Steelers bring back Matt Spaeth


The Steelers are willing to bring back a player for a second stint.

And now, we can Matt Spaeth to the list of Pittsburgh returnees.

Spaeth has agreed on a contract with the Steelers, ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson reported Friday night. The Bears released the 28-year-old Spaeth on Wednesday.

A third-round pick of the Steelers in 2007, Spaeth played four seasons with Pittsburgh before signing with Chicago.

A strong run blocker — he was the best in the league at his position in this category per Pro Football Focus in 2012 — Spaeth improves the Steelers’ tight end depth. Heath Miller, one of the AFC’s top all-around tight ends, is recovering from multiple torn knee ligaments suffered last December, including an ACL.

Earlier in the offseason, the Steelers added cornerback William Gay, a fifth-round pick in 2007 who had been released by Arizona. They also re-signed inside linebacker Larry Foote and wideout Plaxico Burress, who are also in their second go-arounds with the Steelers.

27 responses to “Steelers bring back Matt Spaeth

  1. What? Randy Grossman, Bennie Cunningham, Eric Greene or Mark Brunner weren’t available?
    This signing probably doesn’t speak well for Heath Miller’s recovery progress. Oh, boy. Just another day in offseason paradise here in SteelersNation.

  2. Your mission … should you choose to accept it. Destroy the other teams salary cap. Learn their inner workings. Go along with the program, then report back to Steeler Nation …. cap friendly, ofcourse. Atleast, that’s what it seems like. 🙂

    Go Steelers!!!

  3. Sometimes, when you’ve spent all your money, you have to shop at the dolla store. Don’t worry, steeler fans will do the usual: we don’t need Wallace, Harrison, Sanders, etc. They suck, next man up for the blessed franchise. Gay, Spaeth, Plax, Pro Bowlers now. Besides, we drafted game changers like Hood, Hayward, Adams, Worilds. No worries. You’ll see.

  4. Looking at the photo, my only thought is: How could the Bears NOT retire jersey # 89//!!

  5. Anyone with a brain cell knows this is a good move for the Steelers the way they use TE’s in their blocking schemes.

  6. This is not going to go well……another year out of the playoffs for Pittsburgh. Oh well…..the Pens rule and the Pirates are fun again!

  7. Actually, Spaeth is a STRONG blocking tight end. Watch for the kid from Oregon, Paulson, to make a mark this year until Miller makes his way back from injury. He’s got good ball skills and can run.


  8. Glad to see Speath back in Pitt. , in my opinion this is a HUGE addition to our run offense, and with Dwyer molding into a premier RB this eases the pressure off Ben to carry the offense the entire game, plus Speath`s size (6`7) can make it easier for Ben to target in red zone. Very good signing.

  9. So what TE is available that we can afford?! Spaeth is ranks as the #1 Blocking TE from 2012-13.. Paulson gets manhandled..he’s not Ready to start..You mfs don’t realize we BROKE?? Good pickup for a bad situation.. ill be waiting on that list of great AFFORDABLE TEs

  10. The Steelers offseason is worse than watching grass grow. They need to figure it out while QB still in his prime. I cant stomach another Bubby Brister,Cliff Stoudt or Tommy Gun era. Geesh!

  11. jackeri:
    I’d agree … if there were actually running backs on the roster for whom to block.

    The Steelers won with each and every one of the quarterbacks you mentioned. What’s your point? Can we please stop pretending that the Steelers were the Browns before Roethlisberger’s arrival in 2004?
    The Steelers, regardless of the QB, have been winning with defense and a strong running game since 1992. Take away those two components, which is happening as we speak, and winning will be a distant memory — with or without Roethlisberger.

  12. Now, if they can rid of “Big Ben” that would be perfect. If it wasn’t for great receivers he wouldn’t be any more than a bush league QB, which is what he really is!!

  13. @ravenator..have you thought about your comment”haha Steelers be broke”before you typed it? Last I checked ravens chokef out a big chunk of cash for a QB who isn’t even a top 5QB.sure he won a super bowl but if it wasn’t for ray rice and boulden they would never have won the super bowl.they were flaccos saviors all they have to unload all there talented players to make room under there cap.who is laughing now haha….

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