Ravens “have serious interest” in Elvis Dumervil


With Elvis Dumervil available thanks to Friday’s fax machine follies, teams other than Broncos are getting interested.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens “have serious interest” in the pass-rusher, who’d play outside linebacker in their 3-4.

The Patriots and Titans are also mentioned as possibilities (while the Patriots could use him, there’s also the possibility they’re just messing with Denver).

If the Ravens could get him in now, at the reduced rate pass-rushers are getting, it would make the business decision to let Paul Kruger walk away to Cleveland look that much better.

39 responses to “Ravens “have serious interest” in Elvis Dumervil

  1. Elvis wants a championship, and that aint happening in Baltimore now that their team has been gutted.

    There are only 2 teams with a chance to win the New Jersey Super Bowl.

    These two teams have the best front offices, best owners, best head coaches (by far) and the absolute top fanbases in the country.

    These 2 teams during the offseason have expertly outsmarted and outmaneuvered every other team. They have signed the perfect players and have assembled their teams to DYNASTY status and are built to win multiple titles.

    Elvis will only play for the Chiefs or the Seahawks if he want a title.

  2. Elvis is now like a seal baby dropped in midst of shark infested waters and Elway is watching helplessly from the beach. Fresh Meat!

    Not sure how the Patriots can use him in their formations though, maybe in the sub-packages, but that’s too rich to be spending just for that. Patriots might have to take him only from going to another AFC contender.

  3. @iknoweverything Thank your for that morning laughter. The Chiefs… LOL. Don’t know what to say. Oh, that’s right, the Chiefs are picking #1 overall. Good luck with that though.

  4. “iknoweverything” obviously knows nothing based on his opinions about the chiefs. You must reside in KC . The chefs are not the worst team in the league but give me a break.. The day they win a superbowl is the day it will be flag football which could come sooner than later thanks to Goodell n the gang.

  5. Dumervil and the Pats make sense. Pats need a pass rusher. They have cap space. There’s a connection between Dumervil and Josh McDaniels, his head coach for a couple of years. Definitely could happen.

  6. Get it done Oz. What a pickup that would be. Hate on haters, your franchise is irrelevant.

  7. The Ravens would have let Kruger walk even if they had enough cap money. He did’t do squat until his contract year and then only when Suggs came back into the lineup. The Browns are always suckers for marginal Ravens players like Kruger or Gary Baxter. Guys who do nothing for 3 years and then have a pretty good year usually go back into the woodwork once they get their guaranteed money; see Haynesworth, Albert.

  8. Would be a nice replacement for James Harrison . Harrison to Ravens and Dumerville to Steelers . Big signing bonus with min first year salary . Fit it in out cap space . Get it done Colbert .

  9. Get it done Oz. What a pickup that would be. Hate on haters, your franchise is irrelevant

    lol this guy right here, do u think that yr team is the only ones that have won a superbowl? child please!!! my team has several, but u dont see me or other teams fan on here gloating about a SB, u must be still in middle school and get bullied?

  10. Can someone please tell me where the Ravens are going to get money for Elvis….you couldn’t keep Ray Lew’s replacement, you couldn’t keep Boldin (actually disrespecting him to take a pay cut), Kruger walks (ho-hum) and you let your whole secondary leave without paying the bill…….GOOD LUCK, raven nation! GO EAGLES!!

  11. j0esixpack says:
    Mar 17, 2013 11:52 AM
    Can he play offense too?

    Because with what they paid Flacco he’s probably going to be their lone offensive player.


    Wait a minute – you said “paid”? As in past tense? As in, they already paid Flacco $120 million? Wow, I thought his 2013 salary was $6.8 million. Clearly I’m wrong on that. In that case, the Ravens are just playing games in trying to sign other players (e.g. Canty, Spears, etc). And the rest of their roster will have to collect pennies this year since the Ravens already PAID Flacco $120 million.

  12. scoobies05 says:Mar 17, 2013 12:30 PM

    “you mean the 6.8 mil they are paying flacco? get a clue before you post joesixpack”

    You know how much it is next season and after that smartass? Hahahaha. Good luck. Flacco is OVERPAID! If you don’t know that yet, you will!

  13. Why doesnt he just sign with the broncos for the contract he agreed to in the whole fax/carrier pigeon debacle?

    Its not dumerville who should be mad at his agent…its the broncos. It seems dumerville will now go anywhere he wants for even more money…if he wanted to be a free agent, he should have just rejected the pay cut.

  14. Southpaw2k,

    His CAP HIT is 6.8 mil this year. They gave him a singing bonus of like 30 plus milion…not saying they dont have any money left, but they have in fact PAID him 30+ mil for this year already.

    His cap hits also around 30 mil a year in a couple years.

  15. If the Eagles are moving to a 3-4 defense, they need to at least talk to this guy. Wouldn’t be opposed to seeing him sign a 2-3 year deal at 8.5-9.5 mill per year. Then you can turn around and trade Cole who is a very good player and one of my favorite Eagles but I do not think he fits in a 3-4.

  16. Come on Bucs, WAKE UP! He is a perfect veteran pressence at a position we need badly. What in the hell is Mark D doing, besides drooling over a Revis trade that isn’t happening

  17. Waiting for the NFLPA to go to the courts, insisting on a mulligan on the missing fax terms.

    Not over in Denver. Not by a long shot.

  18. Any nuts and bolts fan of the Ravens will say “its great the rest of the league of fans and media are finally realizing the Ravens are worth noting, however now its time for you bitches to recognize the ingenuity of the best GM to over pop on a cufflink.” Ravens vs Hawks in the Superbowl and you can put that money in the bag you bunch of (insert bobby the brain heenan insult here).

  19. Great point southpawpk

    Look at all the Ravens top players who have already been let go, even with Flacco only counting $7 million against the cap this year… Of course, the fact that he counts @ 25% of the cap in later years is part of the reason they couldn’t re-sign those players.

    So you’re point about things being bad now but gettting MUCH worse is a good one.

  20. The Flacco contract won’t prevent Elvis from signing. The fact that the only things left in Baltimore is Flacco and his big, fat wallet will.

  21. 14.8 next season and 28 or 29 the season after that at which poin the deal will be redone. and maybe by then you will realize your team is old and done after flacco continues carving you up. hahahah. go ravens

  22. If the Ravens do pick up Dumervil for 8+ million, it is going to be a knife in the back of a lot of players that just brought them the Lombardi Trophy.

    It really is a business.

  23. the only thing left in baltimore is flacco? i must have missed it when we got rid of rice smith pierce pitta yanda osemilie suggs webb ngata upshaw smith tucker and all the others. and its not like flacco is the first guy to ever sign a big contract. its a very cap friendly deal. flacco’s cap hit is less than boldin’s would have been. the ravens havent lost anyone they didnt want to lose. boldin was traded kruger and ellerbe received better offers meaning we could have kept them. pollard was cut. fear not raven haters…all will be well

  24. Why doesnt he just sign with the broncos for the contract he agreed to in the whole fax/carrier pigeon debacle?
    The Donkies had to take a cap hit when they were forced to cut Elvis and now they don’t have the cap space anymore to offer him the 8 mil contract. It isn’t fair, but it is a reality.

    Now I hope the Patriots have the cojones to capitalize.

  25. $52 million is guaranteed over the FIRST TWO YEARS folks.

    That’s $26 million a year. That’s why so many players are being let go right NOW even before the cap hit rises to 25% of the team’s payroll.

    Even when that next contract is re-negotiated, the cap hit of the remainder of the guaranteed money comes due and hamstrings further investment in other players.

    The only way this works out cap wise is if Flacco sucks – then they’ll be able to extend his contract very cheaply.

    If he’s good then the Ravens will have to pay him even MORE in extending him. So I guess the best hope for the Ravens is that Flacco sucks?

  26. the vultures are circling… Doom said before he wants to stay with Denver. But if he does go somewhere else I hope Denver gets Abraham…similar stats, better run defender. And Denver has a small window to win any way…

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