Johnson: Jets considering “all possibilities” with Tim Tebow


A year ago at this time, Tim Tebow was still a member of the Denver Broncos, and it wasn’t completely known where Peyton Manning would play in 2012.

Today, Tebow is one of five quarterbacks on the Jets’ roster, and his future with the club is somewhat uncertain. At the league meeting in Phoenix, owner Woody Johnson said the club was “looking at all possibilities with him,” Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported Sunday.

Jets general manager John Izdik took a similar tact regarding Tebow. Per Tom Rock of Newsday, Idzik noted that Tebow was “under contract,” and the GM indicated he would let things “play out.”

Per Rotoworld salary figures, Tebow is due around $2.6 million in 2013.  He figures to be quite tough to trade at that level of compensation, and he would also be difficult to justify keeping unless he had a defined role in the offense.

In short, his future with the Jets looks on the tenuous side, and another professional football league team would be happy to have him should the NFL no longer be in the cards.

33 responses to “Johnson: Jets considering “all possibilities” with Tim Tebow

  1. Why would teams try to trade for Tebow if they know he’s just going to be released if they fail to find a trading partner???

    Just release him already.

  2. While “another professional football league team” may be interested in Tebow, I don’t think Tebow is willing to work for free anymore just to be a member of the Florida Gators.
    (*Rip on the NCAA’s business model.)

  3. At this point it’s probably a better investment for the Jets to name Tebow the starter and sink or swim with him.

    Everyone knows he’s not a strong conventional QB, but he is a great “ad-lib” player that often gets others to rally around him.

    He can not inspire less confidence than Sanchez at this point.

  4. I’m starting my own team. A bunch of guys from the neighborhood. We’re going to play a bunch of guys from another neighborhood. It’s all for bragging rights and cold beer.

    I still don’t want Tebow on my team.

  5. OMG! Shut up Woody! Nobody cares about your posturing or head games…

    Plus – Nobody wants Timmy Tebow….Suggesting that you could get any value for him at this point is as silly as Idzik stating that Revis will be a Jet next year…

  6. So just what kind of trade could be worked out with an arena league team? Tim Tebow for any player on your roster over the next three years?

    The Jets need to hang on to Tebow and wait for the injury bug to hit a team like Jacksonville, Tennessee, Detroit, Carolina, or Arizona.

    Tim needs to change to a slot option (Z) receiver that can come in motion. Mike Wallace cut his teeth in that roll and it is perfect for Timmy. He does not have the speed, but he has other talents that make that option dangerous.

  7. If “all options” include selling him for parts, I will offer up a few dollars for his hairline and his abs.

  8. Its ridiculous if they keep him going into training camp because it wouldnt give him the opportunity to have a full offseason learning another teams play book. FREE TEBOW!

  9. A couple of things:

    I love it when folks talk about how Tim Tebow should play receiver or fullback or something- when he have absolutely zero experience playing those positions. And he’s been playing that same kind of quarterback since he was 7.

    It would be much easier to improve Tebow’s skills as a quarterback (as much as you can) than convert him to another position.

    This would be the best thing for Tebow: Go somewhere with a good starting quarterback and hold a clipboard for a few years. Go somewhere where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the backup and that you will not see the field unless the starter is hurt. And learn.

    But that’s not going to happen. He’ll probably go to another terrible team where the QB is terrible, the fans will start their chant and the front office will get anxious. And he’ll probably win some games, but not have the luxury of being in a good system and learn from a good staff and veteran quarterback.

  10. BREAKING NEWS: The New York Jets have traded Tim Tebow to the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL for a keg of Molson and 2 dozen Tim Horton doughnuts with sprinkles. Per league sources, the doughnuts would become “just glazed” should Tebow not hit certain performance clauses in his contract.

  11. Tebow is no good as a receiver. Last year playing the Dolphins they tried him at tight end. He forgot to turn around and look for the ball, it bounced off the back of his helmet. It was as funny as the Sanchez butt play. Maybe he could be a cheerleader but I hope I don’t see him in a short skirt dancing on the sidelines.

  12. Timmy will be fine. He’s still got his gig as an underwear model and he’s getting $100,000 appearance fees. $100,000 appearance fees the media doesn’t report on. Why is that?

  13. I am a Cowboys fan, but also a football fan, and I can tell you, he does have talent, people just don’t like him because he is a Christian. Give the man a chance.

  14. give tebow a chance i am a big tebow fan and he is a very good quarterback the dolphins could use him, cardinals, jacksonville,rams,oakland,eagles

  15. patssox says:Mar 17, 2013 11:56 PM

    I’m starting my own team. A bunch of guys from the neighborhood. We’re going to play a bunch of guys from another neighborhood. It’s all for bragging rights and cold beer.

    I still don’t want Tebow on my team.

    Can’t blame you, you’re too used to being a Red Sox fan,

  16. mikealstott says:Mar 17, 2013 11:58 PM

    OMG! Shut up Woody! Nobody cares about your posturing or head games…

    Yet you troll over to a Jets board. Hmmmm.

  17. I would take him as a backup in Tampa. We’ve used Wildcat before. Worse comes to worse, make him a backup RB too.

    Might bring in some ticket sales too, being in Florida.

  18. I never wanted him here in the first place, but that he has been here I don’t get why he hasn’t been given a shot? and I don’t think its because he’s a christian as per trbingbc. Its not like he doesn’t have any leadership skills or football ability. And given how lousy Sanchez has been its been frustrating.

    It does seem like he’s been jerked around as per seabreezes51, but he also hasn’t spoken up for himself sticking to all the politically correct things to say. Have some cajones, make some waves, say if I’m given a chance I’ll get the job done & press the Jets to give him a real shot or cut him now so he can move on. Enough of this charade.

    This whole Tebow enterprise has been an exercise in futility. At this point I hope he just goes to another team, is given a shot & becomes very successful as an in your face to our lack of imagination for the potentials of the man.

  19. Tebow is a winner. The Jets were losers last year, not Tebow.

    With all of the talk of players getting treated as commodities, this is its purest example. The Jets don’t have a role for Tebow, do not have a potential trade for Tebow, and no realistic strategic plan for him. Instead of doing right by the player and letting him out of his contract they hoard him so the liklihood of anyone else benefitting from his services will be diminshed (e.g., no room left on rosters). That’s evil.

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