Vikings agree with Greg Jennings

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The Vikings have a new No. 1 receiver — and they are taking him from a division rival.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Friday evening that the Vikings and Packers free agent wideout Greg Jennings have agreed to terms. According to Schefter, it’s a five-year contract.

Jennings was No. 4 on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100. The 29-year-old receiver caught 36 passes for 366 yards and four TDs in 2012. He has missed 11 games with injuries in the last two seasons but exceeded 1,100 yards receiving in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Jennings gives Minnesota a go-to target — something the team was lacking after Percy Harvin was dealt earlier this week. Jennings’ arrival figures to be well-received by third-year quarterback Christian Ponder, who’s had an up-and-down start to his NFL career and now has a high-priced backup in Matt Cassel. Last week, Jennings told USA Today that QB play was a decision-making factor in his free-agent process.

The Packers-Vikings rivalry always creates strong feelings, and Jennings’ move to Minnesota adds another element of excitement and intrigue to two already entertaining regular-season games. How he will be received in Lambeau Field next season will be interesting.

Jennings’ agreement with Minnesota leaves Dolphins offensive tackle Jake Long as the top unsigned free agent in PFT’s rankings.

206 responses to “Vikings agree with Greg Jennings

  1. About damn time! Been refreshing every source known to man waiting for the answer to this! Welcome to Minny, Jennings.

    Time to torch some Packers DBs.

  2. Packer fans a week ago: Greg is so classy. Class act. Classy. Packer for life.

    Yesterday: I’ll hate him if he’s a stupid Viqueen. He’s washed up anyways.

    Today: Drunk and depressed silence

  3. Once again the Vikings dine on cheese. Trade a headache WR for a character guy. Jennings will be a fine addition as both a play maker and mentor to our young receivers. Everyone knows we will be drafting another 1 in the first round,,,

  4. Welp that sucks. Two days ago I thought Pack would land Jennings and SJax. Heres to hoping TT has a plan. Better lock Rodgers up long term with the money we didn’t spend.

  5. Wow… what a target for Ponder. They’ll need to get some more help or Jennings will be double teamed all year. Good signing. Think packers thought he’d never go. Let us see how the fans treat him when he comes back to Lambeau. Hopefully more respectful than they did Favre.

  6. Address a top weakness with a top player, while weakening a division rival…win-win. Now I want us to sign Urlacher just for the blow it would bring to the Bears franchise and the leadership he would bring in a limited role on defense.

  7. Yes! Now we can find out if Ponder is decent or really does suck. This is great news for Vikings nation. Someone who can help our young WR too.

  8. Wow, they basically replaced Percy Harvin and got 3 picks on top of it. Good job Minnesota.

  9. Now when Ponder sucks, we can actually know he sucks and not blame it on his lack of receivers. Here’s hoping for a healthy and productive 2013 from Greg!

  10. Congrats on the payday Greg, just wish it would have been with anyone else.

    Enjoy the guaranteed 0-2 in the division in each of those years!

  11. Had fun watching you catch passes from Favre/Rodgers. May you drop 1 out of 4 passes now.
    3 out of 4 when you play the Packers.

    Honestly, he’s a class act. Wish nothing but the best.

  12. All I have to say is suck it Spielman haters. The Vikes got rid of a headcase in Percy, a 1st rounder back (and 3rd next year), and signed a better wide receiver. No word on compensation, but I’m guessing it’s less than the crazy ~$11.75m/year Harvin received (if not its still a wash for a better receiver). I would say that’s a win.

    Oh and suck it all the whiney, excuse making Packers fans sure to fill this message board.

  13. Can’t wait to hear Jennings’ sister’s tweets now. She thought A-Rod was a bad QB, wait until her brother is catching bounce passes from Ponder or Cassel.

  14. Vikes just signed a great player. Jennings is a class act. Should be a great mentor to the young wrs they have and will draft.

  15. What a shock it will be for Greg to go from the 2nd best QB in professional Football to mediocre QB #7. Maybe Adrian Cheaterson will teach Greg how to juice. RGIII is the #1 QB in professional Football.

  16. Good signing by Spielman to bolster our depleted receiving corps. Dinner with Jared Allen the other night probably sealed the deal. Welcome to the Twin Cities, Greg.

    On a side note…thumbs up if you’re tired of seeing ignorant trolls like IllogicalVoiceSays, FilthyMcNasty, and Carl Gerbschmidt on every Vikings story! I know I am…

  17. Nice pick up for the purple…..could care less that he came from a division rival. Props to the Vikes and the fun that this will create between the Vikings and Packers again like it did with Favre.

    Fans win on both sides of the river! Good TV!

  18. Stop digging in Green Bay’s Trash! Good news for you is you have one person on your team with a Super Bowl Ring, so maybe he can show you what one looks like in the locker room. Since none of them will ever see one of their own.

  19. Fabulous news for Vikings Fans! Trade Percy, get Jennings and 3 picks! Skol!

  20. Awsome! Now take Keenan Allen with first pick in round 1, then Aurthur Brown from Kansas St. with second first round pick to shore up ILB.

  21. In related news the Vikings announced the name of their new stadium will be Lambeau West.
    Loved watching you play Gregg, at least for the next 5 years you’ll have your January and February’s free

  22. 5 years for Jennings? WOW the Packers were offering 2 at the most way to overspend Viks. If he came back to the Packers he would have been the 4th receiver.

  23. Jennings knows who will dominate the divison for the next decade and is jumping ship from a soft team to a smack in the mouth power team.

  24. Cue the typical Viking hating, Packer fan comments on here…….Tokyo, gb4mn0, Carl……I can’t wait to read you guys typical “witty” remarks. Wonder how many “Vikings taking Packer players again” comments there will be…..BARF!!!!

  25. As a Packers Fan I’m not as upset about this as I thought I would be. Greg is a class act and he did great things for the Pack over the years but with younger (and arguably better) options stacked in our roster we don’t need to, and shouldn’t, pay him the money he deserves for his level of play.

    Best of luck to you Greg, but with Ponder throwing you the ball I think a spot just opened up on my fantasy roster.

  26. Well done Rick, well done. Vikes get more of a “true #1” as opposed to a slot receiver (yes, i know Percy does a lot more…) plus get a 1st 3rd and 7th, nice!

  27. The Viqueefs still don’t have a QB that can get him the ball. He’s 29 and has been hurt the last two years. No matter how many sloppy seconds you get from the almighty 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers you still will NEVER win a Superbowl. LOLZ. Go Pack Go!!!

  28. Still need to draft a WR with one of their first round picks. Simpson is a bum so the draft pick better be ready to start day 1!!!

  29. The best move would have been to go after Victor Cruz with the 1st round pick they got from trading Harvin and wrap him up for 6 years. Taking Jennings is a horrible move for a guy who is more interested in commercial endorsements than he is in playing football.

  30. Is Tarkington coming back to play quarterback? Who’s going to through the ball in Minny? AP just runs oh I forgot they have Matt Cassell and Christine Ponder.

  31. Let the bottom feeders keep taking ex-Packers. Hopefully they gave him a massive contract. See how it works out with his injury history.

  32. I love how the Packer fans say we take their garbage, Longwell, one of their best kickers of all time-does great here in MN. Sharper one of their best safeties of all time-did well in MN, Favre-one of their best QB’s of all time-Did great in MN, Now Jennings their #1 WR in the last 6 years.

    If that is garbage ill take it every time.


  33. This is the kind of Shogun move that really hurts the other team in the same division. Their loss is your gain. This would be like the 49ers signing a great player from the Sea Hawks …sorry can’t think of one at the moment besides Russel.

  34. Awesome!! That’s one less team with an extra 1st rounder who will pounce on my man Cruz.

  35. Great receiver IF he can stay healthy. Sorry to see the Pack lose him. He’s a real class act.

  36. Has he seen Ponder throw? I wonder if he’ll ask for a trade after his 1st practice with limp wristed, noodle armed Ponder?

  37. Farwell Jennings, appreciate everything you did for GB. Didn’t want to go to Stevie Johnson you wanted to play somewhere warm so you didn’t go to Buffalo.

    Your going to have an easier playing football with that bed attached to you than, playing with Ponder.

    Steve Miller said it well, “Go on take the money and run.”

  38. Hey Packer fans how bout you quit bashing the Vikings for picking up what you call “Left overs”, that is kind of a harsh name for players who come to the vikes only to have the best seasons of their careers. Just look at Sharper and Favre

  39. Great signing by the Vikings. They essentially trading Harvin for Jennings, a 1st,3rd, and 7th.
    This would be even better if we made a play for cruz and replaced harving with cruz, jennings, and a 3rd and 7th.

    All of that would be dependent on what the cap numbers are on jennings and if we would want to give cruz a big deal, which we probably wont.

  40. Good signing for Minnesota. I do think you’ll be disappointed if you expecting a true #1 WR. In my opinion none of the GB receivers are a true #1. The strength of the WR core was we had four #2s and Finley is a hard cover. I feel this is further proven by the market for Jennings being weak.

    The difference between a #1 and #2 is that the #1 can produce regardless of what the defense does. You watch GB, depending on the defensive scheme you’ll see at least 1 or 2 of the WR disappear each game.

    So again, good sign by Minnesota. Draft another decent WR and you should be tough again this season.

  41. And in the end, the only thing that Greg truly wanted to #BeGreat was his bank account.

  42. I can’t blame him he’s the fourth best receiver on the Packers why would they pay him to be a number 1

  43. Good move by Spielman. Probably a more prudent deal than giving up a 1st rounder + more $ for Cruz.

    Jennings is getting long in the tooth, but he has at least 2-3 productive years in the tank.

  44. Sorry to disappoint Viking fans looking for anything to attack Packer fans on, but as a Packers fan, I can tell you that most Packer fans recognize that Jennings is a class act and was probably their best receiver. I think he was easily their best, and was the best FA WR this year. Congrats to the Vikings for getting rid of a potentially huge problem in Harvin, getting a receiver who might be better than Harvin, is a team guy, and also adding the draft picks. It sucks for us, but I still expect GB will win the division.

  45. Jennings would have been the #4 WR on the Packers roster this year. Now he’s the Viqueefs #1. That should tell you a lot. Might as well bring back Craig Camarillo too. LOLZ.

  46. I’m a Packer fan that STILL love me some Greg! Wish we could have kept him, but we had the luxury of allowing him to leave – he was our 4th best receiver. If the Vike fans think he will fare as well catching passes from Ponder – dream on! Greg is still a class act – wish him the best.

  47. Great job MN. You just paid a premium for the 5th best receiver in your divison.

    Calvin Johnson
    Brandon Marshall
    Randall Cobb
    Jordy Nelson
    Greg Jennings

  48. Why r there comments about the bad packer fans? Most of the packer comments talk about what a great guy Jennings is and wish him good luck? Why do people have to constantly try to spread so much hate -even when it is not called for?

  49. Man, I too have been hitting the refresh button at home and on the Iphone at work! Reasons he’s a better player than Percy:

    1. Better attitude
    2. More reliable
    3. No weed issues
    4. Even though he was injured last year, Percy was too. If Jennings would have been with us last year and injured, you would have seen him on the sidelines on gameday.
    5. MUCH better route runner.

    Let’s get ready for the draft!!

  50. Curious to see the numbers. As a Packers fan I’m not bitter. He’s doing what he, or his agent, thinks is best. A lot of comments say he will be a good mentor, but If im a Vikngs fan, im wanting more than a mentor. I’d not give a 29 year old receiver with his injury history a 5 year deal and as a Packer fan fear Harvin much more than Jennings. In Green Bay Jennings had Rodgers, Jordy, Jones, Finley and Cobb. Minnesota… Not so much.

  51. good deal as long as it wasn’t too much $. packers fans stay out of our stuff and we’ll stay off your comment boards! easy. This is our time so stay out of it. good job spielman. NOW it’s on ponder!

  52. regards to Favre,Sharper and Longwell,yes they had great seasons with the Vikes……but………Favre and Sharper got rings with other teams…and Longwell got none, and all this “Greg just wanted to be a Viking is crap….” From the get go he wanted Miami and they took Wallace, Vikings probably offered him more than the Pack..what normal human being would turn down more $$$$$$$? I don’t see Green Bay or the queens making a run anyway…after watching San Fran and Seattle get stronger…the NFC north just became the weakest in the NFC. …and Brandon Marshall and Marcellus Bennett???? Scary good.

  53. Congrats Viking got a great player and an even better person..time will tell about the 5 year deal for a player that has shown a tendency for injuries the last 2 years. Truth be known Jennings and Randall Cobb play best at the same position which is in the slot so they decided to keep the younger more explosive player in Cobb. Also neither Jennings or S Jackson were out there playing defense when SF gashed them for 600 yards in the playoffs or when AP ran through the D for around 500 yds in 2 games so im thinking that is rather pay more money on defense than pay a 5 year deal for a player who had become injury prone

  54. Don’t worry Greg. You were never as revered/liked as Brett. In fact your not even included in the conversation so the backlash won’t be nearly as bad.

  55. Doesn’t matter, we still got you on the ultimate scoreboard, 4 to 0 .

    Boom, Roasted

  56. At least he is going to a team that appreciates him and wouldn’t insult him for less then what he is worth!

  57. Heres some news for the idiot Teddy Thomson and McCarthy – you haven’t won anything in the last 3 years now – by being so cheap and conservative – when you Finnish with less than a superbowl championship you might as well start writing resumes for your next jobs – it’s getting really old watching you do the same stuff and get the same results

  58. i guess the thing that gets me is why wasnt there any other teams in play for jennings? all i heard was minny and maybe back to GB. Either way WRs are as good as their Qbs. That said good choice greg.

  59. Sorry to see Jennings go.
    Great competitor and a complete professional on and off the field.
    Class act, it’s just too bad he’s now playing for the classless fans in the NFL.

  60. Great move by Minnesota. Jennings will not be an exact match to what they lost in Harvin, but he does bring a whole other element to the team. Not only can Ponder now relax a little instead of walking on egg shells, but he can finally feel what it is like to trust his #1 Receiver. Got rid of the migraine headache with some top-of-the-line-Wisconsin-grade A-cheese.

  61. Its funny as hell listening to Vikings fans on this one. The Favre thing was a bit of a sore spot…..this???? You can have him lol…..Jennings is not worth it, he was our 3rd best WR last year and replaceable easily. Glad we didnt waste money on him. Now he can go play for a perennial loser and think back to the good ole days with the Packers, a winner……Hope his money makes him feel better when hes dropping ducks that whatever QB the Vikes play is tossing him…….Packers>>>>>>>Vikings……always have been, always will be

  62. No arguing it’s a big upgrade for the vikings wide out squad, and with 2 1st rd picks they can still get some playmakers

  63. Not sure if this is a good idea for the Vikings. This makes it abundantly clear the organization did not like harvins attitude toward ponder since they are getting almost identical contracts. Jennings is good but I just don’t believe receivers are worth those huge cap breaking contracts.

  64. Looking at the comments, I see a lot of Green Bay fans wishing him well. A little less but still a good number of Vikings fans saying something along the lines of “cue da whiny cheeseheads.” Then a couple of comments that do whine.

    Way to go Viking fans.

    Now about the signing, Green Bay will be just fine and this is most likely going to show the Christian Ponder’s lack of skills.

  65. Finally…I was getting sick and tired of hearing about Greg Jennings!! He is a good receiver, but not great. With Jennings numbers declining catching passes from Rodgers, I don’t see him having much of an impact getting passes thrown in his direction from Ponder/Cassel.

  66. Just droppin em out of GB straight into the pro’s. Peterson and Ponder and Rudolph have got to be smiling, now waiting on the Revis trade and we good…, we goooooood….

  67. If Jennings has to remain in the NFC North and it’s not with the Lions, then I’m glad it’s with the Vikings.

  68. Thanks to the Packer fans signing in who gave Jennings the deserved kind words – YOU guys have integrity. Now for the other Packer fans and the “stuff” they’re spewing out – it’s getting old, VERY old.

  69. If you thought Harvin was overpaid and injury prone, you’ll just LOVE Greg Jennings!

    Not to mention, quite the downgrade in terms of QB.

  70. We’re sorry to see Jennings go, and I think he is the best WR in FA, better than Wallace, but that is a lot of money for a WR. Green Bay had to let him go. He is a class guy and teammate. I hope the Viking fans on here treat him better than they treat other people on these boards.

  71. Sources

    Jennings spoke to Favre when deciding to leave GB or not

    They both agreed Green Bay was too depressing to live

  72. Jennings last year to Rodgers: “I hate your on-target passes that hit me in stride and never make me reach for the pass.”

    Jennings and his crazy sister are just going to looooooove Ponder then.

  73. Vikings replace a locker room problem with a high character guy who is a better deep threat, add a 1st and 3rd and weaken a division rival. Nice. Oh, and they already have Harvin’s replacement with Wright.

  74. Would all you idiot packer fans get some new material in calling the Vikings the “queens”. Really, pretty impressive maybe for a 5 yr old . We all get it. HaHa. At least us Vikings fans have some class in refraining from calling you a bunch of “….. Packers”.

  75. I’m a die hard packer fan, and any packer fan that comes on here and is mad at jennings is an idiot. the only details ,we know hes goin to the vikings and makin some good money. Packers may have offered him 10mil a yr 3 days ago but after seeing how the WR market was they may have backed off and offered less. With the way TT works who the heck knows whats goin on. We still have nelson, cobb, jones, and ill even throw finley in there just cuz hes capable of bein a major threat. every team would love to have that as a recieving core, not to mention one of the best qb’s in the league. didnt want jennings to go but the packers have bigger issues. Offensive line, defense, running back! Fix it TT!

  76. Waste of money. Jennings is a crisp fluid route-runner that needs timely, accurate passes. He’s not a physical match-up that can fight and overcome defenders and snatch poorly thrown balls. The latter is what Ponder needed; the former will be completely wasted on Ponder.

    Jennings will never break 1,000 yards again, and he’ll be cut in 2-3 years.

  77. How about Packer fans read stuff about your own team…oh right, the Packers don’t participate in Free Agency. The great Ted Thompson will draft more Packer greats like Justin Harrell, Terrence Murphy, Brian Brohm, Abdul Hodge and Pat Lee. Remember those 1st and 2nd round gems? Just 40 days for the next flop.

  78. Still, who going to throw him the ball? Your 24th ranked QB? Jennings is a good deep threat but with a QB that excels on the 5 yard dump past, I don’t get it.

  79. I love how stupid Viking fan thinks Packer fan is. Congrads you’ve got Greg. Not going to hate, but wake up. MN 0-4 in Super Bowls, GB 4-1. Scoreboard Bitches…Time to do Allens look at me dance, makes a discount double check seem cool. Ponder/Cassel/Webb. WOW. Cue the Old Spice whistle now.

  80. the amount of stupid people on here is mind blowing! I love how everyone has the gift of foresight and knows how the season will play out already lol that’s why we play the games people! so many idiots had the vikes last in the league last year and how’d that work out? Oh ya 10-6 and that was basically WITHOUT Harvin…grow a brain people…except Viking fans lol SKOL VIKINGS

  81. azpackerbacker says: Mar 15, 2013 8:21 PM

    Doesn’t matter, we still got you on the ultimate scoreboard, 4 to 0 .

    Boom, Roasted


    Maybe if it was posted for the 1st time ever, not the 1 billionth time. Get some fresh new material to trash talk with there child.

  82. dkrause71, you have to understand that there is only one football, Greg Jennings is a good WR. What would really be good for the Vikes is if they gave up that 1st round pick and went after Victor Cruz! Now you would have a slot, a wideout and a solid TE in Rudolph to go along with AP!! Not even Ponder can mess that up.

  83. packerhater says: Mar 15, 2013 9:08 PM

    “If the Pack lose another top WR then Rodgers will be exposed for the average QB he is. The WRS do all the work and pad his stats.”

    As a Bears fan, I want to agree with you, I really do…But in all honesty I can’t…Rodgers is the real deal.

  84. Before you can be a ViKING you have to be a good piece of cheese. Well done GJ! Well done indeed!!

  85. As a Vikes fan, I’m a little disappointed in my bretheren, and impressed with most of the Pack fans. A lot of anticipatory venom from Vikes fans…a high level of class from Packerbackers. I love it when we can raise the level of debate a little bit. I am surprised that Jennings chose us for about the same money, considering he will be with a lesser QB and WR corp here. It seems like he and AP are very close. The comment about hoping AP gets the record, and they’re always very lovey-dovey post game. Maybe that played into it…either way, I love this signing. It will be interesting to see how much he can help Ponder. Everyone needs to take a deep breathe on Christian Ponder. He’s just going into his 3rd season (2nd full offseason) and while he was often ugly, he played well enough early and down the stretch to lead us to 10 wins and the playoffs. 5-2 w/o Percy. With Jennings, we’re already better than those last 7 games at receiver and we haven’t even drafted yet. Let’s give the kid a chance to develop…you know, the way Aikman, Young, Rodgers (he had barely taken a snap at this point in his NFL career), etc. needed to. Time will tell, and he could be the next Grossman or Joey Harrington, but give the kid a chance. Bottom line, I’ll take Jennings’ sister’s tweets over Percy’s migraines any day.

  86. Gotta love Vikings fans – if Super Bowls were won in March, you’d have trophies on display in your own Vikings Hall of Fame. Congratulations on beating the Packers in free agency, hopefully one of your less than average quarterbacks pans out this year.

  87. “How he will be received in Lambeau Field next season will be interesting.”

    Treat him like a VIKING! VIKINGS don’t give a crap what you cheese snots think or feel!

  88. Long in the tooth???? Here are the ages of the top 5 WR’s last year in terms of total catches:

    27 (Megatron)
    28 (B Marshall)
    31 (Welker)
    31 (Andre Johnson)
    34 (R. Wayne).

    Jennings is 29. I’d say this could work out rather well for the Vikings.

  89. Interesting to see that Packer fans don’t think Jennings is much better than Michael Jenkins who had 466 and 449 yards and his first career 100-yard game in the past 2 years with Ponder playing quarterback.
    It’s good to see that Spielman recognizes that good receivers do have some value after all. After the Simpson deal I was really starting to wonder about him.
    Jennings is going to murder single-coverage on a regular basis.

  90. Can’t blame Greg for taking the money…it’s the last contract he will get most likely.

    His career will now fade into obscurity though, with mediocre QB’s throwing him the ball. No hate from this Packer fan…Vikings want so badly to be the Packers, instead of making their own way. Pathetic.

  91. fredsingleton says: Mar 15, 2013 7:32 PM

    “Draft Tavon Austin and Alec Ogletree and that’s a pretty good off-season.”

    Unless Emery trades down from #20, I doubt both Austin and Ogletree drop that far.

  92. Good for Greg- think that the Queens overpaid -or at least paid the premium. TT obviously needs to get the big 3 reupped and with Jones, Nelson, Cobb and Boykin in the wings – and I guess Finally will either get extended or given his money – AR will have his targets.

    It is a business and better to let a guy go early than to late – remember KGB??.

    I would still like to see a premium running back – but I guess that picks might be better spent at O line and D line and linebacker

  93. With the improvements all four teams have made so far, this will be a very competitive race in the NFC North.

  94. Nice to read the complimentary posts from Packer fans vs. the crap that comes out of some people’s….mouth. I don’t care who a player played for: Montana going to chiefs, Marcus Allen going to chiefs, Manning going to Denver, etc…..everyone of those teams fans were gracious for what those players did while on their teams. Favre bought winning football back to GB, won a SB, Jennings gave you 7 great years as a player and stand up player, Longwell is still a better kicker than Crosby, Sharper gave you how many good years, helped the Vikes and then the saints to the SB. You call yourselves “the best fans in the NFL”, LOL…..I agree with one poster from last year who said, “a packer fan would let his wife sleep with TT if asked”. No class whatsoever to the “hate” posters.

  95. Funny thing is I never heard Rodgers thank Favre for those years of learning and mentoring.

    Ponder is being baptized by fire. Jennngs will now give Ponder a real target.

  96. Shinnbone says:Mar 15, 2013 7:48 PM

    Is Tarkington coming back to play quarterback? Who’s going to through the ball in Minny? AP just runs oh I forgot they have Matt Cassell and Christine Ponder.

    That insult would have been a lot more effective if you knew how to spell “throw.”

  97. They must have taken Greg to a nice restaurant, one better then Applebee’s, to seal the deal. Ted Thomsen will go out and find a solid WR from some college nobodies ever heard of for 1/20th the price and who will also appreciate a good meal at Applebee’s.

    On a serious note, Jennings is a very solid WR and not an once of body fat on the guy. He is still in peak physical shape, and has ALWAYS played better in domes. I think he will put up big numbers. As a Packer fan, sucks to lose him, and I hope he has 14 great games next year.

  98. I don’t understand the Matt Kassel signing. He wants to start, and will be breathing down ponders neck. Ponder comes off as fragile. He played horribly when Harvin was there, complaining. He played better when he was a little relaxed when Harvin was on IR. now the Vikings give ponder something to be nervous about with Kassel. You don’t put a potential starter behind your prized work in progress first round pick you want to be the franchise. Makes no sense at all.

  99. Do the Vikings have a personnel department, or do they just leave that up to the folks at 1265 Lombardi Avenue?

  100. All I know is that we went to the playoffs in a ‘rebuilding’ year last year.

    Future looks good for us, but our future is only as good as Ponder lets it be. Happy about the signing, we finally have a ‘good’ WR on the team. Here’s to drafting another one in the first round and hoping he doesn’t take long to make an impact.

  101. I love it. The Vikings obviously traded Percy Harvin to free up jersey number 12. Packers fans beware.

  102. Not an NFC fan but I think the Vikes pulled off the best overall move of all teams in FA. Traded a problem child and slot wr Harvin for a class act and true wr in Jennings, saved $3 mil per year in the process and got 3 draft choices and now have 2 #1’s coming up.

  103. Packers better hope that Favre and Rodgers don’t bury the hatchet. Longwell sold Sharper and together they sold Favre who then sold Jennings on the Vikes…..better not let ’em talk to Rodgers or he will be makin’ a “run for the border” too, lol Kinda reminds you of the kid who lives on a farm (Green Bay) and after a few trips to the “big city” they want to get out of Mayberry.

  104. Good news for you is you have one person on your team with a Super Bowl Ring, so maybe he can show you what one looks like in the locker room. Since none of them will ever see one of their own.


    coach frazier has a ring, so does mike singletary.

    charlie johnson, who plays left guard, got a ring with peyton manning.

    can you come up with a better diss, please?

  105. I’m sure the Packers are just distraught over this loss. Cobb is more versatile anyway and while Jennings was milking a “sports hernia” in his contract year (convenient, no?), James Jones was leading his team and the whole NFL in TD catches. I think the Packers offense will be just fine without a receiver who can’t catch a ball in a playoff game (see: both Giants losses). It’s the defense that needs a complete overhaul.

    The way last year went, Jennings won’t need to catch a pass. He’ll just have to find a comfortable seat while AP runs all over them again. Not to mention sit and watch his defense let Rodgers throw to other WRs all game. But he got himself used to that last season maybe.

  106. puntonfirstdown says:Mar 15, 2013 11:13 PM

    Do the Vikings have a personnel department, or do they just leave that up to the folks at 1265 Lombardi Avenue?


    Yeah, that personnel department drafted some guy a few years ago named Adrian Peterson, drafted Matt Kalil, Harrison Smith, Jarius Wright, found some kicker last year later in the draft, found Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Phil Loadholt, some guy that plays center, a TE named Kyle. I think they have a pretty decent personnel department.

  107. Listen to Jennings press conferences, you’d swear he’s more excited to play with Adrian than anything. He sounds more giddy about that, than a guy going to his first prom knowing what happens on prom night!

    If he can teach Simpson to catch, and helps bring along Jarius Wright. They could be even better than last year. AP had a phenemonal year, and he probably won’t pull off 2000+ again this year, but atleast now he will have some help. If there’s any threat at all of a passing game, AP could rip off more than 2000+ yards.

    You know teams are going to start off the year with 8+ in the box, so Ponder has his chance right away to show what he can do. There’s going to be alot of single coverage around here. And that is exactly why MN had to go and get a reciever. We didn’t have a single one who could beat single coverage. The minute anyone has to actually account for us having a WR, AP won’t know what to do! He hasn’t seen a 6-7 man front in 2 years! He prbably won’t know how to run against one.

  108. My favorite time of year.. When Vike fans believe they will rule the world… it is truly spectacular!
    than week 3 happens… doubt creeps in
    week 8 the annual meltdown appears…
    week 12.. despair and suicide watch is in place

    and week 13 they start looking forward to next year.

    Enjoy! it is truly a magical time of year


  109. dcfair03 says: Mar 15, 2013 7:44 PM

    Now we’ll see just how good Rodgers is!!

    You could have seen the 8 games Jennings was out last year.

    The Vikings needed Jennings more than the Packers did. They still have 3 other WRs that would start across from him in Minn.

    Still stinks he left but as an old man said. “Oh well.”

  110. Considering that the Vikings gave him 5 years for 47.5 million isn’t what I like. For a guy who missed half the season last year and for someone who is 29 years old, not a big fan of that but since my Vikings need someone to play WR I’m happy though. Also I hate when people bring this up we don’t need Tavon Austin, Jarius Wright did fine as a slot receiver last year when Harvin went down and there is many more concerns such as,who going to play next to Kevin Williams when he needs a break or play next to him? Jasper Brinkley signed with the Cardinals and Audie Cole is not a starting MLB, Charlie Johnson hasn’t played his greatest and Geoff Schwartz is still not resigned, Jamarca Sanford isn’t a starting caliber safety and Winfield most likely will be back but he 36 in August and Cook hasn’t been healthy or hasn’t really stayed out of trouble, also when are we going to find a replacement for Allen and his contract is up next year as you can see there’s more needs with these picks

  111. As a Vikes fan I’m SO tired of hearing about “Ponder led us to a 5-2 record w/out Percy.. Playoffs blah blah” Have you guys even looked at the numbers and compared them to AD’s?

    Well Here:

    Sun 11/11 vs DET W 34-24
    Ponder: Cmp:24 Yds:221 Avg:6.9 TD:2 Int:0 / Qbr:89.8 Rat:114.2
    Adrian: Att:27 Yds:171 Avg:6.3 TD:1
    *Adrian had 50 less yards and .7 less yards per att / but Ponder had 2 Td’s so let’s give him that one

    Sun 11/25 @ CHI L 10-28
    Ponder: Cmp:22 Yds:159 Avg:3.7 TD:1 Int:1 / Qbr:10.3 Rat:58.2
    Adrian: Att:18 Yds:108 Avg:6.0 TD:0
    *Adrian had 41 less yards but avg almost twice as many yard per attempt. Excellen QBR/Rating LoL

    Sun 12/2 @ GB L 14-23
    Ponder: Cmp:12 Yds:119 AVg:4.76 TD:1 Int:2 / Qbr:3.1 Rat:41.9
    Adrian: Att:21 Yds:210 Avg:10.0 TD:1
    *HMMMM, well AD nearly 100 more yards, twice the avg per att / Ponder 2 picks (1 in the endzone), thought last weeks QBR/Rating were bad!!

    Sun 12/9 vs CHI W 21-14
    Ponder: Cmp:11 Yds: 91 AVg:5.3 TD:0 Int:1 / Qbr:25.3 Rat:53.8
    Adrian: Att:31 Yds:154 Avg:5.0 TD:2
    *Boy good outing there. Really led us to victory that day!!

    Sun 12/16 @ STL W 36-22
    Ponder: Cmp:17 Yds:131 Avg:5.4 TD:0 Int:0 / Qbr:96.9 Rat:83.9
    Adrian: Att:24 Yds:212 Avg:8.8 TD:1
    *Pointing it out at this point is getting redundant don’t ya think?

    Sun 12/23 @ HOU W 23-6
    Ponder: Cmp:16 Yds:174 Avg:5.8 TD:1 Int:0 / Qbr:78.5 Rat:81.8
    Adrian: Att:25 Yds: 86 Avg:3.4 TD:0
    *Holy crap! Adrian had a bad game and we won!!

    Sun 12/30 vs GB W 37-34
    Ponder: Cmp:16 Yds:234 Avg:8.3 TD:3 Int:0 / Qbr:94.6 Rat:120.2
    Adrian: Att:34 Yds:199 Avg:5.9 TD:1
    *By FAR Ponders best game, but still needed 200 yds and TD from AD to win!

    Look my point is fine, Ponder had 2 good games, 1 really bad game and 1 ok game and the other 3 games… well without AD’s monster numbers and the ability to control the game with the run we had little to no chance! He did ok, and if you mean “He led them…” in the way that he was the starting QB during those 7 games ok.

    But if you mean “He led them…” like most people say about; Rodgers, Brady, Manning(s), Big Ben, Brees, Russel Wilson, RG3, Luck or anyone other really good QB last year, well you need to take off the purple glasses and see Ponder has a LONG way to go to be even a middle of the road QB!

  112. djvh2 says:
    Mar 15, 2013 8:05 PM
    Sorry to disappoint Viking fans looking for anything to attack Packer fans on, but as a Packers fan, I can tell you that most Packer fans recognize that Jennings is a class act and was probably their best receiver. I think he was easily their best, and was the best FA WR this year. Congrats to the Vikings for getting rid of a potentially huge problem in Harvin, getting a receiver who might be better than Harvin, is a team guy, and also adding the draft picks. It sucks for us, but I still expect GB will win the division.


    Glad to see some smart and level headed fans posting on this.

  113. Nice move Vikes, anything you can do to weaken the evil empire of cheese is fine by me…here s to wishin and remembering better years, when the cheeseheads worshipped Randy Wright and thought Brian Nobel was good. Hope someone Charles martins a rod and the pack goes back to the “titletown” I knew and lived as a child living in Chi town during the 80s

  114. Wow, no wonder so many players want to get out of Green Bay and play for their most hated rival. Just listen to their fans.

  115. Honestly, what surprises me more is that other good teams didn’t pursue him. I thought NE would have courted him after losing Welker. Or SF or Seattle might have inquired. Even his own former OC in Miami didn’t bring him in for an interview. So he ends up way overpaid in Minny. Where old Packers go to die.

  116. Packers peaked a couple of years ago, and Jennings realized that. Wanted to gie himself another shot with a team on the rise. Well done GJ!

  117. Jennning has the best endorsement ad: A bikini babe giggling while riding a waverunner in slo mo and Jenning with a sh##-eatin grin ? Beat that, Vikings.

  118. For those ripping on Ponder, keep in mind that at this point in Rodgers’ career, he was about to enter is third season of riding the pine. And then he had a pretty average 4th season. And then he became really, really good in season 5.

    Ponder just finished his second season with a PR of 82 (not far off Rodgers’ PR in his fourth season – the first that he actually started) and Ponder statistically is a much more mobile QB.

    Had we made our verdict on Rodgers after year 2, he would have been considered an abysmal failure.

  119. funshipm174 says:Mar 15, 2013 10:35 PM

    Why is it no one wants to stay in Green Bay?
    Perhaps they want to see what it is like to play for a team with an empty trophy case?

  120. @woodstakes, he was a 2nd year QB. Last year was an EXTREME FLUKE to have 3 rookie QB’s perform like that. Regardless of how many yards he threw for or attempts, or how pass oriented we were, he was the QB. He called the plays in the huddle, he made the line reads, he by definition led the team. No one is saying AD didn’t carry the team, but the QB is still the leader. He has had some brutal games, which is pretty common for a young QB…even Russell Wilson had some pretty anemic stats in games Seattle won. But Ponder did step up in some big spots and has shown flashes of brilliance. It’s a team game and there’s way more to QBing than just throwing up and down the field. There’s leadership, poise, not making the big mistake at the wrong time. Listen to Frazier, they’re not asking him to be P. Manning or A. Rodgers, they’re asking him to control the ball, convert 3rd downs, and secure the football so we can feed the beast. As he progresses, I’m sure they hope to add more complexity to our passing attack. I wasn’t saying he’s for sure gonna be an all pro, but it’s way too early to tell that he’s not. I’d bet you $5 he’s gonna make a big leap this year, though.

  121. lol because ponder was sitting behind a hall of fame QB? that is the most foolish attempt at circular logic ever
    You mean McNabb??? –he never played behind Favre…

  122. The move of an aging declining player and a desperate low talent team. A retirement contract.

    (Note that this contract will be terminated prior to fulfillment.)

    Noodle arm can’t get the ball to Jennings when he is available to play. The vikings continue the same mistakes they made with Bobby Wade and Bernard Berrian.

    As for the Packers they still have their 3 top receivers and will get a third round compensatory pick. With their riches of talent they are not hurt.
    They also free up some cap space to be used on their core players.

  123. First, the Vikes are one of the YOUNGEST teams in the NFL, and they made the playoffs last year. So, saying they have no talent or suck, is just stupid. Second, Saying Jennings is injury prone because he’s missed some games the last two years, is laughable. He played every game the 3 or 4 seasons before that. The Vikes got rid of an off the field headache, who was ACTUALLY injury prone, for a great team leader, and WR, for LESS money. On top of that they got a 1st, 3rd and 7th round pick. I dont know how anyone can say thats not a good move. Id trade Percy for Jennings and a 1st, 3rd and 7th round pick ALL DAY LONG. Finally, the jury is still out on Ponder. I dont know if he is the answer at QB for the Vikes, but I do know its too early to say he’s not. He is only going into is 2nd year starting, and has been playing with some pretty mediocre WR’s. Also, saying he can only do the dump pass is misguided. He only had one WR that was worth anything, and that was Percy, who was a slot WR, hence never downfield. Now that the Vikes have Jennings, and will probably draft another good outside WR, to go along with Wright, who I thought did a pretty good job replacing Percy in the slot, we’ll see what Ponder is really made of .

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