Packers may move on from Zombo

The Packers opted not to issue tenders to a trio of their restricted free agents:  linebacker Robert Francois, tight end Tom Crabtree, and linebacker Frank Zombo.

Francois will be back, Crabtree won’t.  As to Zombo, the Packers don’t seem to care.

According to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers “haven’t shown much interest” in re-signing Zombo.

It’s a calculated risk for the Packers, who lost Erik Walden to the Colts.  Likewise, Nick Perry missed most of his rookie season due to injury.

Injuries have been a problem for Zombo over the past two seasons.  He arrived as an undrafted free agent in 2010.

28 responses to “Packers may move on from Zombo

  1. I understand them moving on him, I think they are going to help for a healthy Nick Perry, and will add more depth at LB in the draft.

    They also missed Bishop all of last year, he is going to be a big help the LB core

  2. Always fun to see him “make the sign of the Z,” but he’s been hurt a lot and is about option #3 even when healthy, so…

  3. I don’t see much risk in moving on from Zombo. Zombo has been there long enough to convince me there was little or no upside to keeping him.

    The same can be said for Erik Walden. Thanks, Colts! Maybe you can teach that guy to not blow contain with such stunning regularity.

    A fresh start for both the Packers and Brad Jones makes a lot of sense to me, too.

    The Frisco playoff loss made it obvious a makeover of the Packers LB group was very much in order, IMO.

  4. The sky is falling!

    I have no idea where they will find another undersized defensive end pass rush specialist that went undrafted to convert to a 3-4 OLB. A very scarce commodity indeed.

  5. He’s a mediocre player at best…no loss at all.

    I would have rather seen Hawk let go before Zombo tho

  6. when is GB going to draft a new training staff and figure out a way to keep players injured…

  7. 6250claimer says: Mar 16, 2013 4:07 PM

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  8. Deviking – our goal is actually to try to keep players healthy. When we do, y’know, decide to keep them at all.

  9. @deltaoracle — my mistake (typo / brain fart). Just observing that the thing that seems to hold the Packers back the most is the training staff….healthy Packers teams seem to be few and far between…not that the injured one don’t have success as well.

  10. Zombo/AJ/Walden can go…

    Draft some outside guy for depth – get Brad/Bishop/DJ back inside.

    Clay/Moses/Perry/Rookie/Bishop/Brad/Rob/DJ would provide an athletic linebacker squad – quality depth.

  11. zombo had reached his upside and was at best a 3 rd stringer. haveing said that, i loved the guy. it was a feelgood story of a underdog player who became a superbowl champion. I will miss ya Frankie!

  12. emoney826 says:
    Mar 16, 2013 3:52 PM
    Attention Minnesota!

    Another available Packer on the market. Scoop him up.

    You mad? Thanks for being a developmental league for our players. We all know when they leave the packers they enjoy their best career years with us.

  13. contra74 says:Mar 16, 2013 6:26 PM

    emoney826 says:
    Mar 16, 2013 3:52 PM
    Attention Minnesota!

    Another available Packer on the market. Scoop him up.

    You mad? Thanks for being a developmental league for our players. We all know when they leave the packers they enjoy their best career years with us.


    LOL, Greg Jennings is gonna be as big a gain as Percy Harvin was your loss. Yeah, right. Anyway we’re not mad about you guys scooping up all our Exes while you sit in the Friendzone patiently waiting for when we’re done with them. Just do us a favor when Mr. Old Spice all star shows up in Minny, let me know how our nuts taste.

  14. @contra, lol not as mad as you are every time we whoop that ass of yours every year. I absolutely love the jealousy Viking fans spew on this website towards the Packers and their fans, especially turds like yourself.

    I actually enjoy seeing your team picking up our rejected scraps. It gets your hopes up every off season, just to watch your hopes and dreams get crushed the first time you play us every new year.

  15. @emoney, let’s hope Jennings plays as well for the Vikings as those other so called Packer “rejected scraps” did. Favre had his career best year and highest QB rating ever as a Viking. Sharper was a 6 time All-Pro and 4 of them happened AFTER he left GB. And Longwell averaged over 100 points in his six seasons with Minnesota which included his career best season of 132 points. The Vikings will gladly take that kind of production from your latest “rejected scrap” Greg Jennings.

  16. “Calculated risk”? How about zero risk? He’s a below average player that’s constantly hurt. Yeah, the Packers should be shaking in their boots at the thought of losing that commodity.

  17. I’m a packer fan and i dont think favre, longwell, sharper or jennings were rejected scraps. As far as career years with the vikings, thats fine 2. Another thing they all have in common is when they left the packers they never played in a super bowl with the vikings despite being soooooo good. Favre played in 2 and won one with the packers, longwell played in one with the packers and no one else, sharper played in one with the packers and won one with the saints, and jennings won one with the packers and we’ll see what happens with the vikings. Trust me vikings fans, it feels a lot better watching your team win the superbowl than watching your star player have a career year.

  18. I wasn’t making a comment about the Packers or their Super Bowl trophies, I was simply pointing out the idiocy of calling their former star players “rejected scraps”. It’s interesting how many Packer fans (not all) are so quick to discard those players that helped them win those Lombardi trophies once they leave the team. Instead of praise for past stars like Favre, Sharper, Longwell and now Jennings, they become reviled and thrown under the bus. I”ll bet there’s even so old timers that still hate Vince Lombardi for leaving Green Bay to coach Washington his final year. Nice gratitude.

  19. Plays above his measurable, doesn’t take plays off, good example of effort for more highly regarded members of a locker-room. Hope he lands somewhere.

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