Dumervil is expected to hire CAA


With Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil firing his agent in the hopes of finding a way to get back on the Denver roster, it is now widely believed in league circles that Dumervil will hire CAA to preside over the effort to fix the situation with the team that terminated his contract on Friday.

Potentially complicating the situation is the fact that CAA also represents Dwight Freeney and Osi Umenyioria, two other veteran defensive ends who have been looking for work in a soft market.

The Broncos had been linked to both Freeney and Umenyiora as possible replacements for Dumervil, if Dumervil had refused a pay cut and forced his release in a more conventional way.  Indeed, Broncos quarterback (and CAA client) Peyton Manning has recruited Freeney to become a Bronco.

If Dumervil hires CAA and if Freeney wants to go to Denver and Dumervil wants to stay there, one of CAA’s clients will end up being disappointed.

9 responses to “Dumervil is expected to hire CAA

  1. Forget the agent, save the 4% and use the money to buy an all in one scanner, fax and printer.

    You’ll end up money ahead.

  2. Stop with the false drama. It doesn’t matter where Freeney or Osi want to play, if the team doesn’t want to sign them. If Denver and Dumervil both want to work it out, they will with one agent or another representing Doom. You know CAA would rather have it be them, so they can collect a cut of it. It’s not like they won’t eventually find work for the other guys as well– Denver’s hardly the only team that still needs to add a pass rusher. Hey look, Raider fans want one! You guys can have Freeney’s old carcass once we get Elvis re-signed.

  3. I hope this gets worked out cause I was watching video of Von and Doom and those two are dangerous together. The league has to look at the intent of the situation and see both sides wanted to comply with the reduction. The fact that the contract came through at 4:06 est shows that both sides agreed and signed the reduction. The NFL PA needs to push the issue here and get the revised contract reinstated and void the release papers. I wish a dipsh*t agent couldn’t hurt a team and player this much. Monday something will happen that will resolve this situation and bring Doom back into the orange jersey.

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