Raiders sign Kevin Burnett


The Raiders effectively swapped outside linebackers with the Dolphins, but doubtless got the cheaper end of the deal.

According to Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times, the Raiders signed linebacker Kevin Burnett Sunday.

That’s the same Kevin Burnett the Dolphins jettisoned so they could throw a five-year, $26 million contract at former Raiders linebacker Philip Wheeler.

The Raiders are revamping the position, after having previously signed Kaluka Maiava and Nick Roach, and now have some solid options to choose from.

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  1. With Miles Burris… I wouldn’t mind seeing more of a 3-4 look from them. Keep getting talent on the cheap.

  2. Did the raiders just get two quality LB’s in Roach and Burnett as well as a contributor in Maiava for the same price or maybe less than the Dolphins paid for Wheeler???

  3. Another solid signing by Big Reg. Either create competiton for a 4-3 or switch it up to a 3-4.

  4. This is how you play the free agency game. Wheeler is probably a 20% better linebacker than Burnett, but the Raiders are paying him 60% less than what they would have had to pay Wheeler. Really impressed that the Raiders didn’t panic and got a good value on a later day of free agency. Solid pickup.

  5. Oakland has serious issues with the defensive line now, and four decent linebacker options now. If they can build some further depth, maybe they’ll be playing more 3-4 defense this year.

  6. No doubt Wheeler is a better OLB right now than Burnett but the price point and value is certainly with Oakland which is smart considering still have 2 to 3 years before start making real noise in the AFC.

  7. Burnett is a good player with no further upside. He’s a good leader and should help build the character Oakland clearly wants in their revamped roster.

    Good move for both teams, really. Miami wants more youth and speed in the LB corp to counter New England’s TE-focused passing game, Oakland needed a more mature and professional culture to rebuild the roster around.

    Done and done.

  8. Good pick up for oak. I know ill get hated on but phillip wheeler is not worth 26 mil. Our lb our all young hungry cats wanting to prove themselves now.

  9. I liked Wheeler, really did! He was a pleasant surprise for Oaklands D this year. But, with that said, he wasn’t very good at all vs the pass. He may fit well in that division tho since he’ll only face one decent QB.

  10. Looks like Reggie is taking a page out of the Oakland A’s playbook. Get quality players on the cheap, and build from there through the draft.

    Trade that number 3 pick Reggie, get this roster built up with draft picks.

    Solid moves.

  11. Well you can scratch kicker and linebacker off the list… Only every other position on the team left to fill…

    So far tho, gotta admit I’m diggin Reggie Mack’s style.. Keep them coming

  12. Reggie is quietly building a monster team!

    Who am I kidding? No he’s not.
    He’s re-building the franchise down to the paper clips and towels.

    There are still going to be games to play, so he’s got to have someone to wear the jerseys on the field in the meantime.

  13. Last time we swapped players with the Dolphins Miami signed center Jake Grove for $29M ($14.5M guaranteed) then traded Samson Satele to Oakland. Satele outlasted Grove by a year. Reggie’s gone back to the well.

  14. This was a smart financial move. Wheelet had a higher motor which often caused him to overplay the run and miss tackles at crucial times. Take a look at what the muscle hamster did to us. Wheeler also was not that good at drop back coverage. He did alot of chasing and gave 100% but i know he is not worth 9mil a year. I dont know Burnett very well but alot of good things are being said about him by my fellow Nation fans so, im good with that. We will know on draft day what D scheme were running. Star? 3-4 if we take Shariff 4-3. Star is a 3-4 nose but the Shariff can play both but more 4-3 guy.

  15. Raider fans will find Burnett a solid LB if coverage against TE’s is what the Raiders lack. Miami found out neither Burnett or Dansby can blitz for shiznit. If Miami plays against Tom Brady twice a year. Teams hurry or sack Brady, or he wins, PERIOD. Coverage ain’t makin it. Wheeler ranks #9 at blitzing. Burnett ranks #38. But, Burnett ranks #14 in coverage where Wheeler ranks #39. We’ll have to see if it was a good swap. Oakland must face Manning twice a year so either Burnett covers well, or Manning eats. Interested to see what happens. As far as the contract money goes. Miami planned this off season for 2 years by not acquiring a single FA of substance and allowing 13 players to hit FA in one year. Money isn’t an issue.

  16. Honestly can’t remember the last time the Raiders had four actual linebackers on the roster rather than two linebackers and a collection of special teamers and Al scholarship players.

  17. how come the reggie isnt disclosing the roach or burnett contracts ?? , does anyone know what burnett is signed to bonus wise or term wise ? same w roach .

  18. As much as I liked wheeler, and the unfortunate circumstances that surround Rolond0 McClain, I feel much more comfortable about a LB’s now. Also heard DJ Williams would like to come back home to play as well.

    Now we need to address the secondary. Also heard Rams are considering trading their #16, #22, and #46 picks for the raiders # 3 and late rounder.

  19. freshchorizo says: Mar 17, 2013 8:18 PM

    Best starting LB group in the AFC West
    Stop it. Should be an overall upgrade from last season. Enjoy it, and hope Burris improves.

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