Niners remain serious contenders for Asomugha

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Typically, the best chance to get a free agent signed comes when the player is in the building.  After he leaves, the likelihood drops.

When he starts visiting other teams, it drops even more.

In the case of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, the fact that he’ll be visiting the Saints doesn’t remove the 49ers from the category of serious contenders for his services.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Asomugha has simply decided to take other visits as the process of picking a new team plays out.

It’s unclear which other visits he’ll take.  Earlier in the week, we reported that the Cardinals, Texans, and Broncos also are interested in Asomugha.

For Asomugha, he already has a head start on a poor market.  With former Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith getting the most so far at $6 million per year from the Chiefs, Asomugha already has $4 million in hand from the Eagles, which he’ll keep on top of whatever he gets from his next team.

That reality could be prompting teams to try to squeeze Asomugha into taking less in the first year of a multi-year deal.

Regardless, if the numbers were great, Asomugha and plenty of other free agents already would be signed.

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  1. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Are we mystical? In a sense, yes. Throughout league history, our inferiors (and their depressing trophy cases) have tried to replicate our uncanny ability to win, but none have come close. Steeler Nation is so much better than you. You know this.

    Your Jealous?

  2. The Niners aren’t going to overpay anyone. Asomugha will get over paid elsewhere (like Dashon Goldson this year) or will accept a reasonable contract from SF when no one else offers to over pay him (like Goldson two years ago).

  3. So what….this dude is weak…was exposed in Philly…he can take his nerd glasses to SanFran…so what.

  4. The aging Steelers continue the death spiral into another disatrous season with no Mike Wallace…no James Harrison who is BEGGING the Ravens to sign him…no Casey Hampton….a Fat and Out of shape Lamarr woodley…a Polamalu who is a shell of himself with his CHRONIC calf injury and a quarterback with a permanently damaged throwing shoulder who is now an interception machine.

    Any further RINGS will be the ones the Ravens put through their noses.

  5. If the 49ers believe that they can take Nnamdi and transform him into the Oakland Nnamdi, theyre fooling themselves. He was only good at man coverage and even though that wasnt his primary assignment in Philly there were plenty times that he was man up. He was exposed in those situations as having lost a step and slow in the hips. He also relied heavily on safety help. I still remember Dez Bryant, Victor Cruz and Santana Moss torching him.

    Nnamdi has lost his confidence and swagger and if you dont play with those two things as an NFL corner you will get embarrassed. Good luck taking him because the Chip Kelly offensive explosion tour 2013 will light him up like hes dynamite.

  6. I think 90% of the Steelers “fans” that post on here dont care about the Steelers and are just trolls. Otherwise, they wouldn’t work so hard to make real fans look so bad.

  7. The Niners have a great team and don’t need this guy. Some players are just losers that never seem to win no matter what situation they are brought into. He quit in Philly and yes I know things were going bad but when your making 14M what justification is there for that? In fact no matter what your salary you don’t quit on your team.

  8. Ben your getting tipsy again… Step away from the bar and go sleep. You KNOW what happens when you start talkin crazy! Charges. On a serious note Alot of teams are going to kick the tires so to speak. Clearly didn’t fit in Philly from day 1. Sometimes a guy just isn’t comfortable in an environment. I think he knew he didn’t fit in(with the Philly mentality) and it effected his play. He’s a smart well studied, articulate guy. Those aren’t cherished qualities in the town that snowballed Santa. He is going to sign somewhere on a modest deal for 1 year and kill it. I hope since the Skins failed in inking Talib.they give Nnamdi a look and a worthy offer.

  9. Nnamdi will regain his old form in SF. I’m sure that he never did well in Philly because he never adjusted to the time change on the east coast. Two year jet lag.

  10. if you think that the Ravens are in good shape to start racking up rings you are just as delusional as benroethlisberger7. I am a Steelers fan and know that our team faces a multi-year rebuilding process.
    Your team, however, just lost Ray Lewis’s replacement (Danelle Ellerbe), your most productive receiver who also had the most yards out of any wr during the post season (Boldin), a cb hitting his prime (Cary Williams), Ray Lewis, Matt Birk, one of your key defensive players (Kruger),and a hard hitting safety (Pollard).
    Meanwhile, Ed Reed is looking elsewhere, the best fb in the league (Leach) might be cut, and Pitta remains unsigned.

    Even though the Steelers have had to cut an aging James Harrison, couldnt afford Lewis or Wallace, have cut several other veterans, and may lose Sanders, I don’t think Ravens fans should be expecting to be a ring-collecting force.
    Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black

  11. Niners cap space comes from Goldson and Alex mostly. Redskins are so bad they couldn’t get out of the wildcard round, the Steelers couldn’t even get it, the Phillies could beat the Eagles last year, and the Baltimore Blackbirds can’t even field a team this year! Go Niners!!hahahaha

  12. logicailvoicesays says:

    The Niners are trying to match the Redskins with Eagles castoffs? How pathetic.

    No on can compete with the Redskins, the best franchise in NFL history.

    ^ You must be 9 years old?

  13. vikesfan: 9ers haven’t had to pay Kappernick yet and they got rid of the high priced guy Smith.

  14. Offer Nnamdi $1M per tackle or the league minimum for a veteran with his tenure. He’ll make the latter – and still won’t actually earn it on the field.

  15. A 4-time All-Pro corner who was the most highly sought after F/A only 2 years removed doesn’t suddenly become a 1-legged dog without causation. Let’s review: The Eagles head-scratching and head-shaking promotion of an OFFENSIVE line coach to DC…….a move that continues to reverberate through that organization. Followed by the implementation of a defensive scheme that never was fitting to Nnamdi’s strengths. Followed by the complete collapse of the team as a whole placing even more unmerited focus on the most high-profile $$$ player.

    Nnamdi can play still. Given the proper and correct man-on-man coverage scheme, such as what the 49ers play, he can still be very effective.

    As for the Redskins………..
    Your team name is a racist and offensive team name to Native Americans the country over. You should be ashamed to call the name “great” when it denotes profound racism.

  16. Has anybody on here watched him play the last 2 years??? In my 20 years of watching football he was one of the worst corners I’ve seen play the game. I’ve never seen someone so acclaimed play so terribly. Look at his stats. He’s been one of the worst corners in the nfl. I would feel more comfortable starting an unproven undrafted agent than rely on him.

  17. im very excited about the 49ers this year. with kaep getting a full year as the starter. we might run the table 19-0. unrealistic but very possible.

  18. This year’s dream team? Gotta be the Seahawks!
    Loaded on offense and defense. Ready to take the next step. Wilson’s elusive & smart. Lynch is a beast. Hardin is a phenom. Sherman & Browner are too big, too skilled and too fast. Oops, almost forgot, they’ve got Cliff too.

  19. Whomever signs him better use him in a bump-n-run manner, the Philly formula to use him in zone exposed his weakness .

  20. as an eagles fan, I’m so shocked how much interest he has been getting. He’s just got burned everytime….he may do better covering the #2 received but he’s not good enough to cover the #1 reciever

  21. Re: 49ersandshivabowl Redskins name is racist and offensive to native Americans…why can’t all these people in this country stop playing the race card, enough is enough. I am becoming the real minority, a white North American left-handed male, I am constantly being discriminated against, especially being left-handed 🙂

  22. etoharin78 says:
    Mar 17, 2013 11:55 AM
    Whomever signs him better use him in a bump-n-run manner, the Philly formula to use him in zone exposed his weakness .

    The only problem with that is Nnamdi can’t play bump and run. He’s not fast enough or aggressive enough. In fact I’d probably take that O-Lineman Armstead who ran the 4.71 40 over Nnamdi in a race. The guy is just slow, he got beat far too many times, and is no where’s near the definition of shutdown corner.

  23. I remember hearing the same things about how bad Carlos Rodgers was when the niners picked him up 2 years ago. To old, to slow, no hands. Then he made the Pro Bowl in Fangio’s system that year. Namdi would be fine with the Niners.

  24. People aaying phi didnt use him right need to watch more football. Eagles used him everyway possible. He needed to be put into zone so he could rely on the safeties when he got burned. Man, man press, zone… he sucked at em all.

  25. These teams are getting caught up in the name he created in Oakland. He can no longer play press coverage or zone. The guy is no longer better than a below average corner. And on top of that he is soft and has no heart. So whichever team signs him will be making the same mistake the eagles did. Good Luck!

  26. Obviously a lot of you don’t remember that after he failed in zone coverage the Eagles custom made a defense to use his so called talents in man to man coverage. And he was still getting smoked on just about every play. And walking back to the huddle with his hands on his hips. The guy isn’t any good anymore face it.

  27. Yes I’m aware that trading Smith and cutting Akers freed up cap space but after trading for Boldin there was only 4.6 million left in cap space and they signed Dorsey 2 yrs 6 mil, Skuta, and Dahl 3 yr 5 mil and between Dorsey and Dahl payed 3 mil in signing bonuses. So once again with only 4.6 under the cap, how are the 49ers able to do this? Plus sign Asomugha and then sign 14 picks. Oh yeah they also tendered Brock for 1.2 mil. So what’s up?

  28. Eagles are the only ones that over hyped Nnamdi eagles gave him 60 million for 5 years 49ers wanted him two years ago too but didn’t want to pay him that much they thought it was to much money for him so the eagles are the one to blame for paying him to much!!!!

  29. As a Seahawks fan, I would love for the 49ers to pick him up. He allowed 14 touchdown passes last season? SIGN HIM UP!

  30. Eagles wanted to keep Nnamdi too and restructure his contract he said no so u released him u guys have Michael Vick a 100 million dollar contract after one season asked him to restructure it please stop telling the 49ers front office what to do and take a look at what the eagles front office is doing!!!! To the eagles fans!!!

  31. nnamdi is definitely a steal for whoever signs him! look forward to missed tackles, excessive pi illegal hands, holding allowing wr 100+ rec yards, tds, blaming safeties for his coverage errors etc.. go get him 49ers/saints

  32. Vikingsfansteve they had 9.2 mil in space AFTER bringing in Skuta. Worry about your own team. As for Nnamdi…. Only dirt cheap because I’d personally rather have Desmond Trufant or Xavier Rhodes. Jonathan Banks too

  33. Everytime Steeler fans get an opportunity to show the world how classless they are, they pass with flying colors. The only sports fans in America that are worse are the inbred Alabama fans whose sisters are also their wives.

  34. He was playing fine until the Eagles got a hold of him and had him playing some daft zone schemes. And the Eagles fans are here crowing about how bad he is without considering that he was misused.

    Couple that with the dream team mentality of the underachieving locker room Eagles’ had for a few years and a thinking person might conclude that Philly hasn’t been a place where shut-down corners go to shine.

    Now he may have lost a step over his seven years in the league but he didn’t lose his athletic ability, and his asking price may be a bit high but he deserves to get what the market will bear.

    He did some of his best work under Rob Ryan, current D coordinator for the Saints. He’d be welcomed in New Orleans so if they ask him, I hope he says “yes!”

  35. Any GM who even considers bringing this guy in should be fired on the spot. HE CAN’T PLAY, PEOPLE! It’s not the scheme – despite what many uninformed people say, the Eagles played Nnamdi in predominantly man coverage last year and it made no difference. The problem with Nnamdi is that he is way too slow, has no agility or ball skills, doesn’t understand defensive schemes, always blows assignments, and constantly looks to scapegoat his teammates every time he gets burned (which is about 8 – 10 times per game). If you want a better CB than Nnamdi, all you need to do is spend a 3rd or 4th round pick and plug in a rookie.

  36. When will teams learn that high priced free agents are for non-playoff teams.

    Ravens 5 straight playoff years, 2 AFC title games, one Superbowl, and one kick away or caught pass away from back to back Superbowls.

    Can you name one high priced FA from another team?


    Why don’t you other franchises basking in past glories sick back and watch the great and powerful Oz. He is already doing is magic signing Spears and Canty to very cap friendly deals. Just get ready its just a matter of time before Week 1 hits and the Ravens show this league whose boss…AGAIN.

  37. Vikesfan ok first off about cap we paarge who is a genius secondly I don’t think u understand let’s take pat Willis contract he sign a 50mil contract for 5 years well we can structure it however and I’d Willis signs off on it that’s what we did so instead of Willis getting 10mil every year last year he got 16mil this year he counts as a 4mil hit so there is an extra 12 mil in cap as well so that’s how just remember just cause its a 50 mil contract for 5 years doesnt mean 10 per it can be structured however as long as agent and team sign off

  38. Clearly most of you don’t know what you are talking about. The Eagles ran a man on man coverage last year. That’s why they got rid of Asante Samuel because he doesn’t fit in that scheme. Nnamdi was used correctly last year and just sucked it up. Anytime he gets beat he blames the safety. Hope the 49ers get him.

  39. Yes I know but if the money is put off 2 years from now then it will count as a hit then. So are the Niners going in all now only to end up with dead money in a couple of seasons, unable to sign anyone and needing to dump players? So far yes. That is not smart.

  40. Look at the end of year stats for each of the Eagles CBs. Nnamdi’s numbers are the highest. So let’s say the Eagles used their players to their strengths, if Nnamdi sucked so bad, and he garnered better stats, then could it be that the whole Eagles’ D sucked?

  41. I dont like the idea he doesnt seem to thrive in zone coverage and gets beat deep a lot when he is in man to man but hey what do i know Balke seems to know what he is doing for the most part

  42. Namdi is slow and soft. Bottom line. Niners like to flirt with all there options. Relax everybody we have not signed him. Let H&B work there magic. These guys know what there doing. Btw… Only thing worst than a random Steelers fan on a Niner thread is having to work with not 1 but 2 Steeler fans. Fml. But hey at least they know there not making the playoffs anytime soon.

  43. He wants to be on the Niners a lot more than the Niners are willing to even paying market value for him let alone overpaying.

  44. I have a great deal of respect for Harbaugh and what the 49ers organization has accomplished. But they are either wrong about this Asomugha cat or the eagles are an even more lousy organization than I thought.

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