Jets indicate they are keeping open mind on Darrelle Revis


From all accounts, the Jets want to give the impression they can go a variety of ways as they decide how to proceed with cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Speaking to media at the NFL annual meeting in Phoenix, Jets general manager John Idzik indicated the status quo is an option with their star corner.

“I expect Darrelle Revis to be a New York Jet,” Idzik said, according to USA Today‘s Jim Corbett. “We as the Jets operate under that assumption.”

Owner Woody Johnson offered a similar sentiment, even suggesting an extension for Revis — who’s in the final year of his deal — wasn’t impossible, per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

However, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Idzik wouldn’t rule out that Revis could be playing elsewhere next year, and Woody Johnson also noted that the club would “listen” on a trade call on Revis just like any other player, per Rapoport.

Overall, Johnson, per multiple media accounts of his remarks, didn’t come close to shutting the door on a Revis trade. One example: Johnson, per Corbett, said that if the Jets believed a trade “can make our team better, we would be open to a conversation[.]”

In short, the speculation about Revis’ future with the Jets is far from over.

36 responses to “Jets indicate they are keeping open mind on Darrelle Revis

  1. In other words: The Jets are in a mess, Uncertain QB, Uncertain Coach, Low Cap Space, Veterans leaving left and right. What is the only way out? They need as many draft picks as possible to fill voids and stay under the cap. So they are trying to find a sucker to trade a bunch of picks for Revis who is damaged goods at this point. Good luck finding a team foolish enough to trade a bunch of picks for a corner going through rehab, especially when free agent’s asking price is way down at that position and the draft has several good ones.

  2. Just like I’ve said all along. Jets are leveraging their options & also the media didn’t have it right about the level or specifics of the Jets communication to the Revis camp…

  3. That’s all you guys can do is speculate. As a Jets fan, I am fine with that. You guys can keep all your speculation. The Jets aren’t giving you guys nothing.

  4. The Jets and every other needs an open mind. Creating a way to slow down Chip Kellys 2013 world domination tour will take foresight and vision that only an open mind can forge. The sheer intricate detail in this system will prove impossible to stop. Slowing it down to maybe say, 40 points per game should be evreyones goal. Look I feel for you all. Really I do. But its a comin. And theres simply nothing that you can do about it.

  5. Every time I see that Woody Johnson feels the need to stroke his ego by speaking to the media about a player transaction, I feel sorry for John Idzik. At least Jerry Jones gives himself the title of General Manager or Managing Partner. Idzik comes from a Seattle franchise that has never had the owner do anything but defer to the guys who actually run the team. Idzik is now dealing with a guy who uses the team as a means to stroke his ego. It is no wonder that the Jets are such a stinking pile of doo.

  6. Woody keeps having a reoccurring nightmare that everyone in Met Life stadium is on their feet with the 2014 Super Bowl on the line. Brady is attempting a pass to Tim Tebow to win the SB with no time on the clock and Revis, who plays for San Francisco, is coming off his man to make a play on the ball. It doesn’t matter what happens, it is a lose lose for Woody.

  7. I think it’s fair to say it’s Rex’s last season coaching because the Jets are going to be terrible this season.

  8. Can they just make up there minds on what they plan to do already this story is getting annoying already they just keep going back and forth over and over again.

  9. So basically he said that we’re keeping all options open. Isn’t that what any sane person would do in this situation? I kind of feel bad for the Jets beat reporters/trolls. Sounds like Idzik won’t be letting them run wild like they have in the past.

  10. The only timetable the Jets have is their own. They will do their best to make a deal, and if its not strong enough, they’ll sign him long term. The same thing any GM would do.

  11. Just a few days ago we heard they had an offer for him. I guess this is just more posturing to get any offer. My guess is he ends up in San Francisco for a 7th round pick.

  12. As much as the circus description has been overused, I can’t help but wondering if the Jets players will come out of the tunnel next year jammed 8 or 10 at a pop into little clown cars to all pour out on the 40 or 50 yard line when their car stops.

  13. Jets can only hope some team is stupid enough to take Revis off their hands. Who wants to pay a player 16 plus million a year coming off a major knee injury? Jets better off letting Revis play out his contract and letting him become a free agent. UNLESS they find an idiot team to help them out. I’d want nothing to do with a player who takes up 18 % of a teams salary cap, is injured and is on the downside of his career.

  14. Everybody knows a deal is in the works, there is no other way other ,not getting anything for him next year……Check &. Mate. !!

  15. I think Jets have to start the season with Revis. No way Jets let him go for less than a 1st round pick, or player they need, and no team right now will take that risk being someone has to write a new contract with this guy in the 15-16m per year range. Teams need to see some games of him being back in form and back from the injury.

    In some ways I can’t imagine ANYONE paying that price considering how this free agency has gone.

  16. Everyone seems to have forgetten that Revis is coming off ACL surgey and no one has a clue how his recovery has come along.

    The Jets ssem to want compensation as if a major MAJOR injury never happened.

    Regardless of what happens with him the Jets have made it clear their franchise is a complete mess from top to bottom. They do business like amateurs. Its quite sad really.

    I went from disliking the Jets to feeling sorry for them.

  17. Worst poker players on Earth. Just wait them out until they have to cut him. If they want to cripple themselves (history says they might) then let them.

  18. Day after day for months, article after article, the same fools with the same replies.

    Rex is a big mouth
    Jets are a circus
    Woody this
    Sanchez that
    Jets are a mess.

    Fine, all the above is true. Why is it as important as a nuclear threat to the United States that the Jets fail?
    They failed in 2012 and are rebuilding. So?
    Now run along to your pathetic daily lives and try to live it the best you can with your team and wean off if you can with the Jets.

  19. The bucs offered a second round pick and third in 2014 for revis. Take it or leave it woody. He is not worth more coming off an acl injury.

    Jets are so dysfunctional that even Mrs. Ryan don’t know where her toes will be next year.

  20. One last nugget this deal won’t happen prior to June 1 cuz the jet take a 13 mill cap hit if it does in 2013. They cannot afford a hit like that so florio put these articles in a drawer until then.

  21. Why trade Revis when he is at his lowest possible market value? Makes no sense. If he returns to form the Jets get value and if he doesn’t you cut him.

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