Report: Patriots decide to part ways with Brandon Lloyd


Well, that clears that up.

After going back and forth on restructuring his contract, the Patriots have decided to release wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, according to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald.

That would seem to indicate they’re serious about signing Steelers wideout Emmanuel Sanders to an offer sheet, though that paperwork hasn’t been filed.

They’ve also signed Danny Amendola and Donald Jones, but that’s a thin group considering their durability issues, meaning the Pats would still need to add there.

Lloyd shouldn’t have to look for work for long, as he’s clearly the best of an odd lot of wideouts on the unrestricted free agent market.

58 responses to “Report: Patriots decide to part ways with Brandon Lloyd

  1. Why not sign Danario Alexander if we’re going to give up a third rounder? Alexander has more talent, is taller, and can stretch the field better

  2. BUYER BEWARE!!!! Receiver does not like contact will catch ball and either run out of bounds or fall to ground. If you are looking for YAC continue shopping please….

  3. Now they really have no outside receivers. Belichick is afraid of the NYJJJ corners and Brady’s noodle arm so he stocks up on TEs slot guys and pass-catching halfbacks.

  4. Don’t really get this one. Although Lloyd was never a deep threat and LOVED to hit the deck after every catch, he is the most dependable outside receiver left on the market and had already had a year to develop chemistry with Brady. Although Sanders is a younger, potential deep threat, he is more of an unproven commodity who has no former connection with the Patriots offense (as Lloyd did from St. Louis under mcdaniels). Don’t like this, since if is strictly based on $!

  5. Im really going to miss seeing him make his incredible catches…… 8 yards down the field. This guy could NEVER get separation last year. This one does not sting nearly as much as Welker.

  6. Now they really have no outside receivers. Belichick is afraid of the NYJJJ corners and Brady’s noodle arm so he stocks up on TEs slot guys and pass-catching halfbacks.

    HAHAHAHA – you mean the same NYJets that Pats have torched the last 4 games?

  7. Seems like the Pats can do whatever they want year after year and still be competitive. They have Brady – He can throw to anyone. One of the scariest teams in modern day football. I wish my team could be that good.

  8. “BUYER BEWARE!!!! Receiver does not like contact will catch ball and either run out of bounds or fall to ground. If you are looking for YAC continue shopping please….”

    Hey, if he can line up across the field from Megatron and a) run when the ball is snapped and b) catch the ball more times than he drops the ball when it’s thrown his way, then he’s already an upgrade over the Lions’ current # 2, which at this point is…nobody. Run a route…catch ball…anything beyond that is merely a bonus right now!

  9. Brady has gotta be livid. He took a pay cut so they could keep Welker — they botched that. Now they can’t even hold on to Lloyd? He’s a great QB but they are banking on him being a superhero at the rate they’re cutting his targets.

  10. I’ve never witnessed someone who literally flings all their limbs in different directions like he does when a ball is thrown his way. My 9 month old doberman puppy has better control of himself and he is comparable to a new born horse.

  11. petehemlock says:
    Mar 16, 2013 3:47 PM
    Now they really have no outside receivers. Belichick is afraid of the NYJJJ corners and Brady’s noodle arm so he stocks up on TEs slot guys and pass-catching halfbacks.


    Please tell me you are not a Jets fan trying to talk shiz.
    And the Texans would disagree with the “noodle arm” comment.

  12. I don’t know why Pats fans would be angry? They have 2 great targets at TE. All they need is some guys who are deep threats . Amendola is the slot guy and if they lock in Sanders they have a deep threat.

  13. Rumor has it that B Lloyd is a very strange dude. If he is not diving for the ball ,he’s falling down RAC. Great hands, no YAC.Maybe that why 4 teams in 4 years ?

    Most of Steeler nation is very concerned Sanders may be gone. Steelers should have used a 1st round tender.And if anyone thinks, the Pats can get a better receiver with a late third pick than Sanders, please name him.

    As far as suggesting Danerio Alexander, I believe that person was exposed on 98.5 this week

  14. I guess that leaves New England with Ballard, Hernandez and Gronk as wideouts then. Frankly, that would give defenses enough problems. Be prepared to see three tightends playing on a, fairly, regular basis.

  15. This is what he gets for following mcdaniels around like his stuff dont stink. Im a rams fan and cant stand either one of those guys mcdaniels regressed bradford when he came to the stl. I do think amendola was a great choice even though pats fans dont think so. He was hurt a lot but he always came back early and a lot of his injuries were bradfords fault. On the outside looking in though I think bellechick is ruining the franchise from getting elite players in the future. I mean why would you want to go there when you see how they treat guys like welker

  16. NE continues to be a cemetery for outside receivers… Not only are they getting thrown aside, they also get bad rep.

  17. Brady was always yelling at Lloyd. He was not where he should’ve been half the time.

  18. gbpackrfan.

    LOL. Thats pretty funny to see a packer fan say after all the packer fan comments about how they didnt need jennings because they already have all the good WRs they need. Uh oh, are packfans not feeling quite as confident as previously depicted?

  19. Whatever team picks him up,try to make sure he takes his meds. Not a bad wr,but being bi-polar,if he doesn’t take them he can be one wacky dude. Not good for the locker room.

  20. no loss. not tough enough to go across the middle and not fast enough to stretch the field. Definitely not worth the $. They can do better for cheaper. Move on Sanders and consider bringing in Hey-Bey on short money. Nothing guaranteed unless he makes to opening day roster. He could be the guy who stretches the field and opens up the middle if they can get his head on straight. Not his fault he was drafted waaaaaaaay too high….expectations were way beyond his capabilities. In a different environment he may do some good.

  21. Sanders is not a deep threat but he is reliable and a good route runner….thats what is important in NE. The Pats offense was at its best when Brady didn’t have a “favorite receiver” like Welker or Moss. He spread it around and they had a good run game. Got to get back to pounding the rock more than the short pass offense. They have the backs to do it…..just have to commit to it and I think BB is going to push Mcdaniels in that direction next year.

  22. this guy is your man if you need a 7 yards on 2nd and 12 in the 2nd quarter. most extraneous 70 catch season in nfl history.

  23. Come on Buffalo!!!!!! Please get your hands out from under your butts, and sign this man!! We need someone to help out poor Stevie!!! He can’t do it all himself! Please Bills… Make me want to cheer again, anything!!! lol….

  24. Sideline route specialist with excellent body control on the outside, actually, and doesn’t drop many balls. Too much dough for a soft one trick pony, though. If Pats re-sign him it should be for low cost and as a #2 (or 3)

  25. Just trying to figure out who flops more between Brandon Lloyd or Mitt Romney.

  26. Lets go Mr. Nix! Lets get Lloyd to Buffalo! He would be a great compliment to Stevie Johnson. Lloyd in the #1 spot, Johnson in the slot, Graham/Easley/Smith rotating for the #3 spot and Chandler/Dickerson holding down the TE position.

  27. I think this genius stuff may have gone to Belichek’s head. Think of all the receivers that have come and gone in New England, Moss, Branch, Stallworth, Ocho Cinco, etc. Some worked, some were complete bust.

    But New England was still good because of Tom Brady and Wes Welker.

    Now, Welker has moved on and the Pats did little to try to keep him. Remember they tried to faze him out at the beginning of last season, but failed horribly at it and had to put him back in.

    So the answer now is an injury prone 5-9 white guy who isn’t close talent wise to Welker? Unless they can figure out a way to get Cruz, I think Belichek’s gone to the well one too many times.

  28. My team and WRs….sigh. If they draft a fast one, he’s a diva (Bethel Johnson). If they sign a smart one who also is familiar with the offense, he’s a lockerroom issue (Lloyd). If they draft one who looks like he has it all, he’s a bust (Chad Jackson). If they trade for a guy who has had a lot of success with another team and is a BB favorite, he can’t learn the playbook (Ocho). If they get a guy who’s worn out his welcome elsewhere, they get one great and one good year out of him before he goes back to his old ways (Moss). Welker was the exception, not the rule. I call it the curse of Andre Rison. Browns fans will know what I am talking about.

  29. Loyd was owed 3 million if he wasstillpart of the team as of this monday, as in tomorrow3/18

    My guess is yeah they cut him loose, only to resign shortly or not at all. The door is still open and this could be his last chance to stay on a team with some longevity.

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