Raiders bring in Nick Roach from Bears

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Bears linebacker Nick Roach might have found a chance to play in the middle, for a team with a need there.

According to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Roach has agreed to join the Raiders.

He looked good in a four-game stint replacing Brian Urlacher, and there’s probably a vacancy inside with the Raiders, since they’re expected to release Rolando McClain.

Roach fits with the profile of good, solid players the Raiders have brought in, though they don’t have the kind of cap room to make major changes.

37 responses to “Raiders bring in Nick Roach from Bears

  1. A new Ro at MLB….good thing is he might play like he actually gives a damn.

    The Raiders actually have a decent amount of cap space. We just need to fill about 38 roster spots. The solid unheralded signings will continue. Maivai, Sims and Roach are all solid moves. Hunter being depth with his old D boss…I like the mentality the Raiders are working with right now.

  2. With a due respect, you might want to do some research on that cap room.

    There’s a reason they aren’t going after A Class FAs. They are rebuilding via the draft. It’s a new regime.

  3. They should not cut McClain and carry all that dead $. If you can’t trade him then keep him and make him run scout team and play special teams. Either way the $ is spent why give it away for free.

    Roach is a quality guy. He can play. I’m very disappointed in the acquisitions so far this off season. Oakland needs impact players on defense. At corner and now the entire D line needs bodies as well and a new starter at FS as well.

  4. never thought I would see it when anything with the word “raid” need would be would be saving a roach. His introduction song should be la cucaracha.

  5. I like what Reggie is doing. Making smart moves now to get the cap down will allow us to get better at every position in the future. It just takes a little time.

  6. This is year two of the Reggie McKenzie era,and mark my words ,by year four he will be regarded as one of the best GM’s in the NFL.

  7. with Roach gone Chicago needs to keep Urlacher’s old a$$. I wanna see Chicago win the superbowl but
    to do that they have too get Younger.

  8. What say you, Bears fans. This guy pretty good? Looks like we might be transitioning to a 3-4 or at least some hybrid mix. Roach a good fit at ILB?

  9. The Raiders have a great many needs, so they are better off making the across-the-board modest but definite upgrades like Roach.

  10. See Ya McClain by by loser !

    Getting exicted about big Reg building a D under the radar.

  11. Great pickup RM!!! At age 27 he could be our MLB for a while to come!!! Keep it going!! GO RAIDERS!!

  12. I wish the Bears could’ve kept him. He’s a solid player. Lovie, Urlacher and Briggs taught him well.

  13. I’m not sure I understand this from the Bears end. Roach is a solid player and as much as I hate to say it, Brian is on his last good leg. I assume we will be after a MLB in round one or two? If that Georgia kid (Ogletree) pulls his head out of his arse we should take a long hard look at him… and for God’s sake stay away from Teo!

  14. Nice pick up for the Raiders. Never going to be a star but good solid player who started at SAM LB for a couple years and moved inside when Urlacher went down. As a Bears fan I would have rather kept him and let Urlacher go but it’s not like either one of those guys were impact players the last couple years.

  15. Ouch…as a bears fan this is tough to see him go. always did what was asked, played all three lb positions. played hard and never got enough credit because of having urlacher and briggs on that team. great pickup oakland

  16. noeffinway says:Mar 15, 2013 8:38 AM

    Roach? Isn’t he a little burned out? haha

    Rick Spielman is a Magician says:Mar 15, 2013 9:33 AM

    I remember Nick Roach got called for clipping on a kickoff return. It was a Roach clip.

    I see what you guys did there

  17. I was really hoping the Bears kept him…Very good pickup for the Raiders. As much as I like what Emery has done so far, I am a bit concerned at our sudden lack of depth at LB, and our failure to find a decent backup for Cutler.

  18. Great replacement for Rolando, way cheaper and probably way more useful. Don’t know anything about the guy, but a Bears linebacker is always exciting and the fact that Bears fans seemed to like him is encouraging. Interesting pattern with the players Reggie signs, they all have proven to be durable. Most played 16 out of 16 games for consistent seasons with their old teams.

  19. Bears fan here. Good signing for the Raiders. Smart, healthy and ready to bust out. Didn’t see a ton of action so solid vehicle with low mileage. Chicago would’ve kept him but we’ve got cap issues. Good luck N.R!!!

  20. Everyone is assuming he’ll step right into the MLB spot. Rumor has it they may move Burris inside and Roach will play the SAM.

  21. Nick Roach is a great pick up for the Raiders. He is not only a great player. But, to put up with being the “other guy” for all those years makes him a humble leader. Kudos to you Nick and as a Bears fan , I wish you and yours success.

  22. I think Emery believes this draft is deep at LB. The one’s at the top have some question marks, but guys like Aurthur Brown would be solid. It’s all about getting the right guy in the right system. Ppl have probably forgotten that Briggs was a 2nd rounder.

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