Irsay says Colts “still in the hunt” for receiver “and others”

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Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter on Saturday to declare that his team has been working on a deal for five days, and that the target is a receiver.

So we’re now keeping an eye on Irsay’s Twitter page for any hints.  Or clue.  Or song lyrics.

We’re still n the hunt for WR and others,” Irsay said moments ago.  “It’s never DONE until it’s DONE!  We ride the roller coaster, just like u guys! Nerve racking stuff!”

And then he added this:  “We are still in fight for WR an others. . . . we’ve landed everyone we’ve targeted . . . my gut feeling— we’re not through . . . it’s hour to hour — EXCITING.”

It’s not clear whether the move to acquire a receiver would come via free agency or a trade.  And there’s no guarantee it will happen.  But it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing more from Irsay, at some point.