Bills use post-June 1 designation to minimize Fitzpatrick cap hit

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As the first week of free agency slows down, we now have time to fill in some of the gaps from a crazy few days of visits and signings and terminations.

One of the first terminations came right after the checkered flag was waved, with the Bills cutting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The move was no surprise, given that he was due to receive a $3 million roster bonus on the second day of the new league year.

The Bills processed the termination as a so-called post-June 1 designation, we’re told, which allows the Bills to spread the ensuing cap charge over two years.

With the post-June 1 designation, $3 million will count against the cap in 2013 for Fitzpatrick, and $7 million will apply in 2014.  By rule, the Bills will still carry Fitzpatrick’s $4.25 million base salary on the books until June 1, getting a cap bump in that amount thereafter.

The move also results in cash savings of $7.45 million for the Bills in 2014, which means that they opted to declare defeat and surrender after paying Fitzpatrick more than $20 million since signing him to his new contract in October 2011.

Hey, at least they didn’t also have to give up a second-round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

8 responses to “Bills use post-June 1 designation to minimize Fitzpatrick cap hit

  1. Sounds like they took advantage of the situation! Maybe they should get an unreasonably large penalty against their cap for being smart and staying within the rules!!!

  2. lol skinsfan58..

    Id agree but that will never happen based solely on the fact that Goodell loves seeing his boy Kraft beat up on Buffalo year after year at full strength. It wouldnt be the same if the Bills were at some disadvantage.

    As far as taking advantage sure… but wht is the point to carry part of the cap hit next year when the whole point of splitting it was to save space this year… it would be nice if they used what they are saving…otherwise id rather take the entire hit now and be free and clear next year

  3. I’m with you billfan1. I just thought I would make the point of teams getting crapped on for being smart. Skins are screwed because their opportunity was taken from them. Although they put themselves in that position because of Far Albert, they found a legal loophole and got screwed out of decades of growth for taking it.

  4. I am glad Fitz didn’t take a pay cut. Why should he hang around Buffalo and teach and rookie coach, offensive Coordinator and QB how things work. I am sure he will make more money and have a better situation anywhere he goes.

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