Shaughnessy does one-year deal with Cardinals

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Defensive end Matt Shaughnessy is betting on himself.

Shaughnessy, who spent his first four NFL seasons with the Raiders, has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Cardinals, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

The base deal is $1 million, with the ability to make several hundred thousand more via sacks and playing time.

He had interest elsewhere (including Tennessee and Philly, where he had trips scheduled), for deals longer than a year and for more money.  Shaughnessy opted instead to roll the dice on a one-year opportunity to improve his value come 2014.

The Raiders, we’re told, never even called Shaughnessy.

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  1. If nothing else, the Cards seems to be doing free agency “the right way” – flyers on some and short term contracts to let players “prove themselves”.

    Now how about that QB?

  2. The 9ers need to get in on this “1 year bet” that defensive ends are making this year! Of course, he’s not really an end in the 9ers system and would have to convert to OLB which is more than a 1 year thing.

    Good signing for the red birds though; you’ll want him back after this year. Damn, the Raiders couldn’t afford this deal?! He’s worth that easy. With the 1st overall pick the Raiders select…

  3. The Raiders, we’re told, never even called Shaughnessy.


    If that isn’t a red flag, then I don’t know what is.

  4. I still think the Raiders should have signed him for another year at least we know what he’s able to do unlike most of these other players but wish him the best

  5. What a way to twist the story…

    The Steelers and Willie Colon:
    But he missed 20 games the last two seasons for the Steelers, part of the reason they were willing to let him go.

    The Raiders and Shaughnessy:
    The Raiders, we’re told, never even called Shaughnessy.

    No mention that Willie Colon just went off about the Post Gazette twitter this and internet rumor that. He also pointed out that he had not talked to anyone from the Steelers and he was not going anywhere.

  6. ShoNasty from from the old regime and if the new one wasn’t willing to keep DHB, Huff, OR Seymour, NO WAY IN HADES was ShoNasty going to come back under any circumstances.

    Besides TOO many holes to bring in pieces (Shaunghnessy/Tollefson) from last years defense that was a DISASTER.

  7. Who cares I have no idea who this dude is and I hate saying his name plus I thot they closed the cardinals down after watever that was for 16 games last year

  8. Just shows that this new regime wants nothing to do with the old regime. The sooner the “old” can be wiped off the roster, the better. Front Office is run in a complete opposite manner to Raiders past and now the team will play and look different than Raiders past. These ‘old’ Raiders that are signing with other teams….won’t be in the league in a short period of time, they aren’t that good.

  9. How hard is it to call and be up front about future with the team? We want/don’t want you, but not at your asking price or due to……market, our cap issues, changing schemes…etc….

    Seems classless to not even talk to your player, unless your told that same information at the exit interview that most teams have.

  10. Shaughnasty was never the same after his injury. Buyer beware.

    Good against the run. Nothing as a pass rusher.

    (I liked him too)

    For the contract he got, I’d like to have signed him. But maybe he just wanted a change in scenery. Can do wonders. Good luck!

  11. If I remember correctly, Shaughnessy is fast as far as DEs go. The Cards D-line is looking pretty sick this year, with – Campbell, Williams, Dockett, and Shaughnessy.

    Last year, they were pretty good and forced teams to pass, but then Peterson would misread something or make a minor mistake that led to big plays for opponents. If he can reduce those mistakes, their defense should be even better than last season.

  12. He was primed for a break out year in 2011 after coming of a 7 sack season, but he got injured early on in the 2011 season and didn’t play rest of season.

    So everyone expected him to have his break out season in 2012, well not sure if it was effects from injury or scheme/coaching change or what but he never flashed the potential he did the previous couple seasons. Still a good run stopping DE and he could still become a good passrusher, I think he still has that potential and wish we would have gave him another chance.

    The big knock on him is his injury history, he was also injured in college a few times I believe

  13. Shaughnessy is a nice depth piece to have when the team already has a quality line.

    I am kind of getting the feeling the 3-4 is coming to Oakland. I hope it is at least. They are pretty much starting from scratch, so anything is in play.

  14. I can understand cutting bad contracts. (Huff, Heyward-Bey Seymour…..Waiting for Palmer Cut or Restructure!)

    But I can’t justify letting go of 2 DT/DE in Bryant and Shaunessy both 25-26 yrs old 6’5 290 pounders!!! When Kelly on his last legs and Seymour done!!!

    Losing young talent is not rebuilding!!!!

  15. I really liked shaunessy when we drafted him!! Seemed like he was ready to break out….but season after season he never did. Idk about the change to 3-4 that everyone keeps talking about but i like the direction we’re going!! No more waiting season after season for players to develope!! Good luck shaunessy!! GO RAIDERS!!

  16. httr21 says: Mar 15, 2013 4:20 PM

    If he wanted a chance to win he should have came to DC!

    Redskins own the NFL for next 10-15 years


    httr21 must be another of the 12 year old fans who dream big without anything to back it up except posters of cheerleaders on their walls.

    How can you own the NFL when you haven’t done jack yet? A gimpy legged QB on his second torn ACL stint most likely will end up being too slow and too much a liability to play and this will leave Shanahan far too much room to screw up and fail again.

    When RGIII takes too much of that HGH in rehab and gets busted, there goes the franchise and the following seasons.

  17. Big Reg drafted Bilukidi and Crawford last year and he has Houston on the roster. They recently added Sims.

    Hopefully Reg grabs one of the big DL (Floyd or Lotulelei) and goes from there. Most likely he adds a couple UDFA or journeyman after the draft.

    2013 is going to sting. I trust that Reg has a plan and 2014 will be much better.

  18. wish him nothing but the best, but for now it’s all about the future, and we will take another compensatory pick to help achieve that.

  19. aldog83 says: Mar 15, 2013 5:34 PM

    I can understand cutting bad contracts. (Huff, Heyward-Bey Seymour…..Waiting for Palmer Cut or Restructure!)
    But I can’t justify letting go of 2 DT/DE in Bryant and Shaunessy both 25-26 yrs old 6’5 290 pounders!!! When Kelly on his last legs and Seymour done!!!
    Losing young talent is not rebuilding!!!!
    McKenzie isn’t losing young talent so much as letting it walk. He had the cap space to keep Bryant and/or Shaughnessy. Who knows? Maybe they aren’t good locker room guys. McKenzie is still chasing LBs and might be signing Kevin Burnett, so he could be going after a different fit at D-line.

  20. Shaughnessy is another victim in the long line of the “reggieallen” purging any al davis player, that simple, OK ! that is the only explanation of cutting and not trading these guys for a return ! whether he had 13.5 or the 3.5 sacks as he did get in 2012 , he was a gonner, ok ! this staff of allen / tarver is prob the most inept and also the most sneaky , in nfl history and here is why ! in this watered down age now in nfl, teams on off are pass happy, period, the only 2 def that can work are the ” 34 ” attack style, ( pitt, balt, etc ) or the 43 2 deep zone or tampa 2 , go look over last 6 season, both defenses are dominating the top 10 every year . The reason why i call them sneaky , is simple, playing shughnessy as a every down player on the weakside, using INSIDE shade techniques is a set up for failure ! the wde is supposed to be a outisde shade alignment, and do one simple thing every down , box in , and get to the ball, or qb that simple , ! Now allen still plays the ” down & distance ” approach to defense, ( which is COMICAL ) meaning his def cord, is expected to change the def style/assignments from down to down , zone to man in the back 7 , and inside and outside shades in the front 4 , THIS IS A PROVEN INEPT formula and gets def cord and hc fired in a year ! , except for allen tarver , cause reggie is ” BUILDING THIS THING ” he keeps saying. GThis best def is the one that increases the speed and reaction time of the unit ! , the only way that occurs is when the def is playing in a defined system, that actually shrinks the field visually on the qb, ! THis allen just aint smart enuff or has the background to be able to run a defense period ! ok ! now this post should be getting deleted in about 2-4 mins, reggie must be reading this , or trying to !!!!!!!!

  21. oh btw , radrntn , seeing that ” the reggie ” has signed hunter therre is no comp picks for shaughnessy ! btw ! u reggie folk need to know the rules b4 u go spoutin off ok ! also wheeler / kaluka olbr for olbr no comp, seymour / sims dt for dt no comp ,
    and the nly comp picks u get this year is at the te spot, boss te if ruled as a free agent loss, but he was really cut btw , and maybe the qb spot, cambell for elnart , now the stretch there is leinart signed a league min,incentive deal, if he doesnt cost more then the nfl min total in 12 , then oak mite get a 7th rounder ! ooohh wow !
    Yeah thats alot better then resinging him and trading him for 3rd or 4th !!!!!!! ooohh that reggie is so smart ( loads of sarcasm btw , in case u are not sure )

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