Giants bring Brandon Myers in for a visit

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After signing wide receiver Louis Murphy earlier Saturday, the Giants are now looking at someone who might help their passing game.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, the Giants are bringing in Raiders free agent Brandon Myers for a visit.

The 27-year-old would prevent them from experiencing much of a drop-off after losing Martellus Bennett to the Bears.

Myers caught 79 passes for 806 yards and four touchdowns, things most people didn’t see because he was a Raider.

While the run on expensive tight ends has slowed, with Dustin Keller settling for a one-year deal with the Dolphins yesterday, Myers should still command a nice contract.

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  1. “After signing Louis Murphy the Giants are looking for someone to help their passing game.”

    I guess Darin’s not on board with the Murphy signing. Stop beating around the bush D tell us what you really think!

    Maybe you can get a quote from Murphy about rejoining Myers in NY later. Good luck with that.

  2. “After signing wide receiver Louis Murphy earlier Saturday, the Giants are now looking at someone who might help their passing game”

    Wow, someone doesn’t like Louis Murphy. LOL

  3. So if the experts haven’t seen Myers play much last year because the Raiders were so bad how come there are so many experts that are certain that Carson Palmer is horrible?

  4. Good replacement for Bennett if they get him…Myers was actually the guy I thought the Bears might target.

  5. Myers got drafted in this league cause he can block well ! ok , he is a better blocker , then Athlete at the te spot ! he is not fast off the line , he adjusts to the ball well, and has a vise like set of hands, he drops nothing, he is truly a solid te, that executes all aspects of the spot well,
    but he is not a a athlete playing the position ! , hey mr wright , where u getting your info from ? reggie mckenzie or dennis allen ? wow ! just check with me from now on please,
    oh ps murphy is not a bad pu either !

  6. what the gmen really need to do is 2 simple things, and they will go 13-14 wins and to a supe bowl agian !
    #1 go get 1-2 big time backs now , 1 vet that can play now, and then draft one high ( rds 1-3 ) , that can carry the load as well, they need to run the ball 32+ per game, they need to get back to the 3 wide look on 1st downs and pass to flats on 1st down , then run the ball heavy on 2nd down , this is easy for them to do .
    #2 play a defined defense in the back 7 , everyhting they ve tried at lbr has not worked, they are simply not a cohesive back 7 since spAGS LEFT ! THIS IS COACHING or lack of it ! go to the 2 deep zone or tampa 2 , and they will be almost unbeatable, and yeah adding another pass rusher sure dont hurt !
    ps- resign kevin boothe please !

  7. Your jabs at the Raiders are tired Gantt.

    Try some fresh material.

    Worry about your dirty panthers and their petulant QB.

    It’s a travesty that you have a HOF vote. Your obvious bias against the Raiders is evident and I’m sure it permeates through the other vkters as well.

    I’m sorry you were either A) beat up by Raiders fan or B) have your lunch money stolen by Raiders fan

    Either way, get over it.

  8. @iraider7: What are you talking about? We drafted david wilson last year in the first round and have andre brown and ryan torrain. Do you have any understanding of how cap space works, and how we don’t have any. The tampa 2 would be an awful fit for our defense. We dont have the linebackers to pull that off. I cant tell if your comment is a joke or not. Also, as a realistic Giants fan, our team isn’t winning 13-14 games next year no matter what we do. We will 9-11 games next year, with a lot of it depending on our offensive line and victor cruz being with the team. Typical raiders fan.

  9. “Myers caught 79 passes for 806 yards and four touchdowns, things most people didn’t see because he was a Raider.”

    Pro scouts see everybody – and they’re the only people whose opinions matter.

  10. Myers has hands runs great routes and will adjust to the ball. His blocking is NOT solid. Though if your looking to sign him I’d say your not looking for blocking. Same he had only one season of production in Oakland. Would’ve like to seen more from him. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.

  11. “Myers caught 79 passes for 806 yards and four touchdowns, things most people didn’t see because he was a Raider.”

    Things most people didn’t see because the(stats) were accumulated in garbage time.

  12. hey MIKEYMIKE 393 , the tampa 2 , or 2 deep approach to playing def , makes average olbrs into above average historically , ok it has proven that it will create better lbr play period !
    the 2 olbrs will split about 225 tckls , 20 pass defs, 8 tckls for loss, between the 2 ,
    the mlbr spot is where a talent criteris is needed , either height , speed, or both , size not as critical ive seen, at least THE MIN OF 235/240 IN UNDER 6-2 ID SAY is requesite !
    THE REASON WHY THE LBR PLAY has stunck since spags is that very reason , they havent played in a defined sysytem on defense ok !
    now go do your homework .

  13. ok roadtrip, the reason why he got 79 recs is cause palmer was reduced to dumping off to him while running for his life, oak had no run game last year , of course the te will get the lion share of the pass atts , he had almost 110 , that is alot for any te , and wasnt by design ok , go look over half of his recs came when oak was down by 2 or more scores in 2nd half , which was frequent , gonzalez had 124 atts, which is alot for any te again , but that was by design ok !
    myers really isnt a impac for giants, he will improve the run blocking from the #1 te spot, if he is signed, pascoe is a great run blocker, but now myers will comand attn from the back 7’s for 2 reasons, he got his name in the paper this year so to speak , and he has ELI throwing him the ball , i dont see this as a critical signing tho, if they can get him just unde the nfl avg for tes $$ wise then do it , cause he is a above avg te at least !

  14. hey mikeymike 393 ps , on the running game,, ok i like brown & wilson now go give them the ball 25+atts per gam,e just for them two , go ahead, i think andre is good but fragile, and i think needs to be deployed as a weapon every game, 20 touches , 12-15 runs tops , 4 recs , 1-2 reverses kinda thing is how his stat line should look . The big banger i am talking about is steve jaxson , 16 + atts per game at 4.2 ypc , using him on 2nd & 3or 4 yds is a blu print for 13+ wins ! IT IS THAT SIMPLE ! and football is really taht simple if u let it happen ! ok !!!!!!
    gmen are gonna run 62 + plays a game , i am saying a balanced attack is really what wins, this 40+ pass att nfl , is a joke !!!!

  15. All of this analysis cracks me up. Don’t over think it G men. I’m silver and black till the day I die. It hasn’t been easy this past decade for sure. However, I have family and friends in NY so I will just tell you the simple truth. Brandon Myers is underrated because he is a Raider….and they suck right now. That being said…we had no runningback for some time…our receiving core was depleted and he had Carson Palmer throwing to him….and he still made people notice him. That’s not easy.

    Did he get more looks because Carson was running for his life…or the Raiders were running out of healthy receivers…sure…but he still made the plays…even when he was the only relevant guy on an irrelevant offense. Sooooo…I say he’s solid. I hope he comes back, but it’s not looking good. I wish him the best and you would be doing your offense a favor by signing him. To think of him in an offense with two elite receivers and Eli slinging the ball is a Raider fans’ dream. Haaaaa.

  16. PFT goes out of its way to work five consistent angles:

    1) Pro Steeler
    2) Pro West Virginia Mountaineer
    3) Anti Raider
    4) Pro Tommy Brady
    5) Anti Raider

    For example. There will be five encouraging post with updates and positive twists on QB Pat White trying to make a comeback. There will be four post about Jamarcus Russell trying to comeback off the couch and blowing his money while being overweight and the biggest bust ever that was picked by Al Davis.

  17. Raiderinva…….Every one knows this is Mike Florio’s site. Darin Cantt (get it up) works for Mike Florio who is a Steeler fanatic. Its well documented Steeler fans really dislike anything Raiders given their history from past games, superbowl, etc. Especially after losing to them in a Raiders 4-12 season…hence the jabs at the club. In my opinion I have no issues with that since this site belongs to them and they are entitled to say what ever they want about the Raiders even if its garbage most of the time. Only way we’ll ever have a say is when our Raiders are significant and produce a winning record. For now we just need to sit back and let Reggie do his work. For Giants fans, Myers is good at both BLOCKING and catching given the proper scheme. He’ll be a solid pick up if signed.

  18. Reese is a magician. Player scout to the core. Zero losing seasons and two SBs with Jerry at GM.

  19. Lol, how everybody said the raiders were terrible, and had no players with talent. Yet all these guys are signing deals, and getting way over paid. So be it.Give us the compensatory picks as we go young and rebuild.

  20. hey radrntn GOOD LUCK getting those DELUSIONAL comp picks, the reggie showed no concern last year or this year in garnering any 3rds or 4ths comps , like AL DAVIS was masterful at,
    The only comp pick you may get in this draft is leinart for jason campbell at qb , at best that is gonna be a 5-7 th rounder , and the te boss, he didnt resign any free agent te’s unless they count hardy , so the nfl mite give comp for boss , even tho he was cut , and the reggie did sign a NBA PLAYER iwht 1 year of college football to compete in training camp, not relaizing that would screw him out of a 3rd or 4th rounder DAAAHHH THE REGGIE !!!!!!
    Now this year u lost the following
    bryant dl / hunter signed as fa- no comp ,
    wheeler lb- / kaluka signed as fa ,- no comp
    shaughnessy dl / sims signed as fa -no comp
    goodson rb , u get comp of a 5-7th rndr if u dont resign a rb . u can draft one, no freagent,waiver pup practice squad add ons etc ! that is the nfl cba on that in a nutshell !
    that is what kills me about u REGGIE AID DRINKERS, u dont know or understand the IRREPERABLE DAMAGE HE HAS ALREADY DONE AND STILL DOING .
    They r the sequel to DUMB & DUMBER , IT IS CALLED DUMB , DUMBER , AND DUMBEST , of course mark davis is the DUMBEST cause he is pAying millions a day for this , then reggie is THE DUMBER , and allen is just plain old ordinary DUMB , that can bring in good income with no cap hit btw !

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