Titans bring Bernard Pollard for a visit

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Even after signing George Wilson in February, the Titans are still looking for safety help.

Toward that end, they brought in former Ravens safety Bernard Pollard for a visit, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

There were questions about the nature of Pollard’s release, but he’s still a good player, just not worth the money he was owed in their minds.

The Titans just released Jordan Babineaux, and adding Pollard along with Wilson and Michael Griffin would give them a solid trio for a defense that will likely lean toward being more physical this year.

25 responses to “Titans bring Bernard Pollard for a visit

  1. Stillers213 ur right with ur team full of AARP members and qb that’s softer than bread pudding! Ravens will dominate afc north AGAIN! Quit living in the past it’ll b a LONG TIME before y’all get #7

  2. I’d bet Pollard and Reed blackballed themselves from the NFL with their locker room insurrection last season.

  3. His defiance towards Goodell with his hits are only making him more of a risky signing. 5 years ago all of this would be acceptable , but sadly people like Bernard Pollard, James Harrison and Ryan clark are all labeled as “violent” and “villainous” for their physical style of play.

  4. Why haven’t the Pats signed him already just to keep him from maiming any more of their players?

  5. to all my fellow world champion raven fans….no matter what happens this year at least we arent the redskins or steelers. as the steel melts stillerz1. and logical voice…in al seriousness at least the steelers have been a great franchise the last 10 years. unlike the team you root for. as far as pollard goes…he was a great raven. whoever gets him gets a thumper. thanks bernard and go ravens

  6. I might have to change my name to ravensREALLYsuck thanks to Joe Flunko. Way to destroy a SB victory and team Joe! Hahahahahahahaha…I’m gonna enjoy next season. It’s going to be an embarrassment for the defending Super Bowl Chumps!

  7. Look at this the”loud mouth POS punk ” talked his way right off the Ravens.Someone please end this guys career.

  8. I wish Bernard Pollard well wherever he goes. He might have been a whackadoodle behind the scenes, but on the field he was a beast.

  9. if you knew anything at all you would know that the flacco contract has a cap number of 6.8 for this year and 14.8 next year. ravens have decided to blow up a defense that wasnt that good last year and go younger. have no fear…ravens will be back contending again next year. by the way…how much does your qb cost…go ravens

  10. As bad as he’s been to the Pats over the years, I was interested in the Pats looking at him since he seems to have a lot of the skill the Pats were looking for…. That us until someone pointed this out to me.

    When he signs his next contract it will be his 4th team in 6 seasons. Why is that? 3 teams in the last 5 years have let this productive S go. There has to be a reason that we don’t know about, but everyone else around the league does.

  11. If they wanted to be physical they should have kept Cortland. We all saw how hard his face pounded Andre’s knuckles.

  12. If the Ravens want to know how to retool a SB caliber team and still remain competitive, then look no further than the NE Patriots. The Genius converted his roster to one of the youngest in the NFL, while still competing for SBs.

    All Hail The Genius.

    Go Pats.

  13. scoobies05 says:Mar 16, 2013 5:09 PM

    “ravens have decided to blow up a defense that wasnt that good last year and go younger.”

    They blew it up all right. There’s nothing left.

  14. suggs ngata canty webb upshaw. yeah nothing there. plus a binch of guys that will be stepping up. dont you worry…ravens will be just fine. by the way…who do the steelers got

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