Jake Long still holding up the tackle market

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Tackle Jake Long, the No. 1 pick in the 2008 NFL draft, made a quick trip to St. Louis once the free-agency period opened.  Since then, there has been nothing quick about Long’s search for a new job.

After an extended visit with the Rams, Long left without a contract.  Multiple reports indicate that he’s now weighing roughly equivalent offers from the Rams and the Dolphins.

The Eagles also were believed to be interested in Long; given the manner in which Philly came out of nowhere to snag cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in 2011, it’s impossible to rule them out.

Regardless of where Long lands, he has created a bottleneck for tackles like Andre Smith and Sebastian Vollmer.  All three are represented by CAA, and it’s clear that the plan is to let Long set the ceiling for the others.

On the first day of free agency, former Saints left tackle Jermon Bushrod did a five-year, $35.965 million deal with the Bears.  That’s an average of $7.193 million per year, surely less than what Long is looking for.

22 responses to “Jake Long still holding up the tackle market

  1. Do not pay him anything over 8 mil a year. He is a good left tackle but there are more cost effective tackles out there.

  2. Long isn’t near the player he was 5 years ago and he hasn’t played a full season for two years straight. I’d pass on his damaged goods.

  3. If the Eagles want him then they will get him. Thats how we do it round here. Chip Kelly and his world domination tour 2013 is gearing up and you will all behold his 11 headed offensive monster machine. And theres simply nothing that you can do about it.

  4. Let the Eagles have him then, he hasn’t finished a season for the last 2 years. He has had every injury possible, so he doesn’t warrant what he’s looking for, it’s stupid.

  5. As a Dolphins fan, I hope they DON’T re-sign him. He’s declined the past 3 years and the past 2 have ended on IR. Unfortunately, his body is giving out and he’ll be out of the league in a few years.

  6. I am a life long eagles fan and flavordave is a disgrace…I like the direction the eagles are going…they had alot of holes to fill and haven’t had a high draft pick since Donovan…this is a rebuilding year no way around it and 90% of eagles fans realize it…..it’s the morons like flavordave that reflect poorly on us

  7. Why don’t the Bears keep the splash going, add Jake Long, move Bushrod to RT and J’Marcus Webb to guard? Seems like the best way to maximize each player anyway and would (finally) allow the team to run a competent offense.

  8. Have to give it to flavordave. He is always good for some Comic Relief. Keep it up Flav, you make my day. Hopefully they don’t block you.

    This goes to Logicalvoice and his followers too.

  9. @McJohnas a fellow Dolphins fan I disagree.He has the rest of the offseason to get his body in playing shape again.He’s a great player overall.

  10. This free agent class was a perfect recipe to jack up how agents held players out for deals. It was the perfect money ball setting, and there wasn’t a player nearly good enough to give them an insane contract. Big contracts ruin team, the NFL has the fairest salary cap of any sport. Signing a guy to an insane contract is a recipe for disaster no matter how good they are. It’s the same reason Arizona stinks, Detroit and New Orleans were overrated. They severely overpay 1 or 2 players and don’t have the cap space to add productive players across the board. As good as Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Drew Brees are they’re just 1 player. Teams can’t afford to make those types of mistakes. This isn’t the NBA where you can get around cap as long as you are willing to pay. There’s a fixed cap, no ifs or buts, and more importantly how your team structure the contract is just as important. Restructuring only delays the inevitable and dead money cripples how a team can operate with it’s allotted cap space.

  11. Lighten up davidm1886, the Eagles will not actually be going on a world domination tour in 2013 and even flavordave probably knows that. Eagles fans have nothing to apologize for.

  12. If the Fins can restructure his deal for a fair amount for both sides I would like to see him stay in Miami, nature of the beast you know, if not then see ya Jake. That’s the Long and the short of it.

  13. The Eagles will have their choice of one of the best two off. tackles or def. tacklr/end in the draft. Why would they go with a too often hurt declining and aging tackle.?

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