Jennings got far less than he wanted, more than others offered

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The current free-agency market already has been called the worst ever by multiple NFL agents.  Though the warning signs were there, with plenty of teams having cap trouble and few having a major spending surplus, players and agents believed that the money would flow in the early days, like it always does.

But only a small handful of players got paid once the market opened.   Sure, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco became the highest-paid player of all time, but that happened only because the Ravens opted not to choose between an exclusive franchise tender that would have cost them more than $19 million in 2013 cap room and a non-exclusive level that would have invited other teams to load up an offer sheet and happily give up a pair of first-round picks.  Beyond Flacco, no player has set a new high-water mark at his position.

As a result, many have gotten, and eventually will get, far less than they wanted.  Including receiver Greg Jennings.

According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jennings at one point during the 2012 season wanted $15 million per year.  And so he rejected $11 million per year from the Packers, ultimately getting only $9 million annually from the Vikings.

Along the way, Jennings rejected (per McGinn) a reduced offer of $8 million per year from the Packers, and a $6 million annual flier from the Patriots.

Few saw the crash of the free-agency market coming, and plenty of agents already are whispering about collusion.  It’s not suspected in the sense of broad spending restrictions, but with respect to quiet coordination among teams in an effort to set the market at certain positions.

The irony is that, for players and agents, coordination and collusion are permitted — but they don’t seem to be doing much of it.  As a result, the teams have managed to land big-name players at bargain-basement costs, and the prices keep dropping at the NFL’s thrift shop.

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  1. PFT quoting Bob McGinn????

    Be that as it may, the market for free agency dollars isn’t going to be near as much as the players fantasize with the flat salary cap.

  2. Sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. Jennings went from Rodgers, a contender, to Ponder/Cassel for less money???? Wow!!!!

  3. Even at $9 mil, the Vikings overpaid. The guy missed half of each of the last two seasons, is turning 30 next year, never had blazing speed to begin with and requires a Qb that can hit those small seams with velocity. Geez, what can go wrong with this picture?

    Still, a football player with a Superbowl ring must make a decision at the fork in the road, sign with a contender and play for the big prize or grab the money and play for a team that you know is never going to get to that level. Can you blame him for taking the money?

  4. Jennings essentially got a $9m/year deal for 3 years. After that, not much is guaranteed for the remaining 2 years.

    That’s a pretty good deal for a WR turning 30 this season. A lot more than Welker or Amendola got. All three are essentially top slot receivers with some injury concerns and are about the same age.

    Jennings is clearly the best of the three in terms of talent and ability, which is why he got a premium.

    All in all, Jennings did pretty well in this market.

  5. I thought the reason for the rookie wage wcale wae so thatproven players would get paid more instead of the rookies who haven’t played a down. Seems to be having the opposite effect on UFA’s.

  6. It is what it is. I’m just glad they don’t pay the top pick rookies like they did before. That was just insane to give unproven players that much money. I kinda thought it would give teams the room to sign the Flacco’s and Boldin’s but maybe just too many guys over 30 in this FA class…

  7. so now we know why he signed with vikings. It puzzles me why he was thinking he was going to get 15 million after being hurt alot last two years and being 30. Why would hte guy turn down 11 million a year makes no since i bet he is kicking him self right now. I’m happy we did not get him for that you could have said good bye to matthews and others would have been way to much money. He did not go back to packers because im sure he hated them for giving him a lower offer then the 11 million after thye seen how the market was going. he went to vikings for the money nothing else.

  8. A little on the greedy side it seems, but I don’t blame can’t hit a HR unless you swing for the fences.

    I don’t think its collusion, I think its a combination of coming off an injury, and even though the draft isn’t loaded with elite talent.

    There is quite a few WRs that seem to have potential and have fewer injuries and the biggest thing is the smaller price tag.

  9. The problem (especially with wide receivers) as this site has pointed out many times, is the glut of free agents at certain positions. It’s simple economics; supply outweighed demand.

    In the case of wide receivers, outside of Megatron and Fitzgerald, receivers are a dime a dozen. Skill wise, there isn’t much difference between Welker, Jennings, Wallace, Bowe, Amendola, etc. Why pay 15 million for a guy who can give you the same production for six?

    WIth quarterbacks eating up a higher percentage of cap space, the other positions will suffer.

  10. It should speak volumes about what kind of player he is when the best team in the NFC doesn’t even bother making a phone call to his agent, and never returns the dozens of calls placed from agent to team begging for a shot.

    The Seahawks are plucking quality players to assemble the most dominant team ever and the first to 3 peat

  11. Im gonna love to see the deal james harrison gets…he had an opportunity to stay put in a defense he already knew for up to 6.57 mil. The pass rushers this year arent even getting that…and they arent 35 and injury plagued as of late. I think he overplayed his hand.

  12. So he turned down $11M from the team that made him a star and had a hall of fame quarterback throwing to him, because he overvalued himself and wanted $15M. So instead, he ends up with $9M and a noodle-armed Ponder throwing him worm burners.

    Nice job Greg, nice job. Greedy Greg got burned. I’d like to see this happen to more NFL players. As if you couldn’t feed your family on $11M a year. Jackass.

    Oh, and you blew your legacy too. Finish your career in Green Bay, and you would have been a Green Bay legend. Instead you’ll be forgotten in Green Bay, and nothing but a blip on the Minnesota radar, since you’ll be cut in 2-3 years and BEGGING some team to spend $3M/year on you at 33.

  13. vcfbfanatic,
    The rookie wage scale makes rookies a better value and these veterans are pricing themselves out of the market. With so many ACL tears etc GMs are coming to see that depth and youth far outweigh a proven veteran in most cases. For one Revis you could have 4 or 5 young players. Also, we’re seeing much more college-type offenses in the NFL which help these young players make a successful transition. The trick is finding what good veteran leadership is really worth and as more time passes, it becomes clearer that the players got hosed with their last CBA. I mean did they get ANYTHING in their favor out of it?

  14. Lets consider the source here; pertaining to Jennings situation.
    Some guy, named Bob, from all places Milwaukee?
    Hmmm, smells a little cheesy.

  15. The look on his face in this picture will be seen a lot this upcoming year on the sideline after either Ponder misses him completely or they hand off to AP instead of look his way on a scoring drive that fails. Can’t wait!

  16. I love how the packer fans say the Vikings have the worst fans in the NFL but all you hear about after Jennings signed is all the hate mail from packers fans to Jennings and his family.

    Stay classy green bay!
    Life in trailer park must be rough this week

  17. Of course there’s collusion. Remember the non-salary cap year? Players are just now figuring out how bad they got screwed by the NFLPA. It has nothing to do with value. Revenues are up and salaries are down. Owners are killin em. Btw, not a union guy, but hate that the owners are skirting laws as it relates to open labor markets. The owners have an understanding…

  18. The players agreed to take a slightly smaller share of the revenue, thus why the cap is actually lower than it was before the last CBA expired. The players shouldn’t be dumbfounded, then, that teams are spending less, because they’re working with less cap space.

  19. It seems to me that the full effects of the new CBA have yet to register with the players. Many of them are acting like it’s 2010 and are pricing themselves out of the new market. Teams have less money to spend so players have to get used to less money; its a simple reality of the new CBA. The new CBA takes care of the very elite players, but leaves everyone else to fend for themselves. Sounds familiar…

  20. As a Packers fan, cannot begrudge a guy doing what’s best for him. By the same token Greg, or any other player, cannot begrudge the former team for not making the same offer it made before. It’s a calculated risk by both sides. It seems the Packers made an offer competitive with the Vikings but Greg wanted the money and true number one role. Won’t blame him. Minnesota simply needed him more than Green Bay. It’s hard for athletes to hear that but it’s fact. As a competitor I’m sure he’d rather have Rodgers throwing him the ball but he made a business decision. No issue with that. I was shocked the packers offered. 11 mil a year at one point and equally shocked he thought his value as 15 mil a year.

  21. It’s hilarious reading comments from Packer fans about how the Packers are a contender and the Vikings are terrible. That is so 2011. Congratulations on beating Joe Webb in the playoffs, that’s really something to hang your hat on all offseason. Meanwhile, the Vikings now have your best receiver and they have a capable backup in case Ponder gets hurt again. Oh, that’s right. Ponder sucks. He’s only good enough to beat the Packers.

  22. Kind of glad he turned them down last year at 11 mil. Sad reality is that’s too much for a receiver going on 30. And with Rodgers it’s better to split that investment and pay several really good receivers (and Rodgers himself) vs giving it all to one guy. Will miss him tho, and would normally wish him luck but going to a division foe my only wish is that he doesn’t get hurt and eats some cap space for several years on his way to retirement.

  23. Iknoweverything says:
    The Seahawks are plucking quality players to assemble the most dominant team ever and the first to 3 peat.

    Maybe win one before you start smelling yourself skippy.

  24. When he concentrates on football, he’s outstanding (when healthy). But he’s too obsessed with his “entertainment” career, which he’s diligently pursuing. Good move by GB to hold firm on their number.

  25. Well, at least he didn’t use that tired old “God told me to go there” excuse. Gotta give him credit for that.

    It was about money, pure and simple. Screw him. The Packers will be fine without Greg Jennings, just like they were fine without him the last couple of years.

  26. It’s not like the teams are not spending money. Some of them are just starting to get smarter about how they spend it.

  27. Didn’t the salary floor go up in the latest CBA? Teams didn’t pay big money this year because they did last year – that’s what the cap is about. There is no guarantee that contracts will get bigger each year, unless the cap goes up. This requires no collusion – it’s built in to the cap.

  28. That’s a pretty good deal for a WR turning 30 this season. A lot more than Welker or Amendola got. All three are essentially top slot receivers with some injury concerns and are about the same age.


    Jennings isn’t a slot receiver. With the pack, he probably lined up outside the numbers 80% of the time.

  29. Greg’s a good receiver, but not worth 9.5 million a year.

    I think this information reveals a lot regarding his sister’s tweets. Knowing this information I think a lot of her discontentment had its roots in comments Greg was making to her and other members of the Jennings family.

    Well, if Greg didn’t like 11 million a year and being thrown to by Rodgers, now you can take your ego west and get 9.5 million a year and get thrown to by Ponder. Good luck with that!

    Greg needs to fire his agent, it’s clear his agent just cost him 2.5 million. I mean, seriously, he thought he should be paid more than Larry Fitzgerald?

  30. He screwed himself by not taking the 11 mill, then he puked all over himself by taking the Vikings offer when the Pack’s counter came within one million of the Vikes. Sure hope that extra million was worth leaving a hall of fame qb for one that will probably lose his job to Cassell before the season’s over.

  31. NFL players and agents, welcome to the current world economics. You are all over paid, even if your ego whispers in your ear differently. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is only so large.

  32. richardthefaiso:

    Ponder will be holding a clipboard..

    More like being in the Top 10 of QBs in passing percentage once they get him more than ONE receiver (Percy Harvin) that anybody is afraid of.

    Despite the inaccurate “reporting” on the subject..
    Cassell was NOT brought in to “compete” with Ponder.

    It has been made abundantly clear by everyone with the Vikings org that he was signed to be a backup. Barring injury, Ponder is the starter and has more athletic ability than Cassell regardless.

  33. He gave up the extra cash to have one of the best QB’s in the league throwing him laser beam TD passes….oh wait…guess having a one of the top 5 and future HOF QB throwing you the ball WASN’T as important as the bottom line..must have forgotten he said a high quality QB was essential to any deal. Its all about the money

  34. One wonders exactly what agents of these walking egos are whispering into their ears…fifteen million for an injured, two years running, aging WR. Not only that, but he selects Vikes over The PACK!? Imagine for a moment, that he is NOT injured, escapes from the DB, after the defender falls down, and is in the clear. WHO is going to throw it to him and actually HIT him? He could had Rogers and now PONDER is going to hit him? Oh BROTHER!

  35. 1.) Rodgers is a good QB but Packer fans need to stop saying “Hall of Fame”. Congrats on the one superbowl. Now stop being one and done every other time you make the playoffs.

    2.) Legacy? Please…what are you folks in GB smoking? Jennings made a business decision and didn’t wanna leave in Shueotney, WI

  36. The Packer strategy is clearly superior. They still have 3 excellent WR’s, and that spreads the risk of injury or decline around significantly. They also should get a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick next year for Jennings.

    The Vikings just put all their eggs into the 30 year old injury prone basket. And as much as I like Jennings, this was a dumb and desperate move. This should not surprise anyone because they are horribly mismanaged, and history shows us that they have never won it all.

  37. It’s hilarious reading comments from Packer fans about how the Packers are a contender and the Vikings are terrible. That is so 2011. Congratulations on beating Joe Webb in the playoffs, that’s really something to hang your hat on all offseason. Meanwhile, the Vikings now have your best receiver and they have a capable backup in case Ponder gets hurt again. Oh, that’s right. Ponder sucks. He’s only good enough to beat the Packers.
    It`s actually more hilarious to read a Viking`s fan comment about anything. 0-4 in the Superbowl, more than 30 years without even sniffing one, 50 plus years of futility, an empty trophy case in the old stadium and no need to construct one in the new one. Come talk at the grownup`s table when you become one. I forgot though-you have all those Division championships

  38. Jennings’ decision to go to Minnesota will probably end up costing him money in the long run in addition to all the other reasons not to leave that I’ve read in the posts above. Contending for titles, his legacy, fans that love him; flip to fans that wanna poor vats of fon du over his head. My point about money is how many endorsement offers will he get with Ponder throwing him the ball? Maybe Scot’s turf builder will call. You too can catch passes off the bounce.

  39. Hey Packer fans!!

    Remember when Green Bay threw $7.5 mil per over 7 years at a CB coming off back-to-back leg injury-shortened seasons?

    After reading all the bitter posts the last couple of days, I thought I would remind you all about that one.

    And BTW…. If Jennings (29) is too old now, what are Jones (28) and Nelson (27)? Good for another decade, I’m sure…. And we’ll ignore the part where Jennings has about the same number of rec and yds in his 7 seasons as Jones and Nelson do combined in their 11 seasons and keep saying that Jennings would be the #4 in Green Bay.

    But I think, deep down, even Packer fans know what the rest of the league knew last year. the Packers window is closed. Get ready for TT to start dumping veterans for the compensatory draft picks again.

  40. Well for the players, it is a once in a lifetime unique experience unlike anything else when they are in one of these new contract opportunity scenarios. They aren’t the wisest of wealth managers or planners and they don’t have the perfect knowledge of history needed in order to manage their situations on their own in an optimal way. At some point in time the focus is going to shift to all of the people that collectively support and advise these players that are supposed to be representing their best interest.

    It would be nice if the league would step in and help to promote a healthier development and evolution of the support services that are available to these players. It’s up to the NFL to be motivated to want to force higher quality standards into this sport. Whether they do that for the agents/contracting side of things or for rules/refereeing, it should be their responsibility to be looking out for everybody’s best interests and trying to find ways to improve the overall system for all of these parties involved.

    The NFL doesn’t have the leadership in place to ensure a systematic, efficient, and totally fair free-agent system or rules management system as a result. We as fans deserve better in several areas across the board and need to speak up more about it. And now this player’s dynasty with one team is forever warped into a quasi-sellout situation, one of which that somehow pays him less.

    All parties worked together on this deal to collectively shrink the pie that they themselves share before they decided to redistribute the slices.

  41. But I think, deep down, even Packer fans know what the rest of the league knew last year. the Packers window is closed. Get ready for TT to start dumping veterans for the compensatory draft picks again.

    packers window is never closed with rodgers as qb and we have a up and coming team we are far from being closed.

  42. @brewdogg

    Why, because Jennings won’t be their for the whole season instead of just half of the one he missed last year?

    Yes those guys will be older, but I’m guessing they won’t ask for about 12% of the teams salary cap.

    Have fun trolling anyway.

  43. Here’s something to think about for all of you stating the Packers are in such a better position to contend than the Vikings:

    The Packers, like so many teams recently, weren’t the best team the season they recently won the Super Bowl, but the team that got the hottest at the right time. They’ve been slaughtered in their elimination game in the last two playoffs. They have sub-standard O-line, no rushing attack and a terrible defense when opposing a good offense. They’ll need to sign Rodgers, Matthews & Raji to big contracts soon thus restricting the chances of improving in the many needed areas. The question is if Rodgers and the receiving corp can continue to bail them out.

    The Vikings were just one game back of the Pack in the regular season. They controlled games against San Fran, Houston, Green Bay and Chicago. The Vikes had seven Pro Bowlers with another that should have been and three more that could have been. They are one of the youngest teams in the league and have six picks in the first four rounds this year (5 of the top 100) and five in the first four rounds next year. They may not be strong contenders this year, but they are a team that is strongly headed in the right direction with a bright future.

  44. “Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco became the highest-paid player of all time”

    This is the most insane fact in the history of pro sports.

  45. The reason it’s not silly season for paying players crazy money is the fact that several teams have done just that the last few years and on paper look like they are fully loaded to make the Super Bowl, only to find out they hardly made the play-offs…

  46. Greg’s problem was that he didn’t have much of a market.

    – Dolphins with a former Packer coach, elected to pay Wallace big time.

    – Seattle got their guy with a big contract, and by trading picks to do it.

    That left the Vikes, Packers, and I guess Pats.

    Pats offer was basically just a shot in the dark at their price. I’m not sure if the Packers actually wanted Jennings back, or if they were just trying to jack up the price on the Vikings. With Jennings leaving they will probably be in line for a decent compensatory pick, so that is more incentive for them to not over pay.

    Plus I think passing teams are moving to a place of trying to have 3 or 4 decent WRs, versus 1 guy with a huge contract. This means building through the draft, and signing decent, but not elite guys coming off their rookie contract. Also by having a deeper WR core, it keeps the numbers down, which in turn will keep salaries in check.

    I think it only makes sense to break the bank on a WR if he is someone that can’t be shut out with a double team.

  47. Of course they say Ponder is the starter & I’m sure they have no intention of having to play Cassell. Plans change. By week 10 attitudes change. AP can’t carry that team forever. Eventually Ponder has to step up or step out. I think they brought in a backup with a lot of game experience just in case plan b is necessary. We paid Matt Flynn damn good money to be our future qb. Everyone knows how that worked out.

  48. I’m betting 9.5 mil and 18 mil guaranteed weren’t the first offers Vikes made. Green Bay’s interest likely drove the price up and ate more of their cap. Heard they were restructuring deals to fit Jennings and Cassel under. That is the game within the game of free agency

  49. Its a tough business and with salary caps, very difficult to be a top team year after year. The 49ers and the Seahawks are both in the upswing years and thats why they’re “going for it”. They both sucked for years, had high draft picks, and enjoy young talent at low cost. When you have a wealth of proven players, the costs go up, and its difficult to pay your veterans what they’re worth and still throw money around in free agency. Thats the Packers formula for success year after year, it involves some tough decision-making, prudent financial management and excellent scouting. Wait till the Hawks and 49ers have to pay their quarterbacks and other stars. They will cycle back into obscurity.

  50. For all the Packer fans who continually knock Jennings for his decision to change teams and claiming a “downgrade” when going from the Packers to the Vikings: The Packers made it ONE week further into the post-season than the Vikings — don’t act as if Rogers & Company can walk on water.

  51. to me the issue here is not who is smarter, the Packers or Vikings, but how big of a joke this cap is that the players and owners agreed to under the recent CBA.

    This year was especially obvious with the market over saturated at almost every position. Why would you give a lot of money to anyone when generally there is someone just a little bit worse who is a lot cheaper? That’s the NFL way.

    Every other sport sees record contracts every year. in the NFL only QBs and DEs break the bank, sometimes taking up 15-20% of their teams cap number in a year. leaving about $100 million for 52 other players.

    Even a team like the Packers who has more modest contracts for stars such as Rodgers, Matthews, Nelson, still has to release Woodson and let Jennings go to FA to remain in position cap wise to sign other core players.

    So maybe in the future the media can stop talking about NFL Free Agency like it is some sort of big money bonanza. Nope, it is a disappointment bonanza, for fans and players.

  52. What people are forgetting about FA contracts and the new CBA is how QB’s now routinely sign deals for $20 mil plus per season.

    Which is the main reason that the Packers couldn’t/wouldn’t pay Jennings.

    Based on recent QB signings it may be well over $20 mil that Rodgers demands.

  53. Some random thoughts:
    We should all be so lucky as to have to “settle” for $9 million. Most people won’t approach that in a 45 year career, let alone one.
    Seattle’s gonna three-peat?!? Wow, I missed the one they won this year. St. Patrick’s day comes early in the NW.
    Vikings had a Lions-like fluke year last season. Harvin knew it. The brass knows it or Frazier would have a multi-year contract. 8-8 this year at best.

  54. Do a couple more Old Spice commercials before people completely forget who you are in Minnesota with no QB.

  55. As I read the posts, I do not understand the critics to be knocking the team as much as specifically thumping Ponder. It is difficult for me to believe even the most LOYAL Vike’s fan can honestly believe that ANY wr is in a more advantageous position with Ponder than he is with Rogers. All one need do is reflect on Larry F.’s lot in life. I am neither a Pack or Viking fan, however it seems to me that a wr is ESPECIALLY dependent on his qb for success and overall stats. I am far from an authority on quarterbacks or football, however it seems obvious to me that Jennings should have remained a Packer for quite a number of reasons. For that matter, I see NO advantage for him becoming a Vike, not a SINGLE one. Perhaps another position other than wr would have sound reasons for going to Minn., but wr? I do not think so.

  56. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ponder has basically stunk so far. He was great in the season finale against Green Bay, but other than that one game he’s been mostly average and atrocious at times.

    But let’s not forget that this guy has played only 2 seasons and has had absolutely nothing in terms of downfield threats. We don’t know yet if he’ll turn out to be good or not.

  57. The great thing about Greg signing is that if he would have stayed with the packers it would have been the greatest thing ever. Makes me laugh that every packers fan thinks he a bum now . “F.Y.P” in my Greg Jennings Voice

  58. This move reeked of desperation, and Jennings and his agent pretty much had their way with the incompetent Rick Spielman. Spielman was previously fired for similar acts of incompetence in Miami.

  59. I kinda think one reason we’re not seeing many big money deals is the fa class seems a little weak to me with a couple exceptions. If Megatron or Fitz were up for a new contract i think the money would be there. Revis was the biggest name & no one wants to drop that kinda money on a cb with a bad wheel. Weakest year in recent memory.

  60. Cheeseheads,
    Ponder beat Rodgers in a must win game/ shoot out in 2012. I know it was AP that did it not Ponder, you wish you had AP and now you wish you had Jennings.
    Vikes will sweep the Packers in 2013

  61. This is the time of year when the Vikings rack up all kinds of pretend victories against the Packers for next year. And Viking fans show up with their trademark false bravado making ridiculous claims about their team that hasn’t been able to win it all in over half a century of existence.

    But then the season starts and reality arrives along with massive statewide depression culminating in the Vikings mathematical elimination occurring sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    It’s as predictable as the sun rising every morning.

  62. It would not surprise me one bit if the Packers were just driving up the price to be malicious to the Vikings. I seem to remember when they traded Brett Favre to the Jets it was under the condition that they could never trade him to the Vikings. It says a lot about the confidence and security of your ball club when you do underhanded things like that.

  63. How interesting that a Packer paper was the only source that somehow “discovered” that Jennings supposedly “demanded” $15m. What wonderful spin from yet another Packer media outlet. Funny I don’t remember Minnesota papers bashing Percy Harvin when he joined another team. I guess some 31 of the NFL cities have some objectivity and bravery than Green Bay does when dealing with its fans.

  64. I’d rather play for an up and coming young team that made the playoffs last year (w/o Percy Harvin for the last 7 games, 5-2), added Greg Jennings, are returning every starter except 3 (Michael Jenkins, Jasper Brinkley, and Percy Harvin), and have 2 more 1st round picks, and 6 in the first 4 rounds than an aging team that doesn’t really have much outside of its QB and WR. Not to mention they will need to break the bank for Rodgers and Matthews next year. No longer will they be getting those two on the cheap. If Flacco got 20+mil, what will Rodgers get? I don’t know, but Flacco’s 20mil salary is already eating away at the Ravens…

  65. Tough to come back to a team as a WR when your QB basically said they wouldn’t re-sign you before your last year even began.

    Truth is, I don’t think a lot of GB players like Rodgers all that much, whatever the reason.

    Sometimes I wonder if the reason Rodgers hasn’t said anything about his contract is because he doesn’t want to re-sign with the Packers.

    He’s had a chance to see Manning out there being courted and every team offering him the moon. And Rodgers would be even more coveted than Manning.

    Just saying…

  66. There are too many receivers in GB battling it out. With the Vikings he knew he would be the clear number 1.

    Besides the Packers along with every team that won a superbowl in the last few years is on a downhill slide and having to live up to what they did that one year, except for maybe the Giants because when they win a superbowl its after sucking for half of the year.

  67. I love what GJ did for GB but he is clearly in decline the last 2 years and would have been easiley the 4th option in that offense behind Cobb, Nelson and Finley and not worth 9.5 Mil a year. However with the clear lack of any outside receiving talent in Minnesota I do beleive for the Viks he is worth that price. But for anyone to think he would still be the # 1 target in GB is foolish.

    Player Rec Yds Yds/Rec Long TD

    Cobb 80 954 11.9 39 8
    Jones 64 784 12.3 49 14
    Finley 61 667 10.9 40 2
    Nelson 49 745 15.2 73 7
    Jennings 36 366 10.2 45 4

    Here are his carrer stats vs. the North

    Jennings 65 964 14.8 10td’s Vikings
    47 678 14.4 5td’s Bears
    42 729 17.3 5td’s Lions

    He made his living off the Vikings I guess he should give them something back.

  68. filthymcnasty1 says:Mar 18, 2013 12:17 PM

    Ponder bruises easily.
    So does your ego as well as packer fans’ ego.

  69. How come all these Jennings-naysayers (see how i changed the name of this collective group? We all know who im referring to 😉 ) are so quick to mention Jenning’s injuries but seem to forget the injuries of their other so-called great wide receivers in the 2012 season?

  70. Jennings has a chip on his shoulder, he thinks GB did him wrong, look for BIG games against the Packers. It wont be easy, but I expect a Viking sweep!

  71. Now that he is with the Vikes he won’t be a Packer legend.

    Do you really thnk he cares about that?


    While all teams have players who live elsewhere when the season is done, I bet GB would have the least number of players who actually choose to live there year around. (Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo could be close)

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