Chad Johnson is on the comeback trail

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Add Chad Johnson to the list of NFL players trying to find their way back into the league.

Johnson tells that he wants back in. Specifically, he wants to play for the Texans.  But Johnson also said that he’s in “no position to be picky.”

“I think I’ve been very good to the NFL and for the NFL over a number of years, making the game fun and exciting,” Johnson said.  “But I did mess up, you know I messed up once.  I made my bed and have to lay in it.  Some people are given second chances, some people aren’t.  I think at this point I’ve learned my lesson.”

While the aversion to Johnson may relate in part to the fact that he was charged with assaulting his ex-wife during training camp last year with the Dolphins, the bigger question is whether he can still play.

As he said, some guys get second chances, and some don’t.  In the NFL, the guys who are regarded as still being able to play are the ones who get the second chances.

71 responses to “Chad Johnson is on the comeback trail

  1. When it’s all said and done, the term ‘Ochocinco’ will also represent the amount of comebacks he attempted.

  2. Every time I want to not like this guy — he makes up for it. He’s one of the realest dudes on Twitter. Haha.

    His Twitter image and the image the media portrays of him are like two completely different personas.

  3. I actually think it’d be kinda cool to see him back as a Bengal along side aj green. Of course it’s never going to happen

  4. Chad Johnson headbutted his golddigging , egotistical, selfish, annoying, ratchet “wife”. The type of woman who sreams “hit me!” 100 times while punching and kicking you, then run to the police when they get hit. You peopl act like he beat her half to death. Before that incident chad was never a major problem and played at a high level. He realizes what he did and should be given a second Chance.

  5. Too much drama, not enough plays made.
    Can’t learn a playbook…
    Good night. Have a nice life.

  6. You already had a 2nd chance with the Pats and couldn’t be bothered to learn the playbook. Or weren’t smart enough to learn the playbook

    Either way if you can’t get it together with Brady throwing to you, you won’t anywhere else.

    Might try the CFL though.

  7. transam7816 says: Mar 16, 2013 9:44 PM

    No lady beater should play in the nfl


    Nope. Just murderers, rapists and dead beat dads.

  8. Chad Johnson can still play he just needs to keep his mouth shut and play like its a professional not a goon!! I think he deserves another chance!!

  9. Feel sorry fit the guy. He is paying for all the things he did In the past. He is been honest but in this league if you hire a guy like ochocinco, your the moron that gave him the job. There is allot involve when you sign a guy like that.

  10. I believe he can still play, albeit probably not at an elite level, but he could contribute. Question is what team has the combination of a need for a wide receiver and the willingness to put up with him and assume the risks he comes with. He mentions Houston- they could use his football skills so long as he comes at an inexpensive price. I’m very curious though if they would be willing to put up with him. In Houston’s short life in the NFL they havent been known to house players of Chad’s reputation and off the field character. I agree with the Jets fan above, this seems like someone the Jets would have no problem snatching up.

  11. Before the incident with his wife (based on her past and current life, I’m not convinced on that story fully), Chad had been a great guy on and off the field. Sure his skills may have gone some. He hurt himself thinking he is still a number 1 when he should play his role. If he understand that now, he could still help out a team.

  12. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports says: Mar 16, 2013 10:28 PM

    transam7816 says: Mar 16, 2013 9:44 PM

    No lady beater should play in the nfl


    Nope. Just murderers, rapists and dead beat dads.


    Honestly, dude, there are murderers, rapists and dead beat dads (and moms) in virtually every profession on the planet.

  13. 85 flat-out STOLE six million dollars from the New England Patriots, took their money and gave them absolutely NOTHING in return…..

    ought to be in prison for Grand Theft.

  14. Why is it that everytime a player makes or attempts a comeback they are broke? Magic johnson did it… was he broke? Jordan did it twice was he broke? Deon sanders did was he broke? The rocket tried… was he broke andy petite was he broke? Patrick ewing joe montana… all of these athletes did the list goes on none of them were brokw maybe he just has a hard time letting go of the game… or maybe he still feels he can play but it isnt always because they are broke tou people are hating… you can pick all you want… fact none of us are as athletic as johnson is now and he probably isnt 75% what he was… fact he still owns three houses plenty of cars and properties… even if he was “broke” rich people broke is way different that you or I broke…

  15. Until Johnson comes to terms with his immaturity whatever physical skills he has left won’t be enough to get him back in the game. Chad’s antics divert attention away from his undisciplined route running and sloppy mental approach to the WR position. For whatever reason he does not seem smart enough to learn, retain, and execute his craft on a consistant basis.

  16. thanks chad for trying to be relivant – maybe you were given a second chance going to the patriots and you sucked than a third chance to the dolphins where you would have sucked – you can’t play anymore just go away!

  17. If Chad can still play then he should play. I can name a few teams that need WR’s. Minnesota, Miami, Chad would fit nice in Philly. I hope he gets a chance to play this season

  18. I’d give him a chance in Minnesota, he’d make a nice 3rd option. Besides we have CB Chris Cook on the team. Even if he’s a shadow of his former self, he’s still better then Jerome Simpson.

  19. He played well in his last year in Cincy, although the stats won’t say it, he caught most of the balls that went his way and drew a lot of coverage that helped Terrell Owens put up some impressive numbers. He didn’t really get much playing time on the Patriots. Its hard to say how much he has to offer an NFL team, but if I was in need of a WR id take a look at him. He has the drive, experience and talent to contribute to an offence.

  20. Very friendly and giving type of guy but he was sooo full of himself that it started being annoying..I guess he’s a different person now. Hopefully somebody gives him a chance..

  21. Patriots might as well have kept him at this point. Him, Moss, and Owens might all be in NE next season. If Westbrook can remember where he is, let’s get him on the Pats too.

  22. Never been a problem in the locker room.. Texans have no one to compliment Andre. Texans have little money to spend (planning on big Contracts to cush and jj next year). So getting this guy for veteran min for a year ain’t the worst the Rick Smith could do this off season… Just worried, Texans linked to Ed reed, nnamdi, Woodson and now ocho. 5 years ago they’d have killed to get any one of these guys…

  23. pinion8ed, don’t act like the patriots never stole anything from the rest of the league… Biggest cheaters and cry babies in the league. Great team, don’t get me wrong but stop whining already. And judging by all the thumbs down , I think most people agree with me..

  24. I say, “Give him another shot!” Stallworth was driving drunk and killed someone! He was given a second chance. Vick killed dogs and got his chance. I can go on and on. I’m not making what he did into a small thing. But if he can still ball, he should get a shot. Capped strapped teams can pick him up for a bargain.

  25. Probably wants back in now since Ray Lewis isn’t around to take his head “c-l-e-e-e-n” off.

  26. “In the NFL, the guys who are regarded as still being able to play are the ones who get the second chances.”

    Well, he can’t play anymore. If route running was his forte to win battles in Cincy, but his route running was worsening from 2010 he will not get a job.

    Chad’s done.

  27. back in the day when he was good all you saw were 9 and 85 jerseys at bengals games now neither can be seen cause they both suck

  28. Dear NFL Media,

    Please stop showing his Photo in a Dolphins uniform. Choose the Pats or Bengals instead.

    For those of you uniformed, he is not fast anymore, can’t learn a playbook, is a dangerous ego-maniac and for off-field issues outright does not deserve a “THIRD” chance. Especially, when a huge list of hard working, law abiding Free Agents WR’s will lose their dreams to continue in the NFL !

  29. logics71 says: Mar 17, 2013 5:49 AM

    I say, “Give him another shot!” Stallworth was driving drunk and killed someone! He was given a second chance. ..
    Idiots like you seriously irritate me (especially when you call yourself logics!!) Stallworth was not drunk. he’d had a few drinks the night before- which was quite a late night… went long into the morning. He got back up VERY early feeling hungry and went out for breakfast. He was NOT too impaired to drive. Before the sun rose, an older man stepped out from behind a tree right into traffic, leaving Donte no chance to avoid him. It had NOTHING to do with Donte having had drinks the night before. The police verified all that I’ve said here. The victim’s family has as well! He was never a punk like Ocho, and he felt terrible even though the guy who walked out in front of him was the one who screwed up. Because there was alcohol still in his system he was found legally at a slight level of “fault”. The family of the victim was devastated in their loss. Donte never tried to fight the charges. He was broken-hearted for THEM!! And he accepted the blame and gave them a heck of a lot of money; though it wasn’t even “necessary”. The league punished him for making a bad decision, and punished him VERY harshly with an expulsion for a time. He’s a VERY decent and mature man. Get it right next time.

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