No, Clay Matthews didn’t break both legs in a car accident

Getty Images

It seems like every few weeks a phony report emerges of a big-name player breaking both legs in a car accident.

As best we can tell, it started last year with Falcons receiver Julio Jones.  Other high-profile NFL stars who supposedly broke both legs in a car accident include Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

The gag has become so obvious that we now ignore the made-up accounts.  But we’re mentioning it again now because the most recent supposed victim of the Buick-double-leg-break is Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.  And we’ve been flooded with emails and tweets inquiring about the situation.

It’s phony.  And, in time, a phony report regarding the same topic will be made about another NFL player.  And another.  And another.

The sad part is that, if/when a big-name NFL players actually does break both legs in a car accident, no one will believe it.