Arena team wants Tebow

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Tim Tebow technically remains the property of the Jets, in the same way that the bags of garbage in my garage technically remain my property.  Eventually, both will be put out on the curb.

When that happens to Tebow, another team will play the role of the dude who rolls by in a pickup truck looking for free stuff that someone else is throwing away.

The Arena Football League’s Orlando Predators would be that dude.

“Tim would certainly want to first exhaust his opportunities in the NFL, but we’d love to have him,” Predators president Brett Bouchy told the Orlando Sentinel, via  “I think he would definitely improve as a quarterback in our league. Kurt Warner told me once that when he got back to the NFL after playing in the Arena League, the NFL game was like slow motion.  Everything in the Arena League is just so much faster and quicker and predicated on accuracy.  Whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign.”

The fact that the indoor game is “predicated on accuracy” could be a problem for Tebow.  He won’t magically acquire something he doesn’t currently have, simply because he’ll be playing at a level of the sport that supposedly places a premium on accuracy.

But he may not have many/any other options.  The Jets would like to trade him, but there has been no buzz about any other team being remotely interested in acquiring Tebow.  After he’s inevitably cut, the question will become whether someone else will give him a chance — even if his role would only be scout-team read option specialist.

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  1. Let this be one of about 1000 comments to say that he has zero chance in arena. That’s a place for passers. Tebow and Kurt Warner are QB opposites. You need to be able to wing it all over the field in Canadian as well. Tebow and Warren Moon are opposites as well. There is only one place that Tebow was ever going to be successful in the longer term and that’s the NCAA. AND THAT’S FINE! What’s wrong with being one of the greatest college players of all time??

  2. I havent taken a look at their ticket sales, but im guessing its more predicated on improving that than anything……….

  3. Having lived in the “armpit” of NC, down by Lumberton and Laurinburg, I can tell you, Tebow coud make a serious amount of $ in the name of Him playing in backwoods AFL games!

  4. Being that he was passed over for Pope…….this sounds like the next best alternative for Tim-meh!

  5. He did fine as a personal punt protector, its not like the Jets aren’t going to punt a lot in 2013. Its just a question of him taking a pay cut to match his value.

  6. I’m guessing you think you’re clever with that garbage analogy but its really kind of low class.

  7. Tebow may be a project…..But he is still better than 1/3 of the guys starting in the NFL.
    In the right situation he could definitely make a playoff contender out of teams that have no shot right now.
    took a pretty crappy Broncos team to the div. round ( I know the Defense was 50-60% of the reason as well)
    I don’t see him going to any arena team soon….or ever

  8. For the first time in all these years, your first paragraph made me LOL. I knew it was just plain wrong as I read it, but was unable to contain my laughter.

    Well done!

  9. If you’ve watched arenaball, you’d know that Tebow would be an excellent fit. Arenaball is not predicated on accuracy. It is predicated on NO DEFENSE, which is the future of Goddell’s NFL…
    Tebow is an arenaball natural.

  10. Of course they would it’s called ticket sales ,all of his cult members will come see his 3 minute wind up and 5yd under throws

  11. Now THAT is something Tebow could be good at! Or maybe Rollerball if that ever starts up.

  12. And if the Orlando Predators thing doesn’t work out, that’s cool, he can just pack up his bags and walk a couple of miles down I-4 to “The Holy Land Experience” amusement park where he will gladly
    rip your ticket as you enter.

  13. No comment on the article really, but anybody know when the Jets basically have to cut him or pay him? I am no Tebow fan really, but does seem like the Jets could just go ahead and do it so he could at least explore a shot somewhere else.

  14. Iv’e Never been a Tebow Fan but he has alot of heart and passion for the game of football.But I firmly believe he has been given the raw end of the stick in NY and was set-up to fail.NY used him for one thing publicity which to me is stupid! You give up a pick for a great motivator and hunanbeing yet dont use him? Im glad im not a Jets fan! That fromt office is a disgrace.

  15. I don’t agree with most of the comments. I believe Tim Tebow can be successful in the Canadian league and even be a star, the wider field will help and to be honest the opposing talent level will be less. I hope he gets a chance to prove me right.

  16. Any place in the Bible Belt would be most appropriate for Tebow and his ignorant blind supporters. They don’t lead the nation in lowest higher education rates, most churches per capita, highest pregnancy rates, lowest GNP, taking the most federal dollars compared to how much they give, easily the highest obesity rates, etc for nothing.

  17. I don’t know if anyone else listens to the Monsters in the Morning out of Orlando….

    But please Tim, but all means….join a team that has a minority owner named Drunky the Bear who used to appear in porn films in a bear costume.

  18. mike florio is the property of nbc like dung in the bowl of a clogged toilet …..roto rooter comes to mind as a plausible answer and then a whole new bathroom remodel floor joists and decking , comode, sink , sheetrock ,the works…..if you get my meaning , this article is a snapshot of the putrid corruption of the diabolical federal communist government

  19. I can’t believe all the haters. He may not have all the talent of some of the other QB’s in the league, but I promise you if they would have put him in midway through the season last year, the Jets would have gone to the playoffs. He is 10x better than Mark Sanchez. Hopefully, Ryan will see that if you work the offense around him, instead of him around the offense, they will see what he can do. Granted, I am a cowboys fan, but I am also a football fan and I see potential in Tebow, but only John Fox has worked with him. If a coach worked with him and taught him and built an offense around his skills, they would do great.

  20. Tebow may not be a great QB (although the Heisman does seem to be a measure of evidence to the contrary) but he does a lot for people around the globe, never has trouble with the law, and is just a year removed from quarterbacking a playoff team so to compare him to your trash is just plain ignorant, vindictive and immature.

  21. Go to the CFL for a year or two Tim. Win there and try to show you deserve to get back to the NFL.

  22. So Florio is on a boondoggle. Methinks Jared DiPalma, Chief Financial Officer at NBCUniversal Entertainment needs to request more oversight on useless expenditures.

  23. If there’s a professional team in any league that has a contract waiting for him he’d be a fool not to jump on it. At the time of his draft NFL teams would’ve been willing to give him a shot to try a new position. He was unwilling &i don’t know if that door is still open. After 2 or 3 years in the league i kinda doubt it.

  24. Tebow isn’t better than any current and probably the vast majority, if not all, of the back-ups in the NFL. Can he get hot and win some games? Yes, but he doesn’t have the skill set to win consistantly in the NFL.

    He got to the playoffs by winning a poor division when he got a lot of help from his defense, kicker and opponents blunders. Look at how many more games the Broncos won with Manning with essentially the same team.

    For those stating Tebow doesn’t deserve how he’s been treated: How about the fact Tebow didn’t deserve to be the starter in Denver because he hadn’t earned it. He let it be known he was upset when he was passed over by the 3rd string QB in New York. Yet was pleased as punch when he was the 3rd stringer passing up the 2nd string QB in Denver. He doesn’t deserve anything, he must earn it like everyone else!

  25. Florio is showing he is a bully who hides behind his computer as well as re-writing Warner’s history to fuel his hate for Tebow. When Warner went to play in the Arena League, his accuracy was no where good enough and he worked tirelessly to improve it. Warner’s career completion accuracy at Northern Iowa was in the low 60s and he could not read defenses or execute NFL plays well enough while he was a free agent with the Packers. Give total credit to Warner for forcing himself to improve and reinvent himself into ultimately a future NFL HOF QB.

    As a matter of fact, just about every NFL QB could benefit from playing a season in the Area League where reading defenses, anticipating the rush, and quick accuracy with as little timing as possible is demanded. Warner did it and so can others who are willing to pay the price and who could care less about the naysayers who would then laugh and try to bully you about your level of play.

  26. First up, he can’t play a new position because he’s not anything but a quarterback. That’s where he won local, state and national championships. He won the Heisman. He won in the NFL- including the playoffs. So he’s not going to move to another position.

    But what he does need to do is go somewhere where he will have the luxury of actually being a backup. A real backup, not some weirdness that the Jets put on. He should know going in that he will not play on Sunday unless someone gets hurt. He needs to be behind a veteran- holding a clipboard and learning. If I was his agent, that’s where I would want him to go.

    Like he should go to Green Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta, Denver- somewhere where the starter is experienced, established and accurate. Therefore, you shouldn’t hear the Tebow chants and the ownership shouldn’t go crazy.

    But if he stays with the Jets or go somewhere like Buffalo, Arizona or anywhere in the state of Florida, Tim Tebow will start eventually. And he’ll have to figure it out himself. That means he may win some games with his game as-is, but you’ll really not know his full potential as a quarterback.

    Why did I say that? Because he didn’t run an NFL offense in college. They modified the offense to fit him in Denver- because he was young and he probably didn’t get many snaps. And he played behind Sanchez in NY. If he holds a clipboard for two years and learn, then you know what you got.

    But what I see is still this raw kid with no direction or tutelage, doing whatever he can to win games. If you mix that will about 25% more skill, you may have something.

  27. florio, I don’t know what your problem with Tebow is, maybe it’s because he has morals and values that you lack. You say he is not accurate, then how did he do in college, and where was he drafted? Just because he didn’t start out great doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a chance to be great.

  28. Tiny Tim Teblow’s only hope for playing football is with the phony indoor football joke. I still say since he throws like a girl Tiny Tim belongs in the Lingerie League, along with his girlfriend Manti Te’o. Both of them could learn a thing or two from the girls of the LL.

    Tiny Tim Teblow is a pathetic joke as an NFL quarterback and the author nailed it comparing Teblow to garbage rotting in his garage. I’m sure the Jets will be happy to offload this deadbeat loser on someone else.

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