Jacoby Jones gets his $1 million roster bonus

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Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones is going to be concentrating on dancing for the next few weeks and he’ll be doing it with $1 million in his pocket.

Jones was paid his $1 million roster bonus as scheduled on Friday, via the Baltimore Sun, which should put to rest any lingering speculation about his spot on the roster for the 2013 season. Most of it likely died off when the Ravens traded Anquan Boldin to leave Jones as their nominal No. 2 receiver behind Torrey Smith, but any that was left has now been erased.

Jones has a $3 million base salary for the 2013 season, a number that the Ravens could conceivably bring down with an extension that keeps him with the team beyond next season. His skills as a kickoff returner alone might make that something of interest to the Ravens, but Jones’s ability to get deep is something that works well in a Baltimore offense that likes to throw the ball deep.

Despite that ability, we still expect to see the Ravens add some help at wide receiver at some point this offseason.

17 responses to “Jacoby Jones gets his $1 million roster bonus

  1. termininer, you’ve got to be kidding – your team got completely demolished in the SB, looked like it didn’t even belong on the same field. Totally out played on both sides of the ball, and you only made it close because the Ravens went into that ‘bend don’t break’ defense and traded yards for time. Lord knows I’m no Ratbird fan, but give credit where credit is due; you were outplayed, outcoached, and outclassed the entire game. Take your lumps, learn from them, and move on.

  2. he is their #1 reciever now, no pressure on ya big guy, just do something u havent done yr whole career, and thats be clutch, no pressure brah

  3. catching a 70 yard bomb to tie the broncos wasn’t clutch? catching an underthrown 40 yard pass, getting up and juking 3 defeners for a touch down in the super bowl wasn’t clutch? pretty high standards, big fella…

  4. Wow look at these cry babies. You wish you had Jones on your team. Unfortunately, your front office was not smart enough to sign him. Hate on haters.

  5. WOW – either the RAVENS are stupid or the Superbowl just means automatic money – I’m thinking the latter since Flacco will not be drafted in the top ten of ANY ffb league!

  6. Jacoby was the real MVP for the Ravens entire season…oh, and a ridiculous conversion of a 4th and 29 by Rice. Enjoy your 2nd Super Bowl win Ravens fans…it was a special season for you.

    But we still have 6 and you do not…It really is that simple.

  7. there is no way i saw a steeler fan making fun of someone else’s receivers. sanders is probably gone…that leaves you with brown who is admitedly good…plax…and…and…hmm. now of course the ravens have torrey….they have jacoby who isnt great but most of you say should have been sb mvp. fortunately for both teams its not opening day…and lets compare rbs..lol go ravens

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