Irsay drops another hint


Every once in a while, Colts owner Jim Irsay launches the Twitter equivalent of an Easter egg hunt.  Currently, Colts fans are making guesses like crazy, and wondering if they’re getting warm.

On Saturday night, Irsay said that his team, which has been very active so far in free agency, is “working on a deal, one we’ve been working on for five days,” and that “we’re very, very close to making it work.”

Later, Irsay narrowed the range of potential guesses to one position:  “Wide receiver!!

But there aren’t many free-agent receivers with names justifying the use of two exclamation points.  Darrius Heyward-Bey was cut on Tuesday, and Randy Moss still has some caché, baby.

That leaves restricted free agents, where Giants receiver Victor Cruz and Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders are the top targets.  But with Irsay saying that the Colts have been working on the deal for five days and given that Cruz’s agent change delayed prevent CAA from talking contract during the five-day waiting period, it’s probably not Cruz.

Unless, of course, the Colts were spending the first part of the past five days coming up with an offer-sheet strategy with a 2013 cap number that would prevent the Giants from matching.

Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on Irsay’s page for further updates.

43 responses to “Irsay drops another hint

  1. they are working on a trade with the Carolina Panthers for either D Will or Stew. It’s probably D Will and they need to figure out to to redo his contract….

  2. Signing Leron Landry to a sizable contract is a pretty good indication this guy doesn’ t know what he is doing.

    Landry signed it as soon as it was offered.

  3. Gotta be Larry Fitzgerald if it’s truly a “whopper” and not over-hyping someone of lesser caliber.

    Fitzgerald would have to be pretty frustrated with the Cardinals, their lack of top-flight QB, and again this year.

  4. irsay doesnt make these deals….he just talks about them…who is this leron guy? you seem to know alot about him…except how to spell his name

  5. Nothing. Just likes to hear himself blather. Or in this case, read himself blather. He owns my beloved Colts, but I’m not too proud to say we have a moron in our midst.

  6. It’s not Lloyd, he was just released two days ago and Irsay said they’ve been working on it five days.

    Can’t be Sanders. Why would targeting the Steeler’s 3rd WR from last season be earth-shattering news?

    Actually none of the names mentioned here but Cruz live up to the hype he’s created.

  7. Hate to say it, but it looks like its Cruz. He had to wait 5 days while Cruz changed agents, he could have been “working” on restructuring contracts. Also one of the Giants beat writers (Patricia Trainer) pointed out Irsay used “Wopper” in one of his tweets as in Whale. Cruz has a clothing line called young whales.. Fudge!!!

  8. I’m not sure who is worse; my panther’s Jerry Richardson who says nothing unless he talking about his hand drawn pie charts or Jim Irsay who just can’t shut his tweet hole!

  9. irsay is a fun owner, he just the other day funded a local high school trip to a band competetion, unlike dan snyder who sues his fans cause they didnt send in their payments, and i heard its larry fitzgerald and also heard it was devone bess, god i hope not the later, cause that guy isnt worth a tweet

  10. This guy can’t shut up.
    What did Irsay do before all this tweeting stuff?

    Chirades? Shadow puppets?

  11. in all honesty,, i actually kinda hope it is Cruz…. im a vikings fan, but I have to say, that cruz deserves to get paid.. He has been nothing but a team player, he has done everything that has been asked of him. Mara is trying to leverage him by saying he should think about all of the “off field’ income he is making by playing in NY…. Thats BS… He has earned it, either Pay the man, or someone who will steal him away….

  12. I really don’t understand why teams aren’t going after these restricted FAs, especially somebody like Cruz. The team that puts the offer in would be getting a player that can make an immediate impact as opposed to getting a rookie that is unknown. I think teams take too much stock in draft picks.

  13. It has to be Maclin, it would make sense…………he is not a Chip Kelly type WR. Plus the Colts need to keep the Cap # in check so Sanders and Cruz that isn’t gona happen.

    Grigson used to work for the Eagles so they would know this and be in a position to make a deal very quietly.

    The Eagles media started buzzing a deal was going down around the same time.

    Maybe, could be , we will see

  14. Look…stop with the foolishness. Why do the Colts need Devone Bess, Brandon Lloyd, or Jeremy Maclin? All undersized slot receivers that are not as good as T.Y. Hilton. Fitzgerald makes the most sense as they need a true #1 receiver to take over for Reggie Wayne when he retires…but I doubt they’d b willing to pay whatever his price would be to get him from Arizona. Same with Cruz. Irsay isn’t about to give up his 1st rounder to get Cruz. Did I miss anyone? If I did…stop…you’re wrong.

  15. I am a Giants fan and as much as I like Cruz he is not worth the money he reportedly wants. #1 He is a slot receiver that takes too much punishment for a long term high dollar contract. #2 He plays a position that is relatively easy to develop{see Steve Smith}. #3 As good as he is I think he is very much a product of Eli and Gilbrides system. #4 Wes Welker the best slot receiver to ever play the game only got 2/12mil. #5 The team that signs him loses a pick in probably the best WR draft of the past decade.

  16. Lot of dreaming out there! Even Irsay would not be tweeting about Bess (he’s out). Lloyd is a FA now — would be open tampering for it to be him for 5 days (he’s out). Maclin is good but not worth disrupting the guys they currently have (he’s out). Larry Fitzgerald is one of the top two WRs in the game. The only guy the Colts have that could get Fitz is Luck — not going to happen (he’s out). Two guys that could excite him (and for whom 5 days could have some meaning) are Cruz and Sidney Rice (given the Harvin acquisition about 5 days ago) I’m betting on the latter, but could see him looking for a splash with Cruz.

  17. It could be Golden Tate. Tate would be “coming home” to some degree, and Tate was unhappy about the Harvin signing – and in some ways both those players are in the same position.

    Tate would be a good move for Indy, but I do doubt Irsay would be making such a big deal about “Tate” – although the timing he mentions goes with Harvin’s signing and Tate being unhappy.

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