Elvis Dumervil fires his agent

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The bizarre series of events that unfolded on Friday, when Elvis Dumervil agreed to a restructured contract with the Broncos, only to get cut because his revised contract didn’t make it to the team’s fax machine in time, has cost Dumervil’s agent his job.

Agent Marty Magid told Mike Garafolo of USA Today that Dumervil called him Saturday afternoon to say he wants to “move in another direction.”

Magid said Broncos fans have inundated him with angry emails, although he also claims that the Broncos deserve some of the blame for trying to make late changes to Dumervil’s deal. Magid added that he has waived the usual five-day waiting period for players to hire a new agent, so Dumervil can hire a new agent immediately.

“It’s terrible, but he said he knows what happened and why it happened,” Magid said. “I know the people in Denver think I should be fired, but like I said [Friday], there were a lot of reasons for why it happened.”

Dumervil is now an unrestricted free agent, and Magid said several teams have already called him to express interest.

“I had teams lined up that were interested in him,” Magid said. “They’ll have to contact his new guy now.”

75 responses to “Elvis Dumervil fires his agent

  1. Bucs? Please? Can we replace one of our D-linemen? Maybe kick tires on a CB other than Revis while we’re at it? PS-Tebow in the deal isn’t the QB to push Freeman.

  2. “I know the people in Denver think I should be fired” Obviously Elvis agrees with the people in Denver. If Elvis doesn’t buy his own agents excuses then why should we?

  3. Everyone involved played a game of chicken and it ended badly. Agents and clubs play games with each other all the time. This one just ended in a way that was newsworthy.

  4. Question is… why haven’t he and the Broncos been able to agree to a new deal if they basically had an old one in place that was more cap friendly and Dumervil supposedly wants to stay?

  5. No Marty Magid problems with the Eagles. Straight pro ballin puttin together a dyNasty. Dont need Elvis in our building. We puttin down a hurt on the league that the XFL can feel.
    Now dont “he hate me”, dont be lazy, droppin knowledge on ya like pasta on gravy.
    World of pain tour is in store for 2013 need I say more?

  6. Anybody else think the NFLPA is going to raise hell when Elvis only gets offered 6 million or so on the open market now?

    This might have been a situation where Dumervil, the NFL, and the Broncos might have been best served by a creative solution before making all of this public.

  7. I know interest can be displayed in a simple phone call, but how did this guy have teams “lined up” for a guy who was under contract as of a day ago?

    The more this agent talks, the more chance of him putting his foot in his mouth

  8. Damn. I would love to see this guy playing opposite of Cameron Wake. Can’t I dream a little?

  9. Y’all van quit begging Elvis to come play for your crappy teams. Tampa? yeah right. he’s going back to Denver so he can put monster numbers and win a suberbowl, he’d be crazy to to take the money when he can get even more next year after dominating this season. That agent is an idiot and deserved to be fired.

  10. Elvis, I’ll be glad to negotiate for you and I’ll charge 1% less than the best deal any other agent’s offering. Contact me at #ezmoney

  11. Doesn’t it seem like an easy problem to solve? If both teams agreed to a deal, just type up the deal again! Its paper people – i mean really.

  12. Well, makes sense. From what it seemed to me, the agent was tooling around and trying to get leverage in the FA market for his own reputation and payday (DJ Williams was cut recently, also his client). The gamble he seemed to make was to get Dumervil out as the hottest “commodity” since he wasn’t able to be an opening day FA and to do that, he would “oops, dang fax was delayed” to make it the appearance that it wasn’t their fault and wouldn’t cause any character concerns (lack of loyalty) for new suitors. The trouble with this logic is the DE market slipped by a wide margin with Avril, Bennet and others. $8mil is a score in the Doom camp and it would seem unclear what could make for a big haul- bigger guarantee, longterm contract with nice #s? Either way, Magid was playing chess with a dunce-cap on.

  13. Why aren’t people ripping the Broncos for giving an ultimatum for a pay cut or else tactic to Doom? If the player did this, people would be ripping him for not honoring his contract. Seems hypocritical to me.

  14. It’s the law that 6 yr old girls now require a $65 permit to sell .65 cents worth of lemonade.

    It’s the law. Rules are rules.

    Goodell made $30M last year, y’know…

  15. I think he wanted out of Denver and this was a clever way out without damaging his image. Where he ends up will tell if I’m right or wrong.

  16. It’s not as simple as “just repeat the same deal”
    the Broncos are now required to give him 4.? million for releasing him.
    Elvis would now have to agree to a new deal allowing a discount for the 4+mil they have to pay.
    or he can just take the money from the broncos and sign with another team.
    the ones that got screwed the most on this deal are the broncos and their salary cap.
    of coarse the right thing to do would be to just sign a new deal that reflects the money they now have to pay…..but Doom could get greedy now.
    I hope not I like to see players and team loyalty in this day and age

  17. datmilehighswagistoodamnhigh says: Mar 16, 2013 7:38 PM

    Y’all van quit begging Elvis to come play for your crappy teams.


    Dude, the Broncos were crap before Manning came along.

  18. Come to Atlanta. Your best season as a Pro came with Mike Nolan as your coordinator

  19. To the folks that think that the Broncos can just sign him to the same deal that was previously agreed to…

    You obviously don’t understand that failure Dumervil and of his agent to actually complete the deal on time yesterday took millions of dollars away from the Broncos 2013 salary cap.

    In other words- the money is gone.

    You can’t put the genke back in the bottle…

  20. For everyone saying “why don’t they just do the deal again” the Broncos can’t, because the released Dummervil they took a $4 million cap ht, so the $8 million in salary that he would have gotten this year would actually be a $12 million cap hit for him doing the same deal, the Broncos wanted him to take less for the cap room.

    They’ll get a deal done but it’ll take a little creativity in order to get him his cash and avoid a big cap hit.

  21. It was the agent’s returned fax, not Dumervil’s copy which was sent late. Also, the Broncos would like to resign him, but cutting him resulted in a cap penalty of over 4 million. If they resign him at the agreed upon 8 million, they’ve actually lost money due to the renegotiation. Extra bad news since the may have been as close as a half million under before. I’m hoping the NFL, the NFLPA, the Broncos and Elvis’ new agent can come together to reinstate the agreed upon deal and remove the cap penalty – otherwise, both the team and Elvis will suffer because of one man’s incompetence and resulting tardiness.

  22. frostymugobeer says:
    “but Doom could get greedy now.
    I hope not I like to see players and team loyalty in this day and age”

    You mean like the Broncos showing “loyality” by forcing Dumervil to take a pay cut or else?

  23. Do you spoon it onto a plate and then drop the pasta onto said gravy?…interesting approach I must say. Is that a Philly thing or something? I know you put cheese on steak in it’s AWESOME! Maybe I should try the pasta on gravy.

  24. I hope his new agent can make it happen with the broncos! Its always good to have players who really believe in the team and know the scheme, but lets be honest if they can’t I doubt the broncos will have a hard time filling the void with the depth of DE’s in FA and the draft.

  25. Somewhere in this sad episode is the plot for a great Staples commercial. “New Fax Machine to send off the contract of your multi-millionaire client? That was easy.”

  26. chiefsroyals says:
    Mar 16, 2013 7:32 PM
    Couldn’t have happened to a better team.

    Dude, don’t be pissed because your team hasn’t been relevant since MoTown was on tour.

    Your hatred, it’s petty and sad.

    Focus your energy into more positive endeavors. You know, like praying that Alex Smith won’t dud out or that your team won’t pick in the top 5 in the draft next year.

  27. I can buy stocks and options in Hong Kong from my cell phone in a few minutes, and they couldn’t figure out how to work a fax, pick up a phone, or use a scanner to get an 8 million dollar deal done? I heard Mike Shanahan just received a notice from the Broncos that he was fired in a telegram. I guess his beeper was turned off.

  28. I said that Elway was shafting Dumervil three days ago and I think they shafted him even more in this deal. I think the agent is thrown under the bus.
    I hope Karma lives up to its reputation here.

  29. Im just blown away the NFL doesn’t use email & digital signature as a proof and he can sign with ink when its convenient. I do it with my car insurance for crying out loud!

  30. He fired his agent to save face. Bet the Agent got a nice gold watch. Dumervil doesn’t look like he screwed the Broncos….which he clearly did…..and all is well. This stuff happens all the time. The middle man is always the one to take the fall. I am thinking he just wanted a new start for some reason. oh and the guy that drafted Dumervil works in Detroit now…..and they need a DE. Just saying.

  31. Dumervil will sue the fomer agent as soon as the dust settles and if he gets less than 8 Mill this coming season. Its’ not personel, its’ business.

  32. Come to the Ravens Elvis and make them pay. You can play with a chip on your shoulder when we play Denver. You can play sack the potato.

  33. My question is why the hell are they still using a fax machine? Guess nobody had an iPad or a notebook? How many have used an “electronic signature? When it comes out of the fax machine its still only a copy of a signature. No differant than getting an email and hitting print. I bought my wife a galaxy notebook that comes with a pen, so if i can afford it so can they. Maybe if they came with a pair of Beats headphones they would spring for it.

  34. flavordave says:
    Mar 16, 2013 7:34 PM
    No Marty Magid problems with the Eagles. Straight pro ballin puttin together a dyNasty. Dont need Elvis in our building. We puttin down a hurt on the league that the XFL can feel.

    English please!!

  35. flavordave says: Mar 16, 2013 7:34 PM

    No Marty Magid problems with the Eagles. Straight pro ballin puttin together a dyNasty. Dont need Elvis in our building. We puttin down a hurt on the league that the XFL can feel.
    Now dont “he hate me”, dont be lazy, droppin knowledge on ya like pasta on gravy.
    World of pain tour is in store for 2013 need I say more?

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

  36. After Elways comments am I the only one who can envision Elway unplugging the fax machine so he wouldnt have to pay Dumerville but a fraction of his contract?

    To Denver, Elvis and his agent (no more);
    Lack of preporation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

  37. These agents take advantage of these idiots making millions,so Dumber-ville will find a new agent ready to line his pockets.

  38. Magid is a liar. Elway said for the two hours before the deadline that NO changes were made to their offer which was rejected by dumervil, who changed his mind with over 30 minutes to finalize via fax or email. If there were no changes made to an offer that they already based a decision on, then this is clearly on the agent for taking over 30 minutes to respond when the timeframe to do so had already been clearly established.

  39. If Dumervil hadn’t fired this guy, it could have made him look complicit in this whole thing, like it was done on purpose so he could hit the market.

  40. Why is a multi billion dollar business like the NFL still using fax machines???? I guess it should be known as the No Fax League

  41. If Elvis only gets 6 mil from his new team, the agent is going to him the difference. Costly error.

  42. You know there is more to this story! Now get back to the broncos and enjoy the company Elvis.

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