Johnson calls reports of reluctance to re-sign Revis “patently untrue”


I’m still in the air, somewhere near Albuquerque (hello Mr. White, yo!), but the owners already are in Phoenix.  And they’re talking.  And the media who beat me to the Biltmore are listening.

Jets owner Woody Johnson has addressed the team’s current, confusing situation with cornerback Darrelle Revis.  As it relates to the widespread presumption that Johnson doesn’t want to sign Revis to a long-term extension, Johnson said such talk is exaggerated and “patently untrue,” according to Tom Rock of Newsday.

Well, if that’s the case, why haven’t the Jets launched contract talks with Revis?  As of the middle of this past week, there had been no communication aimed at working out a new deal — even though the Revis camp would contend that Johnson promised to give Revis a “Derek Jeter” deal upon completion of the third year of the cornerback’s four-year contract.

While it’s entirely possible that the torn ACL from which Revis is rehabbing complicates things, why not at least say so, directly to Revis?

Also, if the chatter about Johnson not wanting to pay Revis is “patently untrue,” then every report that the Jets want to explore trading Revis is “patently untrue,” too.  Because if Johnson wants to pay Revis, there’s no reason to trade him.

In our assessment, the Jets are trying their best to adopt the “no intent” posture that the Vikings parlayed into a trade of Percy Harvin.  Whether that’s too late when it comes to getting a first-round-pick-plus for Revis remains to be seen.

24 responses to “Johnson calls reports of reluctance to re-sign Revis “patently untrue”

  1. Woody: That is patently untrue, we are not reluctant to sign Revis, we are outrightly and vehemently against signing Revis.

  2. Won’t get a first round pick for a cornerback.
    With a damaged ACL.
    And that wants to be paid as if he’s not a cornerback.

  3. Is it also patently untrue that the Jet’s are keeping Tebow on the roster because Johnson will wet his pants if Tim signs with the Pats to play h-back?

  4. You guys are funny. Who’s negotiation s it anyway? The Jets or the Media’s?

    They will begin conversations when they are ready on their time schedule not yours. It makes perfect sense to gauge the market to get a handle on the value of Revis recovering from this injury vs healthy before beginning any kind of talks.

    And of course him having an injury changes the context of things. Why should he have to explain that to anyone except Revis when they are ready.

    They are perfectly in their rights to consider signing or trading him without any explanation to the media.

    As far as I know you guys don’t even have all the facts straight about whats actually been communicated to the Revis camp or not. It’s not like it would be the first time…

  5. In other words: The Jets are in a mess, Uncertain QB, Uncertain Coach, Low Cap Space, Veterans leaving left and right. What is the only way out? They need as many draft picks as possible to fill voids and stay under the cap. So they are trying to find a sucker to trade a bunch of picks for Revis who is damaged goods at this point. Good luck finding a team foolish enough to trade a bunch of picks for a corner going through rehab, especially when free agent’s asking price is way down at that position and the draft has several good ones.

  6. I like what the Jets are doing , especially the part of keeping the drama out.

    Johnson or new GM don’t have to tell anyone anything, why give a new contract if someone may want to take him.

    Jets can keep or trade him, if offer is not good enough don’t trade him.

    I like that the circus has left town.

  7. Untrue does not need an adverb. It says everything it needs to in one word. “Patently untrue” is Orwellian doublespeak.

  8. Sorry Woody, we were confused. We’re so used to you starting contract talks with Mevis 6 months into his most recent contract that it seems like you are cutting it razor thin with only a season left. You guys haven’t even got to the holdout phase yet so the world is baffled. Tick tock tick tock…

  9. “I like that the circus has left town.”

    Sorry, the circus is just warming up and will reach its height when a team Woody fears winning a Super Bowl in his stadium holds the Lombardi Trophy in the air to the largest television audience in SB history. That team will invite a former Jet player, now on their roster, up on the winner’s platform just to salt the wound.

  10. The Jets may have actually benefited by delaying a decision as the market for cornerbacks has been depressed. Is Revis going to get quarterback money from anyone? NO. This raises his trade value and makes re-signing him more possible.

    They should maintain communication so that they don’t have a situation similar to Michael Bennet. By not talking to Bennet, Tampa Bay simply pissed him off and he didn’t give them a chance to match Seattle’s below market offer. These so called business negotiations become very personal very quickly.

  11. If the Jets don’t trade Revis now, then they will not get everything he has on the field. He will still at times play hard in order to keep other teams interested, but won’t put himself out there to be injured again. If they do trade him away, there is no way they get a first round pick, might not even get a second rounder. I think a third and 6th-7th rounder is pretty fair. We don’t even know how well he will play after this injury, that is why the Jets won’t get what they want.
    I say keep him. Its not worth it.

  12. the Jets are entirely willing to sign Revis to a long-term contract paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, some of it guaranteed.

  13. I think Jets are better off signing him to a team and then trading him. Not knowing his price is tough to get around considering what he has said about 16m per year. That is just out of touch, and Jets need to weed that out and get to the bottom of the $.

    I also think they could start the season with Revis to show he is in good condition. There might be some desperate teams out there that find they let too many players go.

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