Ravens sign Marcus Spears to two-year deal


The Ravens have seen plenty of their defensive stalwarts from last season shuffle off to other teams or television studios, but they’ve now brought in a second veteran defensive lineman to start building a unit to help them defend their title.

Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com reports that defensive lineman Marcus Spears has agreed to terms with Baltimore. It’s a two-year deal. Spears was cut by the Cowboys earlier this week and joins Chris Canty as defensive linemen cast off by NFC East teams to land in Baltimore.

Like Canty, Spears has played at various spots on the defensive line through his career and should be able to fill a role inside or outside for the Ravens in 2013. He won’t play much of a role in the pass rush, but he’s solid enough against the run to earn a spot in the team’s rotation up front if he doesn’t land a starting job.

Spears played eight years for the Cowboys, who made him a first-round pick in 2005.

22 responses to “Ravens sign Marcus Spears to two-year deal

  1. So the ravens are getting younger on offense… But older on defense?

    That seems backwards…

    Kind of excited to see what sort of train wreck happens in September once we see. How badly the ravens ruined their team.

  2. If the ravens were so good with the draft why did they have to sign Spears and Canty to fill holes on their team?

  3. That’s a great asset by Ozzie! U can’t fill holes with the draft cus then u end up with a team like the browns! We have let guys go every year and our d Is fine with or without #20 back there he’s past his prime anyways, I would rather rebuild after a Super Bowl! Something none of ur teams can say! Still the champs till next year hate on fellas!

  4. maybe because they are soo good with the draft they are other positions they like instead of d line. they know what theyre doing.. welcome to town marcus and go ravens!

  5. Raven haters are lining up to try and trash them, but these moves are just too sweet. We all know how awesome Oz and company are, they just don’t want to admit it.

  6. Kinda wish the Steelers made a play for these two given the mediocrity of their two 1st round picks at that position.

  7. cmich2006 – the Ravens are so good with the draft that they can’t keep all their draft picks because every other team ends up paying them tens of millions once their rookie or 2nd contract is up. See Ellerbie and Kruger… just to name a few…

  8. Keep spinning it basement boy! joe flaccid has reduced the ratbirds to signing other teams garbage that’s been put to the curb.

    And I know; flaccid’s cap hit is less than last year’s…

    The “wizard of oz” has hitched himself to a mid-range quarterback for the next 6 years…

    The “wizard” has resigneda couple of bottom feeding no-names and a couple more castoffs.

    As the Nest Burns…


  9. As a fan of America’s Team for 45 years, I do not care if every defensive starter is released. The entire D has under performed for years. Mr. Jones is a master player evaluator and is making every move with precision like Anatoly Karpov behind a chessboard. He’s going all in. Going for a Super Bowl run which will be achieved next season.

  10. As an honest Cowboys fan I don’t remember a single significant play this guy made in his entire career. I questioned why we didn’t ever cut him loose when his rookie deal expired. He always got away with the “3-4 DEs aren’t supposed to make huge plays” BS that people bandy about. He is a nice guy though apparently.

  11. stillerz1….do you post on every ravens story to make yourself feel better about how the mighty steelers are crumbling. no rbs…wallace gone…harrison gone….and all you can do is sign retreads like plax and spaeth. and i think most folks were take joe over ben right now. but hey…two great franchises…my money is on the ravens on a 3rd straight division title and then who knows…look for steelers to be also rans again. go ravens!

  12. As a first round pick with 10 sacks in 9 years, Spears has been a big dissapointment for Dallas. He is not even a starter. Drafted to play DE in a 3-4 that may have been a poor fit for him. He could end up helping the Ravens but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  13. All you morons (steeler fans) who are blaming Flacco’s contract for these players leaving are just cracking me up. These players leaving was for scene a year ago…it’s what happens when you draft as brilliantly as Ozzie does pretty much every year. The real “blame” for these guys leaving is that game they played on February 2, this year. A year ago nobody outside of Baltimore knew who Paul Kruger, Cary Williams, & Danel Elerbe where. Now ya’ll wanna act like the Ravens are gonna fall flat on their face for these guys leaving….stop it. The Ravens have done this to better players before & the result was often another 10 win season & a deep playoff run. To my less knowledgeable Raven fans….relax….it’s March. And to all the Steeler fans who are plastered all over this….stop getting drunk off your haterade & pray that Harrison isn’t knocking Ben’s head off in a Ravens uniform next season.

  14. Ravens are rebuilding…but here’s the thing haters, they’re rebuilding the side of the ball that needed it. Canty and Spears are both good run stoppers. Ravens run defense was atrocious this year. We left the Bank aghast every week – 100 yard rusher just about every game. Brilliant of the Wiz to tighten up the d-line so he can focus on inside backer and safety in the draft. D-Line rotation: Ngata, Arthur Jones, Canty and Spears. D-Ends/olb: Suggs, Upshaw, McFee. Cb’s: Webb, Smith, Graham, Jackson. Filling out nicely Oz. Can’t wait to see what you do with the 12, yes 12, picks. Please draft Minter!

  15. Cowboys fan. I keep reading about how good Marcus Spears was on stopping the run then why were we ranked number 22 in run defense? I never really kept up with the Ravens a lot but all of you lifting Oz up like he’s a god you may wnat to be careful. He’s no JJ but you’re going into next season with almost half a new team.

  16. Wow, so the Ravens have spent 4th and 5th round picks on Art Jones and Pernell McPhee, and signed two cheap free agents in Spears and Canty. The best part is these 4 are better than either of the two first round bust DE’s in pittsburgh (Hood and Heyward). Ngata is just the icing on the cake.

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