Jones wasn’t tendered as a restricted free agent by the Bills. He’s shown some flashes in the past, with 41 catches in 12 games last year. But an undisclosed medical condition kept him off the field late in the year, and that might have had something to do with the Bills hesitance to keep him.

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  1. Donald Jones a solid WR. Should put up better number with Brady throwing to him. We’ll see if this signing means the end of Brandon Lloyd.

  2. This a little off topic, but Seahawks fans are the most annoying fans I’ve ever came across. They make Patriots fans look decent. Win something before claiming yourselves relevant.

  3. Brady, Welker, Moss, and Woodhead are examples of guys picked up when other teams undervalued them. Seymour, Law, Samuel, and (most likely) Welker are guys that they would not pay that went on to perform elsewhere. It’s a double edged sword here but I, personally, will continue to trust Bill until the downside significantly outweighs the good.

  4. ItIsWhatitis says: At least he is 6′ and not another shorty.

    Wes Welker at 5’9″ had 118 receptions last year. I’m sure that Donald Jones at 6′ can do much, much better than that.

  5. Quick McFly…..start the Delorean….we are going back to 2006……Brady reworks his deal to create salary cap room…so the Patriots can sign WORTHLESS WR’s !!

  6. Bay Area fans (and that definitely includes the moronic Niners contingent) have no business poking fun at any other fan base.
    Last I checked you guys were assaulting, if not killing, fans with other jerseys.

  7. Look at the numbers and all the cast offs, unless your name is Moss or Welker, New England is actually not that great of a place to play wide receiver.

  8. Now can the Pats start concentrating on some defensive players? And maybe sign David Nelson to a “prove it” one-year deal. He’s coming off a torn ACL and should come very cheap…and he’s 6’5″.

    Oh yeah, also trade Lloyd for at least a 3rd round pick, please.

  9. yeah – Belichick isn’t trying to win games – he just wants to prove he’s smarter than that nit-wit Buddy Nix. And with Robert Kraft’s money.

    Nice analysis, Darin Gantt.

  10. Thirtyrackdash: The Patriots offered Welker 2 years/16m last year. Welker over-estimated his value, and lost $500K between last year and this year. He’s a great player, but he thought he could get true WR money, and that just isn’t the case, as proven by his current contract.

    On topic: Interesting signing, I wonder if Vince Wilfork will give him a better welcome than he did against them Bills last year (awesome…awesome hit).

  11. ken1313 says: Mar 15, 2013 12:08 PM

    Quick McFly…..start the Delorean….we are going back to 2006……Brady reworks his deal to create salary cap room…so the Patriots can sign WORTHLESS WR’s !

    Stupid, If he makes the team it wont be as the #1 WR.

  12. According to your Rotoworld link, the Patriots signed the former Texans punter Donnie Jones

    Still, playing alongside Brady, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns into a decent WR

  13. mornelithe: the bottom line is that we had (what seems like) every opportunity to sign Welker to a reasonable contract but didn’t. Whether he will end up falling into the Asante Samuel/ Kendrick Perkins “what could have been if we kept him?” category or the Deion Branch “clearly a product of the system” category is yet to be seen.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I saw the Bills trainer on the sideline with a bike pump attempting to inflate a recently flattened Jones after that Wilfork hit. Best coverage nose tackle in the league?

  14. Lmao. Pathetic. This guy was a backup receiver for the Bills in their spread formation, shotgun offense. Although we, at times, run a similar offense, the move is underwhelming at best, compounded by the departure of Wes. Like I said, pathetic bill, you can do better.

  15. Thirtyrackdash: Oh no doubt, the Patriots could’ve signed him had they really really wanted to, but not at the price that was appropriate for Welker. And that’s simply not how you run a capped business.

    Welker and his Agent should’ve known what the going rate for a slot receiver was last year, and this year. That they didn’t was one of their bigger mistakes, in my opinion, and absolutely part of why Welker’s no longer with the Pats.

  16. Posted by Darin Gantt on March 15, 2013, 11:38 AM EDT

    The Patriots love taking someone else’s castoffs, as if only to prove that they’re smarter than that person

    Or just to show that they are smarter than some guy who re-tweets someone else’s thoughts all day.

  17. As a Bills fan, I can attest to Donald Jones being a solid player… particularly for the price (cheap). The problem is with him (at least for the Bills), the guy just couldn’t stay healthy… always hurt and on the sidelines. Shoulder, ankle, multipel concussions, etc… it was always something.

    Between him and Amendola, the Pats have signed 2 WRs that have missed more games due to injury than they’ve actually played the last 2 years, which is interesting.

    Another interesting note about Donald Jones…. he has NEVER caught a TD in a game that the Bills won…. every TD he caught came in a losing effort. It was known as the DJTD curse… if he caught a TD, we knew the Bills would go on to lose the game, haha… here’s to hoping the curse continues w/ the Pats! 😉

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