Seahawks releasing Ben Obomanu


The Seahawks are releasing wide receiver Ben Obomanu.

On his verified Twitter account Friday, Obomanu seemed to indicate he would be moving on, and he confirmed to PFT’s Curtis Crabtree that his time with Seattle was coming to an end.

Per Crabtree, the 29-year-old Obomanu was slated to make $2.3 million in salary this season.

Obomanu caught four passes for 58 yards in eight games for Seattle in 2012. A wrist injury ended his season. He projected to be behind Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin at wide receiver in 2013.

Obomanu has 87 career catches for 1,209 yards and seven TDs, all with Seattle, which drafted him in Round Seven in 2006.

22 responses to “Seahawks releasing Ben Obomanu

  1. He’s a good all-round player and character guy. A decent backup for any team. Good Luck Ben!

  2. Seattle loved him, but he was never much more than an average contributor–great guy, fan favorite, and someone who maximized his gifts but in this salary cap era most people have known for awhile he would be gone. We wish you all the best, Ben! I hope you land somewhere and become this exceptional receiver!

  3. Saw this one coming. They needed to free up some money for Harvin, Avril and Bennett. $2.5M is too much for an often-hurt special teams contributor.

  4. Niners need to sign him. Take him out to dinner get him nice and tipsy. “Loosey goosey” as some 3rd basemen may say. Then extract everything he knows about the Hawks. They’re shaping up to be a formidable opponent… on paper.

  5. Sorry to see you go Ben, but you were a perennial roster bubble guy since you got there. My guess is that one of the other NFC W teams will pick him up, if only for competitive espionage! Good luck wherever you wind up.

  6. Can play special teams and good guy so he will find another team. To be honest with ourselves- he is a below average reciever. I remember he caught what looked like a TD from Wilson and was running in the open field no one close and the tuff monster took him down. Seatttle also needs to make sure they don’t keep hanging onto guys like Charlie Martin and Deon Butler (sad to admit) look a younger development talents like Phil Bates and Jermaine Kearse

  7. One of my favorite memories is when one of the color commentators on TV continually butchered his name!

    Obama-New is how he kept saying it! LOL…

    For you unfamiliar to Mr. Obamanu, it’s

  8. Good Luck Ben…….You got hurt too much, but when you played you put your body on the line and made the catches needed to keep a drive alive. Hope you land somewhere.

  9. goldenperspective

    Seattle was a formidable opponent last year. They lost by six points while holding San Francisco to thirteen, then they thrashed the 9ers at home.

  10. When Ben got here the Hasselbeck era was over or on life support & the offense struggled in general until recently & even now we’re not tearing up the skies. Obamanu will definitely get picked up & if he’s lucky enough to catch on with a good passing team he can contribute as 3rd or 4th wr IMO. I wish you all the luck in the world Mr. Obamanu. Go show the league what you can really do.

  11. Seattle was a formidable opponent last year. They lost by six points while holding San Francisco to thirteen, then they thrashed the 9ers at home…….

    1-3 vs the Niners in two years. We stomped GB, you won by fail mary. You lost to Atl in playoffs. We beat them. We were in the Superbowl, you didnt even get to the conference championship.

  12. Gotta love trolling Forty Whiner fans. I guess they haven’t realized that Seattle is better at every single position except guard and LB? And that’s not saying much because Wagner and Wright are really good. Remember that 42-13 beat down…?

    You had your 2 year run. Shut up, sit down, and watch Russell Wilson dominate the next decade. K thx

  13. Oh Swaggy, Swaggy, Swaggy… Your nightmare is just beginning.. Niners division champs once again in ’13

  14. Ben was and is a special teams dynamo. Works his tail off, and will have zero problem finding a home. Was just the extra guy on a stacked receiving unit, making too much to justify keeping him

  15. Obamanu was a great player he was there when the Hawks needed him!U will be missed!Take care and have a great future somewhere!But remember when u come to play yer ol team b happy!

  16. I hear a lot about dhb to the hawks. For the right price what’s the harm in bringing him in amd trying him, and if he doesn’t wotk out, send him down the road?

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